Too Serious: and

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Many Christians have essentially
Been accused of being too serious
Just like the global warming / climate change issue
Religion is a mega sized issue
The spiritual world is not only real
It is actually more real than the physical one
The physical world is a small subset of the spiritual world
If you do not believe me
You should pray to God to show you

We base so much of our understanding of the world
From many fragmented and even erroneous sources
We in the modern world in the United States
Have a real anti-supernatural bias
Which we share with basically no other culture

We also think we know everything
This era of time is one of the most ignorance and suffering
Directly because of our rejection of all things spiritual
While we in English speaking America ignore this purposely
Almost any other culture in any time period
Has had religion the center of their entire lives and civilization

To say it does not matter whether you pray to God or gods
Or that you think all religions are the same
You are way oversimplifying to the point of being silly and patronizing
This is an unbelievably ignorant thing to think
And insulting to thousands of years of tradition and true diversity
You are saying we in America know better than civilizations
That go back successfully for at least thousands of years

If the heritage of our country is one of racism and discrimination
Why accept the American worldview
That science and businesses solve all problems in society
This outright rejects the effect of religion on society
Or anything not based on consumerism and physical violence
The one thing that separates English speaking America
From almost any other culture of any time and place
Is living lives that are based primarily on faith in God

We have made a conscious decision in our country to reject God
Not only have we given up on any possible factor to base unity in our country on
We also have rejected the power of God intervening on our behalf
To assist us in healing our country and our world
We in America are the source of most of the world’s suffering
Because our entire individual and corporate identity in America
Is based wholly on nothing but selfishness and willful ignorance

We are selfish because we reject the authority of God in our lives
But also because we don’t even respect or
Try to understand why other cultures find religion so important
To say religion is not necessary because we have courses on ethics
Is to say math is irrelevant because you have science

No philosophy is complete without a conceptual framework
That explains an underlying theory on what their approach is
To ethics as well as things like the study of knowledge makes sense
Chinese philosophy is based on past examples of wise people from their history
While European Enlightenment philosophies are based
On different arbitrary pre-conceptions about life

Ethics are great but without a good all powerful Deity
They are just an empty set of rules devoid of meaning
Without any motivation or reason to follow them
Our society’s assumptions about ethics are what is unravelling America
We assume that if what one person does something
That does not directly hurt someone else
Then it is not morally wrong

This goes against modern addiction psychology and even just common sense
Whether we like it or not there is no such thing as purely individual psychology
Everything we do affects everyone else around us
That is why our country needs a common dominant belief system
With family or religious law to account for difference in beliefs

This low standard of morality is not enough
To consider yourself ethical in an meaningful sense of the world
In fact the Bible says that no person is good enough to go to heaven
As a society we see this to be true as we find
More and more famous people with dark pasts

We are lazy as a society as that was the way
To sell us the most profitable mix of goods and services
So we have become sloppy in language and moral standards
Sloppy in basic reasoning and have adopted an attitude
That education is the enemy because we are afraid
We will change our opinions if exposed to new ideas

One of the tragedies of modern society is the perception
That philosophy is irrelevant because we have science now
That may be true of the European Enlightenment
As stated by leading, contemporary American and British philosophers
But young people still read existentialists and eastern philosophy
Even without it being assigned for class credit

Maybe we are not good judges of our own natures
Maybe we don’t know what is best for us
If you see no need for God
This is true irony
Because the truth is the other way around
Because He really has no need for us at all on any level
The real mystery of the Bible is why God created us
While still knowing everything we would destroy of His

It is only in America
Where we doubt the reality of the supernatural
I doubt too
I doubt everything not stated in the Bible as true
I doubt that most scientists know as much as we think they do
If you have been following recent developments
In physics and astronomy you will soon realize
That many things you were taught in school
Are having to be re-evaluated because there is not
Solid enough evidence to support the leading theoretical
Models of physics and astronomy

We are starting to realize most of what we thought we know
Is either factually wrong or we are incapable of comprehending it
A big part of this problem is the huge respect and expectations
We have for science itself contrary to what many would say is the
Reason for its invention and its processes and methods

This is because the average person sees science
As taking the role of God in their life
Fundamentally business markets science as support for the
Morality, the need, and the feeling of awe that sell its products
Science for the average person is magic much
Because they know so little about it and
Our establishment doesn’t encourage a lifetime of education

People react this way because life is getting harder and
They do not feel they have the time to be an expert on everything
The truth is that we never have complete knowledge of anything
Including laws, science, business contracts, marriages, and the like
You cannot answer every objection everyone has about anything
Because there is not enough time the world for that

If you put the philosopher in charge of society
That would be as counter productive as not feeding yourself
There is a possibility for decision making
To actually have too many factors to consider
The term used recently for this is the tyranny of choice
So is there a way to prove God through science
I then ask can you prove science by science alone
Life requires faith but who you believe in matters
Because you only have one fairly short life on earth

One of the big proofs for the Bible is that
It is still around after 2,000 years
It also survived relocation from 3 major world regions throughout that time
No other religion has done this and science
Only existed as we know it for a couple centuries
And the Bible is still not changing a single word

If you want to know the truth go to the source
Read the Bible itself in any language you want
It translates very well into any language
If you speak English there are even more options
People often quote from the King James Version
Because it has no copyright and people have heard of it
It is hard for some to read because it was written
At the time of Shakespeare
And Shakespeare ironically is quoted often for similar reasons
This is still a great Bible and is plenty good enough

But much as people talk differently today
And we have learned more about how to translate
While being both extremely accurate and readable
Which applies to most translations written or updated since the 1990s
But the last few entirely new translations are truly amazing
Some are so good that even a pastor might have trouble finding
Many things to add to give more precision and richness in meaning
By consulting the original languages and other Bible references

So I challenge the reader to read the Bible through its entirety
At least one time in the language of their choice
Just for merely understanding the book
That influenced the world more than any other book
Just to better understand literature, art, music, history, law, and psychology

But more importantly to see for yourself what it is all about
I think you might surprise yourself
Certainly people have misrepresented it
Many times throughout history
It also does not oversimplify things for the reader
So everything needed to be said is said
While not being unwieldy in length
But still uses simple language and is very direct

When people repeat things so many times
Much gets lost along the way
Always get as close as possible to the primary sources
Because I have found primary sources easier to understand
Than most the explanations made by entirely different authors

The Bible as well as most other ancient religious texts
Is far more interesting and challenging than a textbook or a novel
So try the Bible at least once in your life
Because your decision on who you will believe
And where you live forever after death
Is too important not to