Want to Adjust My Website Design?

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by Ben Huot


You are now in the Notices Section (All notices apply to both Benjamin-Newton.com and Cloudy.diamonds)

Color Contrast

Change your accessibility settings in your OS like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android and/or in your web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to get a higher or lower contrast version of my website.

How to Change Color Contrast

You can do this by setting your OS or web browser to increase or decrease contrast, depending on your OS and web browser support. Increased Contrast is now supported on iOS 14.8 and Safari 14.1. It also works on the latest Google Chrome version.

Windows High Contrast Mode

I now support Windows High Contrast Mode on Windows 10 and higher in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. This is an accessibility setting that changes the appearance of websites by forcing them to display with only a couple colors selected by you. This generally doesn't affect most pictures but it can icons. It is a fairly new option in its current form that has a standard and cross-platform method of adjusting websites for its peculiarities. I have supported this since late April of 2022.

Dark Theme

I also have a dark theme version since Apple released it for iPhone and iPads back in Fall of 2019. All of these settings work seamlessly with each other and can be set independently of each other.

Reduced Motion

I don't currently have an motion graphics on my website, but if and when I do, they will be designed so you can easily turn them off in your accessibility settings by selecting reduced motion.