The Bible As It Is: and

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  • The following poem is based on a composite of what I heard many times by some people in some churches over a long period of time.
  • Some of them have challenged the study of other religions as not being faithful to Christianity.
  • I disagree and state why I disagree.
  • This combination of views challenged is unlikely held by any one person in the church or outside.
  • This is not a challenge for all Christians to study major world religions.
  • This is my unique view and not the one of any denomination, theologian, or organization I have heard of.
  • This is not a critique of any theologian, denomination or organization related to the the church in particular.
Some people grow up
And can make their own decisions
Others rely on others to tell them what to do

Many people do not like the Bible
Because it forces you to think and feel

To live life with other people
And be exposed to the sin of the world
And yet decide that it is not worth it
And to take an active stance against it

Many people feel a need to shelter themselves from life
They refuse to engage the world on an intellectual level
This is why the church has continued to reject the academic world
In the last few hundred years
Just like the church refused to get into the cities right away

They failed to distinguish between what they were taught and what the Bible says
They can not separate what their political party says from what God says
They tied together such an elaborate hedge around the Bible
Based on what their current cultural assumptions about life said

They loved their country and their era more than God
They chose to add to the Bible in the form of theology
Because they believed the average person incapable of understanding the Bible for themselves

Is it really credible that people searching for God with all their heart
And then end up serving the devil
Either they believe that God is not powerful enough, not bright enough, or that He genuinely doesn’t care

Our ideas are not Gods ideas
We do not know what is best
No matter how smart you are
No matter how much you research it
You will never be able to put God into a box

Why do you think people came up with philosophy and religion in general
We who are the least devout of all the races
And who accepted the gospel last amongst those of this race

Who are we to challenge the faith of others
Many would challenge our faith by our actions
You cannot choose as a person who is a Christian
Or who gets to use that term
You are not more right than other devout Christians

The point of philosophy is to ask questions
To lead people to God and moral living
If no one seeks for truth
How are they to find God
How can you say Christianity is the one true faith
Without studying other faiths

This witch hunting must end at some time
I hate to break it to you
Every human system or theology is full of holes
We do not serve doctrine

We serve a Who not a what
We serve a Living God
God has a personality
He has the ability to reason, feel, and choose
Just as we do
The difference is He is perfect morally, merciful, and not limited by anything

There are many mysteries in the Bible
But what He asks us to do is not a mystery
He asks us to follow Him
We believe as an act of obedience

We make that choice because of many reasons
A big enough one is just that He created the world
There is also His death and resurrection
There is also His preparing paradise for us
There is also that He started the Church for us
And gave us His Holy Spirit

King David was a man after God’s own heart
What did David constantly do in the Psalms
He was perfectly honest with God
He questioned God constantly
Job constantly questioned God
And God rewarded him with not only answers
But brought back His family, fortune, and health

We need less thinking and more choosing
We need to feel less and believe more
We need to trust God’s judgment
Not our own wisdom

We need to do less research
And more listening
We need not be correct technically
But we do need to believe and obey God

For a church so focused on a personal relationship with God
And putting away all distractions
We have an awful lot of theology and doctrines
We have a huge number of books
With many different opinions on everything

When they stop writing I will to
When they find a way to get no information in their heads from any source
By living alone in space for many years
I will consider not reading any more of the greatest thinkers of all time

To be taken seriously today
We can no longer scare people into faith
We can no longer use the same techniques
As those used to sell cars
Advertising is the same as propaganda

Evangelism is not about selling God
It is about inspiring a seeker
To find God for themselves
Because when people come into belief easy
They never develop a solid foundation in their faith
So when doubt comes
They give up and follow the next person
Selling the next human belief system

Have we not learned yet
The solution is not capitalism
The solution is not democracy
The solution is not socialism or communism
Neither is a police state
The solution is God’s will done on earth

To acknowledge truth in other traditions
Is a sign of maturity and humility
It is a kindness and an act of good faith

If you think merely reading something
Written about something you have no direct knowledge of
Will destroy your faith
Then I do question your faith

And if you are to compare major world religions
To serving the devil
Not only do you know nothing of what you speak
This is both very insulting and counterproductive to the spread of the Gospel

But is based on a basic fear of the unknown
There are many unknowns in the Bible as well

Just because people in our country practice things without reading about them from original sources
Does not mean that you can’t read from original sources without practicing things

If you want to live without distractions
Go be an astronaut
I hear we are going to Mars soon
Maybe you can educate the scientists on how to get there