Why is Something Not Online Anymore?

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by Ben Huot


You are now in the Notices Section (All notices apply to both Benjamin-Newton.com and Cloudy.diamonds)


I have written maybe several thousand pages over 25 years and do not necessarily remember everything I wrote. My first 20 years of writing (1st and 2nd generation writings), or what I wrote in my 20s and 30s, are there for background and not kept onsite. I now consider this as practice and do not see this as a true current representative of my thinking and writing. Although many ideas may still be relevant. Consider this if you run into them elsewhere on the Internet.

Removed Content

Most of my writings and artwork previous to 2017 are not online due to quality concerns, irrelevancy or redundancy, difficulty in maintenance, or changing social conditions.

Books Generations Terminology

Most the e-books are 3rd generation on Cloudy.diamonds and the newest writings on Benjamin-Newton.com are 4th and 5th generation. Most graphics are 2nd generation. Each generation is a completely new creation with completely new original content expressing the same ideas but hopeful created at a higher quality.

Pictures Generations Terminology

2nd generation graphics are all completely vector based originally but because of technical reasons beyond my control they are in next generation file formats (that are not vector based). The ones that are meant for modification are in vector format though. Most the graphics decorating my webpages as well as logos are vector based as well.


Most of the 3rd generation writings are books in the Cloudy.diamonds books section and are available to redistribute whereas the 4th generation writings in the Benjamin-Newton.com writing section are released as a standard copyright and may NOT be redistributed. Check the file itself to see the exact license. If unsure, then do NOT copy or redistribute.

Removed Formats

Most my pictures are now online in WebP format in e-books due to a combination of supporting people who have trouble seeing better, lack of support for better compression in PDFs, that my pictures look bad in JPEG format, and my ISP not allowing bigger uploads. The WebP format is unusual in an EPUB.

Future Possibilities

The sources are still completely vector, so I can still change the formats over time. Most of the graphics on the web pages are still in vector format (as you see them) and I will try to find a way to include at least a vector option in the future, if and when technology and Internet gatekeepers allow.