Want a Simplified Version of My Website?: Benjamin-Newton.com and Cloudy.diamonds


This website is Benjamin-Newton.Com by Ben Huot

What is the Simplified Version?

My websites now have a simplified version with simpler logo, less pictures, less colors, and a less complex layout. There is greater simplification on the desktop or tablet size range then on the phone or watch size range.

How to Get Simplified Version

This version can be made by selecting "reduce motion" in your accessibility preferences. These are usually tied into the operating system, not the web browser, so the controls will be in Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. Not all OSes support them like some of the variants of Linux (specifically X Window System Window Managers).

Future Possibilities

I would have had it be triggered by choosing "increase contrast" as that is more related but that is not supported and reliable yet cross browser and platform yet. There also might be a way of linking it to "reduced data" preference too, but this is further off then even the increased contrast support. Eventually I might have all of these trigger the simplified version, if I can keep the code simple enough.

Dark Theme

I also have a dark theme version since Apple released it for iPhone and iPads back in Fall of 2019. This works seamlessly with the simplified version. You can have the simplified or regular version in light or dark themes.