Why I Chose my Approach to Religion: Benjamin-Newton.com and Cloudy.diamonds

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When I was young
I engaged in debate about religion
Amateur at best
But it usually ended in anger
I often used silliness
To cover my anger
I had different views
In very subtle ways
Which I had trouble articulating
So to many I appeared to agree
At first
But later we realized
My point of view
Was very different
But I never fit into
Any established theology or philosophy

I came to the conclusion that
I was bad at forming arguments
And so gave up on apologetics
Around this time I discovered
Both Taoism and Existentialism
The Philosophical and Christian ones
I realized that if I could
Shift my discussions to a less emotional approach
The outcomes were better
No one won or lost
Because I had decided not to
Try to prove any point
I found this kind of discussion
More interesting and useful for everyone

I had grown up in a church
In which I found a similar approach
From a kind of hybrid Evangelical-Quaker church
To merely lead people in the direction of thinking about religion
And letting God work on their soul and draw them to His conclusions
At that time I realized that many of the different aspects to my approach
That many saw as merely creative
Was actually well articulated by these 2 philosophies I was learning

See philosophy is very much about debate
But both Taoism and Existentialism are both based on paradox
As are most basic doctrines of the Bible
They are not your typical kind of philosophy
They would be described as anti-philosophies
That is likely why they are more read than other philosophers
These issues are often not the ones theologians wrestle about

I realized the things that bothered me
About the Church, America, and the school system were all similar
I very much believed in the Church, God and the Bible
But I had a different philosophical perspective on these things
Maybe a better word would be a more mystical approach
My problem with society was not with any one group or any one issue
I challenge the very foundation on how our society was built

I was not against the Bible
I was against the modern world
I challenged not the Church but reason itself
I realized that as is said in First Corinthians that Christianity is not about wisdom (of the Greeks) or the miracles (of the Jews)
It was all about choice
There was nothing to prove and no one to convince
Salvation by faith in Christ makes perfect sense and believing in God is natural
And required no intellectual defense
I am still putting together the pieces over time

What I aim to do is to change the philosophical assumptions about reality and life
I have set out to unite those 2 different philosophical schools - one Asian and the other European
I reject the Enlightenment and Aristotle and Plato not God or the Bible
I believe that the primary way we should understand God and the Bible is choice
Not by reason or by signs and wonders
Is mysticism art or intuition or a kind of foreknowledge of God

When you think of the faith of Job or Abraham
Neither had the Bible and Christianity would not exist for millennia
But faith in God was very much alive and all the concepts and supernatural reality of Christianity already true
Abraham and Job were both saved by the death and resurrection of Christ
The Bible is very important to my faith and is the only thing in which I believe is absolutely true
But this is all gravy
People believed in God long before they had the Bible

Belief in God is natural
What is unnatural is the modern world
What interferes with submission to God’s will
Is our thinking we can make an ideal society when the belief in Christ is up for debate
Modern society is the evil empire of the devil called Mystery Babylon in the Bible
The devil’s fundamental sin philosophically stated was arrogance
When our society thinks we can do anything at all without God
This is spiritual rebellion on a international scale

This kind of rebellion is what the modern world is based on
A big part of this is the way we glorify science and reason to the place of God in our society and personal lives
We say fact is true and opinion is false
I aim to provide a parallel way of understanding God and religion
That does not change the truths of the Bible
But cleanly separates Americana and the Enlightenment from Christianity

I aim to share my ideas with people that already agree with me
I challenge no one
God will challenge you if you decide not to believe in Him