General Technical Accessibility / Digital Inclusion

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by Ben Huot

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Most of my books can be given away freely provided you do not change them. Those who do visit my site then can give content to others without internet connections or with too little technical knowledge and practice to effectively use the internet.

I make fast downloading graphics so that people who find it hard to absorb or get tired of my dense writings can have something lighter to enjoy.

I use multiple common and ubiquitous file formats for content.


My website is efficient in use of memory and bandwidth.

I make almost everything hosted on my website myself incuding content, graphics, and designs

I have downloadable versions of most my content so as to help people with slow or unstable internet connections, those with different devices, and those who want to print information.

I have no user uploaded content or third party hosting.

Continued Improvements

I carefully consider every technology available.

I have become very organized and use careful naming conventions.

I test as much as possible within my budget.

I am not dependent on any one tool or technology.