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These are my personally selected best writings from my Complete Psychological Topics 4-8 (about Schizophrenia and the Military) and my Complete Introductions Collection 4-8 (about Taoism and Existentialism). These selections include the top 1/3 of the original books with much less theology and politics.

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I recommend all Mac users use the Apple/Mobile version with iBooks or another EPUB reader for reading my e-books. The Mac Kindle reader app crashes on opening any Kindle format e-books not from the Amazon Kindle store.

Remember to read the license, before distributing. The original PDF, with no modifications, is the only one licensed, for re-distribution. Please do not offer this book, in print, or in any other file format, or make any other modifications, to the PDF file. Do not add my books to any online bookstore, or file sharing service, as they usually try to convert my books, to another file format, automatically.

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