Fire and Brimstone: and

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God is always slow to anger
And quick to forgive
But He is also perfectly good
I have not always emphasized this
To the extent of some preachers

Because I am not a preacher
And because I believe
It causes people to stop listening
I do not believe it necessary
To justify what God does

I also believe God already lets people know
When they continue to do something wrong
But I also do not believe
That anything said that is true
Is always appropriate to say
Given the situation

I also do not believe it is my place
To call others out about personal issues
Certain things are very obvious
But it is possible to over emphasize things

It also works against the ideal of humility
To condemn others of things I might do as well
Another factor is that
This has been repeated
So many times and in so many ways
Most people have already got the message
That this is part of Christianity

Christianity does not have to be
Known as fire and brimstone
Because there is much more to Christianity
Than just acting out of fear
This is the lowest level of faith
To act out of fear

Certainly it is true that God treats sin seriously
And there is a real hell also know as the underworld
Christ went through unbelievable pain
To take this place of the sin curse
Because evil is irreconcilable
With God’s very nature

So we need to treat things we do wrong
As having serious spiritual consequences
Really all suffering in the world is caused by sin
Humans actually created suffering
By willfully not following simple rules

We as humans have trouble behaving well
When we get a short term gain by not behaving
But some rules are more serious than others
When you go against what God has set up
You will encounter problems long term
And hurt others immensely

We should care about following God
Because He created us
But also so we can reduce suffering in the world

Most religions speak of similar rules
As these are obvious across cultures and time
Today we have fundamental changes
In technology and how we organize society
But some things will always be true

Like the nature of sin
Christianity will always exist
And has actually increased exponentially
In most of the world
In the modern world

Although most people do not realize it
Most religions do not promise a paradise
After death like Christianity does
Islam does believe in a paradise after death
But it is based on following rules

What makes Christianity unique
Is salvation from the full consequences of sin
And paradise after death by faith happens
Because God came down as a man
While still being fully God
And lived as a person committing no sin
Then He took on the penalty
For the sins of the world
Then He died and rose again
Defeating death and hell

So no one can earn their way to heaven in Christianity
This is unique to any legal system before Christianity
Christians are then to forgive others to the same extent

So while I do not agree with the politics
Nor do I agree with many methods
Of many other Christians
I do believe in the fundamentals of the Bible
Many times I also use different terms
So as to avoid cliches

I also follow Philosophical Taoist and Christian Existentialist ideas
To the extent that I find agreement with Scripture
Many Christians see this as syncretism
But I do not change any Biblical doctrine
To fit any other beliefs of mine
Nor do I think any different now
Than I did before I heard of philosophy at all

So while I talk little about personal sins
I still believe they are wrong
It is just that it is not my place or mission
To convince you of anything

That is something that will naturally happen
By the Holy Spirit regardless of what I say
This would be called cognitive dissonance in modern psychology
Let that be the proof you need of the Christian God’s existence

And finally I do not believe there is
Any way people can be sure they will get to heaven
Besides by faith in the Christian God
And always by the death and resurrection
Of Jesus Christ the Son of God