Specific Technical Accessibility / Digital Inclusion: Benjamin-Newton.com and Cloudy.diamonds

picture of me at christmas in red, orange, blue logo

Specific Technical Things


  1. I use no Javascript at all.
  2. I use no forms at all.
  3. I use no cookies, other personal data storage, or tracking at all.


  1. I use vector graphics whenever possible even for photos and have them compressed statically.
  2. I have attached qr codes to my documents designed to be printed for easy return to the website


  1. I use structured documents for all webpages and ePubs as well as PDFs meant for screen reading.
  2. I make full use of display type media queries.
  3. I validate page structure for errors when making changes to it.
  4. I do not interfere with keyboard accessibility.
  5. I allow zooming.
  6. I make accessible elements available for all users.


  1. I use logical properties so my spacing is writing direction agnostic.
  2. I have the correct page (human) languages marked correctly.