Privacy Policy and Full Disclosure

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by Ben Huot

You are now in the Notices Section (All notices apply to both and

No User Data Records

This website records nothing about its users. It uses no cookies or any other kind of tracking or storage of user data. There is nothing to opt out of because it is not possible for you to have opted in to anything. I cannot delete your data because I never had any data to delete.

It is theoretically possible I could set up a system that deletes data, but I would first have to unnecessarily track and record data on you to make sure you could delete the data on yourself. That doesn't sound like that is the point of privacy laws. Hopefully that is good enough for the privacy laws because I don't know how any more is physically possible.

One of the reasons why I have made a website in the first place and not just hosted it on a third party blogging or similar service is so I could offer my ideas to people for free without ads and without tracking. If I cannot have a website because of my situation being unusual, I would have to use a third party service that I can guarantee will sell everything about you to the highest bidder.

Realize also that the government can and does request this same data that many want the website owner to delete. The only real way to satisfy both parties is to not record any data at all. Otherwise I couldn't guarantee anything about your data.

I also do many things to protect my website but do not feel comfortable explaining in detail as that gives more information to would be attackers. I do everything I can afford to do with my budget and my knowledge. This is more than the vast majority of websites would even bother with implementing.

Completely Non-Commercial

My website is known as a personal website and I am its webmaster, meaning that no one else helps me with the website, it is about me only, has only things I have created myself, or purchased or licensed legally from others, and I have never even tried to make any money.

I have put much of my own money into this website, but I have never made any money of any off my website or any other online presence. I am like a one person charity, financially speaking, in that this website is completely non-commercial and a kind of public service volunteer work I do. I also give away much of what I create through various creative commons licenses for others to legally distribute themselves.

I also have no ulterior financial motives as I do not invest in anything other than government bonds. I make money only from my disability from the government and am not required to do anything for it. I definitely have strong held beliefs and biases and make that very obvious, as I do not even want to attempt to be objective on anything, but none of these are financially, politically, or socially motivated. I also try to write only on things I have experienced, researched extensively, or based on religious beliefs I practice.

I also go to great lengths to make my website work as fast as possible for people far away or who have poor infrastructure like in Indonesia or New Zealand or experience slow Internet for similar reasons in the rural and inner city areas in America. I also do my best to make my site as accessible as possible for all users, especially for older and disabled readers as I know what it is like to have to deal with most other websites from the point of view of a fellow disabled person. I also give way my underlying website code that helps solve these problems for free to others wanting to build websites that satisfy these kind of requirements.

Beyond Just a Privacy Policy

My concerns over user rights far exceeds that of the European Union, State of Nevada, State of California, and State of Washington, but because my "privacy policy" is not findable by computer scan, I moved it to its own page. Previously it was on the top or bottom of every major page and referred to as license, as I offer much more safety and comfort than just privacy to my users.

In summation for legal reasons, I collect no information from users, I have no user information gathered by any method, do not make money in any way from my website or its content or links, and have done reasonable things to secure my sites like having no programming code on my server like PHP or Javascript, which is far beyond what most sites commit to.

I have offered very useful information on my website for 25 years for free and put that entire time into improving it for the user, and even though I have received no money or compensation for it, I have spent quite a lot of my money on it over the years.