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Complete Introductions Collection Books Data

Complete Introductions Collection Books Subject Data

Complete Introductions Collection

Introduction to my Philosophy

the introduction to my unique philosophy based on my unique understanding of both Christian Existentialism and Philosophical Taoism. My writing includes many short articles and page long poems. My writing is very concise, contains as much information as an encyclopedia, and is arranged like a poem in organization

  1. philosophy
  2. christianity
  3. existentialism
  4. taoism
  5. articles
  6. poetry
  7. encyclopedia

Complete Introductions Collection Books Numbers Data

Complete Introductions Collection

7 books / books / complete / intro /

Complete Ideological Discoveries Book Data

Complete Ideological Discoveries Book Subject Data

Complete Ideological Discoveries

my political, religious, and historical research and views

my religious and political views, including my: worldview, values, and what I have learned, as well as clarifying philosophical ideas that are commonly misunderstood. My writing includes many short articles and page long poems. My writing is very concise, contains as much information as an encyclopedia, and is arranged like a poem in organization

  1. philosophy
  2. christianity
  3. existentialism
  4. taoism
  5. worldview
  6. values
  7. articles
  8. poetry
  9. encyclopedia

Complete Ideological Discoveries Book Numbers Data

Complete Ideological Discoveries

1 book

February 2010

28 November 2010

© Ben Huot 1998 / books / major / idea /

Complete Poetry Collection Books Data

Complete Poetry Collection Books Subject Data

Complete Poetry Collection

Complete Poetry Collection including religion, philosophy, psychology poetry

almost entirely poetry

  1. philosophy
  2. religion
  3. psychology
  4. schizophrenia
  5. symbolism
  6. poetry

Complete Poetry Collection Books Numbers Data

Complete Poetry Collection

4 books

March 2019

23 March 2019

© Ben Huot 1998 / books / complete / poetry /

Practical Advice Collection Book Data

Practical Advice Collection Book Subject Data

Practical Advice Collection

my approach to traditional ethics and common sense

The 1st part is practical psychological and spiritual issues and the 2nd half is focused on Schizophrenia. The final section is poetry, based on all 3 issues. One of the big themes, of the book, is that a balance of responsibility, rest, and allowing God to work in our lives brings happiness. The other main theme of this book is how my personality, and my experience in the military, and as a person with Schizophrenia can give direction, to other confronted, with similar situations.

  1. practical
  2. advice
  3. psychology
  4. spiritual
  5. values
  6. ethics
  7. long term
  8. balance
  9. joy
  10. happiness
  11. rest
  12. empathy
  13. responsibility
  14. discipline
  15. volunteering
  16. disaster survival
  17. social issues
  18. schizophrenia
  19. military
  20. animal rights
  21. poetry

Practical Advice Collection Book Numbers Data

Practical Advice Collection

1 book

March 2012

19 March 2012

© Ben Huot 1998 / books / minor / reference / practical-advice /

Complete Psychological Topics Books Data

Complete Psychological Topics Books Subject Data

Complete Psychological Topics

my experience with the military and Schizophrenia

This collection contains my experiences in the military and what I have learned, how to deal with Paranoid Schizophrenia for over 10 years, as well as living as: an independent thinker, intellectual, and highly sensitive person. My writing includes many short articles and page long poems. My writing is very concise, contains as much information as an encyclopedia, and is arranged like a poem in organization.

  1. philosophy
  2. christianity
  3. existentialism
  4. taoism
  5. schizophrenia
  6. disabled veteran
  7. military
  8. army
  9. highly sensitive person
  10. intellectual
  11. free thinker
  12. articles
  13. poetry
  14. encyclopedia

Complete Psychological Topics Books Numbers Data

Complete Psychological Topics

8 books / books / complete / psy /

Theology Books Data

Theology Books Subject Data

Theology Books

my unique Christian theological beliefs

The purpose of this book is to bring together the complete theological (non-)system explaining: the historical and future trends of the society I live in, what I believe, what I believe my mission is, the nature of the Trinity (God), and responses to the typical counter arguments. This paper is highly technical and exhaustive theologically, but written in simple language and brief in length. I call this theology Rational Paradox, because it is based on a unified and holistic worldview, drawing from both rational and mystical sources, for theological arguments.

  1. theology
  2. bible
  3. paradox
  4. reason
  5. emotions
  6. world history
  7. end of times
  8. faith
  9. mission
  10. trinity
  11. nature of God
  12. rebuttals
  13. opposition
  14. systematic
  15. holistic
  16. alternative
  17. creative
  18. mystic
  19. asian

Theology Books Numbers Data

Theology Books

4 books / books / complete / theology /

Self Help Collection Book Data

Self Help Collection Book Subject Data

Self Help Collection

two opposite solutions for two opposite kinds of people

This collection, includes two opposite kinds of self-help books. The first is based on Christian Existentialism and is about the importance of free will and the power of choice. It is designed, to motivate a person, who is lazy and not trying. The second is based on Philosophical Taoism and is designed, to help workaolics and highly sensitive people accept, that they have limitations and to take time, to rest and mellow out. Both will help you accept the way the world is and make a positive difference. The third book is there to make you think.

  1. self help
  2. popular psychology
  3. christianity
  4. existentialism
  5. taoism
  6. free will
  7. free choice
  8. highly sensitive person
  9. workaholics
  10. relaxation
  11. inner peace
  12. positive thinking
  13. schizophrenia
  14. disability

Self Help Collection Book Numbers Data

Self Help Collection

1 book

November 2010

15 October 2010

© Ben Huot 1998 / books / minor / reference / self-help /

Stuffed Toy Collection Book Data

Stuffed Toy Collection Book Subject Data

Stuffed Toy Collection

philosophy and funny things concerning plush cows

contains prose and poetry about cows, farming, animals, toys, and plush capturing my stuffed toy cows personality, imagination, and humor.

  1. stuffed toys
  2. plush animals
  3. plush toys
  4. stuffed animals
  5. farming
  6. humor
  7. poetry
  8. inanimate
  9. sentience
  10. zen
  11. qi
  12. chi
  13. taoism
  14. holy spirit

Stuffed Toy Collection Book Numbers Data

Stuffed Toy Collection

1 book

December 2012

22 December 2012

© Ben Huot 1998 / books / minor / special / stuffed-toy /

I like and seek challenging projects and clarity in every aspect of life. My greatest journey is an inward one, hand in hand with God. Self mastery and obedience to God is enlightenment. Remember, God has feelings too.

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