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Remember, if you see anything written or spoken that is not word for word from the Bible, it is their opinion and may or may not be Biblical. I am not trying to convince you of anything, but I have my own views and I will present them as true as that is the best I know and believe. My writing is based on a combination of Philosophical Taoism plus Existentialism which I think are more compatible with Christianity than Aristotle or Plato, which very much have been synchronized with Christianity.

I do not feel a need to prove anything to anyone except God. I am not running a Bible study and many things I talk about the Bible in conjunction with are not word for word from the scriptures, so you should treat them the same as someone else who talks about the scripture, but isn't reading or quoting directly from the Bible. Every great philosopher makes big errors in logic and are often even factually incorrect about parts of the Bible. I am no greater than they are.

I am one of the last Christian intellectuals who also believe in the Bible. I just believe that there is more revealed to us than is in the Bible. I also believe there are no absolutes we can be sure of out of what the Bible says and is clear about. I know from Scripture that people worshipped and were saved by Jesus Christ, by their faith and God's grace, but they had no Bible and Christianity would not exist for thousand of years. There is enough reason to believe in and worship the Christian God just looking at creation itself. Again, not quoting from the Bible directly, so I could be just as wrong as every theologian could be.

I see faith as primarily an act of the will and salvation a choice, not an intellectual endeavor or a supernatural event, although it can be understood to an extent from both those views. I believe in both sides of most major doctrinal splits of the Church as I believe most Biblical doctrines are paradoxes. I think we need to understand God primarily through faith, not reason or the miraculous. If you need this explained how this relates to Scripture, you probably have a poor understanding of Scripture.

I am more likely to believe the orthodox traditions of the church are more similar to the early non-Protestant churches like the Coptic (Egypt), Syriac (Syria), Church of the East (Iran and Iraq), and Eastern Orthodox (Greece and Turkey) Churches. This is because they were the church in the beginning and for a very large chunk of history and have similar views in a lot of ways compared to Protestant churches (with a few exceptions). Again, not quoting from the Bible directly, so I could be just as wrong as every church could be.

I am not trying to start a new religion or denomination. I am not even trying to get anyone to adopt any of my views. I want to encourage people to study the Bible but also to study philosophy and be a thinking believer and use critical thinking to decide what is Biblical and what is not in your interpretation of Scripture. You also are just as likely as a person to be wrong about your theology, unless you are quoting from the Bible directly.