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Discover My Contacts Quick Response Barcodes

QR Codes are barcodes, that can be read, by your Apple or Google cell phones, or iPad 2 (tablet) or higher, or iPad Mini by taking a picture, with the built in camera, of the barcode, with an appropriate app. You may be able to get an iPod Touch to work, but they have a barely good enough camera, so you may not get it to work with many of the barcode scanning apps. They can contain website and email addresses, as well as, almost any other contact information.

You can also encode the web or email address, so that your web browser or email client will launch and go directly, to the address encoded, in the barcode. Mine should do this.

They can be put on websites or printed on almost anything. You can also pay, for services, that allow you, to track visitors and change the web address, being linked to, after publishing the bar code. Mine won't do this.

Apps for QR Code Scanning

Website QR Barcode

qr barcode for website

Email Address QR Barcode

qr barcode for email
More Contact Information

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