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Why I Avoid Web Page versions of E-books

Web pages have no concept of pages and are unpredictable in how they print or you save them. Web pages consist of many different files and there is not standard way of putting them all together except as a Zip file which seem to confuse average users.

Webpages can only be so big and putting an entire book in a web page takes too much memory. Splitting up e-books into separate web pages can be done, but it makes it much more complex to maintain them. Also, web pages have to constantly be updated for new technology and updating every page on a site can be overwhelming.

An ePub is basically a webpage put in a zip file and stripped of everything but text and with no formatting and divided up into pages. ePubs are good for phones because they will adjust themselves and allow you to adjust them further so they are easy to read. This is the standard format for e-books. There is a variant of ePubs that has a fixed formatting, but there are no advantages to this over a PDF.