Less Obvious Accessibility / Digital Inclusion: Benjamin-Newton.com and Cloudy.diamonds


Less Obvious Things


Everything on the website is available free of charge.

I have added instructions on how to download my website content and how to use the navigation.


I have basically the same layout regardless of page type, and the same header and footer, without many modifications, for different sizes.

My website works at watch size and up.

I marked regular lists, navigation, and lists for structure all clearly visually and for computer software (like screen readers, search engines, and browser extensions).


I made the appropriate spacing (margins, padding, and letter and word spacing) for readers with limited vision.

I have made special adjustments for those needing more spacing between words and letters (by selecting increase or decrease contrast in system preferences).

I optimized the border width and spacing for marking the link they are on for people who use the keyboard only to navigate websites with.

My website can scale up to 200% without breaking the layout on desktop, tablet, and phone.

I do not use small print or legalese in my notices or the links to them.


My colors are now adjusted based on the text font size so that at small font size you see a more washed out version and it gets more vivid as it gets larger. This is because you need less contrast as the font size gets higher for you still be able to read it comfortably. You can see this by resizing your window or rotating your screen orientation depending on your computing device.

I have a mostly brown color scheme for my website designs as it is best on the eyes at night and for those needing lower color saturation (bright colors) to reduce eye strain (less blue and more orange/brown)

You can also independently set up a higher or lower contrast version of my website in your system accessibility settings too, depending on what software system is on your computer.


I made my pictures adapt their size to aspect ratio, so they fit screens better that are more rectangular or more square in landscape and portrait orientations.

My phone version now doesn't load any non-essential pictures (in the web pages themselves) for faster browsing. This does not apply to pictures in PDFs, ePUBs, or Zip archives.


I make well thought out print designs for my web pages that are easily readable with big readable fonts and that conserve ink and color.

I try to keep pictures separate from text documents and color pictures from black and white pictures both for printing reasons and for file size reasons (except what may be necessary for accessibility reasons).


I have machine translated my books into 7 additional languages (other than the English originals).

I also am translating my 4th generation writings into 4 additional languages (other than the English originals).


I carefully consider the technical side effects of special effects and only use them when I feel they are worth the cost.

I am constantly reading up on website design best practices.

I ruthlessly simplify my webpage elements, while adding as much context as possible, without being overwhelming.