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All my website addresses are named benjamin-newton with different extensions, including: (Simply Ben), (The End of the Beginning), (Ben Academic Fast Track), and (Ben Labs).

The Simply Ben (bright/hot pink/purple and orange website is named so because it is a simplification of my website which was reduced to about 1/10 its number of files mainly due to assembling the texts together as complete books and narrowing down the number of photos on the website. It is more streamlined and clearer in organization. The logo is of a cross and the yin yang symbol as my philosophy is based on Christian Existentialism and Chinese Philosophies (Taoism, Neo-Confucianism, Zen Buddhism) and the wheel symbolizes influences from the major Indian belief systems (Bhakti Hinduism, Theravada Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikh faith) elements.

The End of the Beginning (bright/medium blue and tan website is based on the idea of a new era of my works. It is has an African and New World theme. The logo is of a guy praying to God, either Muslim or Christian as those are the major rapidly growing world religions of the 21st Century.

The Ben Academic Fast Track (bright medium green and bright yellow/orange website is themed after the concept of a business school in Portland, Oregon for working students going back to college to further their education. It is the Fast Track to getting all my books together with maximum efficiency. The logo is of the front of a tall building.

The Ben Labs (brown/tan and grey/light blue website is the place for my new developments before I can find a place for them. The logo is a "play on words" as Taylor was my sister's dog who was a black Labrador Retriever or "Lab" breed. If you see writings here, that later disappear, then they are likely in the books section. Follow the link "books" from any of the front pages, to get there.

The uniting theme is "Discover the (Spiritual) Old World" and it made up of variations, built on a glowing golden wall, with a spotlight on it, for the backdrop. You can see most of the graphics at my Discover the Old World drawings gallery. I used a combination of Asian and African symbols, artwork, people, animals, environs, buildings, objects, and maps mostly created personally from my own drawings, photography, 3d modeling, and with a small amount of symbols, photos, but almost all maps, from Creative Commons licensed content, from Wikipedia and Flickr.

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