Less Obvious Accessibility / Digital Inclusion: Benjamin-Newton.com and Cloudy.diamonds

picture of me at christmas in red, orange, blue logo

Less Obvious Things


  1. Everything on the website is available free of charge.
  2. I even give earlier versions of my website designs for others to incorporate these principles for themselves minus the content, fonts, colors, and graphics.


  1. I ruthlessly simplify my webpage elements, while adding as much context as possible, without being overwhelming.
  2. I have basically the same layout regardless of page type, and the same header and footer, without many modifications, for different sizes.
  3. I made my website adapt text size to aspect ratio, so it fits screens better that are more rectangular or more square in landscape and portrait orientations.
  4. I make well thought out print designs for my web pages that are easily readable with big readable fonts and that conserve ink and color.

Easy on the Eyes

  1. I have made special adjustments for those needing an even higher contrast version, reduced motion, inverted colors, and dark mode.
  2. I have changed the colors for those needing lower color saturation (bright colors) to reduce eye strain.
  3. I redid my color scheme to be best on the eyes (less blue and more orange/brown)
  4. My website can scale up to 200% without breaking the layout on desktop, tablet, and phone.
  5. I have made larger print PDFs for my most important books in both dark and light modes. These are also highly readable on tablets and phones.


  1. I have machine translated my books into 7 additional languages (other than the English originals).
  2. I have English braille versions of my select book collections.


  1. I carefully consider the technical side effects of special effects and only use them when I feel they are worth the cost.
  2. I am constantly reading up on website design best practices.