Obvious Accessibility / Digital Inclusion: Benjamin-Newton.com and Cloudy.diamonds


Obvious Things


My website loads much faster than normal websites.

My website is respectful of bandwidth and battery life.

Respecting Users

My website has no ads.

I do not track anyone or do any analytics.

I do not have any notifications or newsletters.

My website has no invasive or aggressive design elements.

I do not ask for money or information in any form.


My website font is larger and more readable than many.

I have very high contrast between text and background colors.

I make navigation front and center, instead of hiding or obscuring it.


I put all my effort into a website instead of mobile apps to reach as many people as possible. This also allows me to not bet on any technology and allows there to be fewer barriers to accessibility.

I aim for 100% quality and zero defects (although there always will be some).