My Code of Conduct in Mental Illness Disclaimer

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by Ben Huot

You are now in the Notices Section (All notices apply to both and


I have never done anything violent and am against violence under any conditions. I believe we should forgive others and not respond to violence with violence for three reasons. This is what God has asked of us and modeled in the life of Christ, it helps stop a cycle of violence, and it is to our benefit, because we can let go of it and moved on easier (as the person we are angry at probably does not know or care about our anger). This is not easy but it results in less pain so it is worth at least trying for everyone.

I do not believe in calling others names or using any kind of curse word of any variant. This is why I do not use these on my website.

I try to write about myself and my own self improvement but I am guilty of sometimes engaging in politics. I do not mention names or even groups of people as much as possible. I advocate the ending of hostilities in all cases. I do not support any group or another but usually support the individual in cases of conflict with the group. This is why I am a fan of the US Bill of Rights, as I think it tries to put in legal form a kind of code of kindness.

Self Esteem

I believe that God wants us to have good self esteem as He calls us His friends and children. Instead of lowering our self worth, as is often assumed when humility is talked about, God wants us to see others as having equally raised worth, as we are all loved by Him and He wants to spend this life and all eternity with all of us. As a Christian, God's Holy Spirit actually lives within you.

You have to think if Christians really do believe in a real Heaven and Hell, of course they would want evangelize others, even if not directly called to in the Bible, because they would be mean people if they didn't want to share it with others. After all, many of us either were or would be much worse people without God. The Church is taking on the seemingly impossible job of making bad people good. This can only be done by God and His grace, but God chose the Church to represent Him on earth.

God really values people as He both created and suffered greatly for them.


I identify with the Church, the Bible, and with the Christian God. On the other hand, I do not believe many things people say that also call themselves Christians notably mostly in the realm of politics (especially in America).

I talk about God, America, and the world a lot on my website. I believe America and God have little in common. I also see myself more as a Christian or even an animal rights advocate than I do an American. I did serve in the military voluntarily and am permanently physical and mentally disabled because of it, so I do think this makes me a loyal American, too.


I see great change happening in my life and in the world today and this entire century or two. The information revolution will transform the world into a place with greater differences than the agricultural revolution did. This will only stop once all social changes catch up to the current (at the time) level of technology.

The whole meaning of civilization is defined by the agricultural revolution, so whether we still have a civilization after or not depends upon your definition. Either way I think the idea of America will be like the idea of the Roman Empire was during the Dark Ages. Will the same people be in power? This outcome is likely, especially if it happens slowly and if it happens as it did after the fall of the Western Roman Empire or after the American Revolution.

But I also know I have no power over anyone else of any kind, nor do I want any. So I try to let people know of the dots I have connected in general enough to stear people away from things that might hurt them. I also try to be general enough not to anger powerful people.


I believe that our biggest problems are within each one of us, but I also acknowledge that there are many large scale problems caused by the introduction of sin in the world. I believe all suffering comes from sin, but often good people get hurt and bad people go free. This phenomena is actually a proof against karma and for the truth of the Bible.

As far as what I want others to do is to think for themselves. I want my visitors and readers to know that they do not need to just believe something because someone told them. Making choices either because they think it will make someone else happy, they think everyone else thinks that way, or because they think it absolves them of responsibility is not a good enough reason. Always follow your conscience and I think you will suffer less.