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by Ben Huot

You are now in the Notices Section (All notices apply to both and

Introduction / Description

I have made numerous efficient design choices on my website which have resulted in lowered energy consumption.

All notices apply to both and

Big Wins

I do not sell anything or ship anything from my website.

I do not send out newsletters from my website.

I use no Javascript or PHP.

I have no movies on my website.

I have no ads or tracking on my website.

I avoid invasive and power hungry effects.

I do not use third party websites or connections.


Most of my graphics are greatly optimized as well as being vector based or using next generation formats like webp.

I do not show unnecessary pictures on phones.

Ink and Paper

I use minimal ink or color in the print syles for my web pages.

Almost everything is available as an e-book, so it doesn't need to be printed out.

Color Choices

I have a dark mode which lowers energy consumption on many newer phones.

Computing Choices

I use energy efficient devices to create my website content.

I do not travel far or often to get graphics or inspiration for my website.

I have not done any 3D modeling for years.

More Energy Efficient Choices

I use built in fonts on my webpages.

Many texts have already been pre-translated so that uses less energy.

My content pages are even more simplified and use even less energy.