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Why I Use PDFs on my Website - Technical and Security

Many people think you need Adobe Reader to see PDFs, but you don't have to. There are many programs to view PDFs that come with your web browser or can be gotten on the various app stores. I make all my PDFs download, so you don't have to read them in browser. They are hard to browse as PDF viewers and your web browser each have different navigation methods.

It is also bad security to embed any type of document within another document. I am doing everything I know and can afford to protect you from malware. Do scan my files for malware as there are many sneaky ways malware can take over your computer and this is just a good practice.

Both Windows and Macs have some good anti malware capabilities built in by default. Your biggest threats will target your router and your little non-computer electronics. Keep everything up to date and install as few programs as possible. iPhones and iPads have very good security but even they need to be updated to avoid malware.