My Faith in Mental Illness Disclaimer

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by Ben Huot

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Why Christianity?

Faith is a difficult thing and I actually think Christianity is by far the easiest of the major world belief systems to practice. If God didn't make it so easy for me I know I wouldn't be able to do it. The idea of practicing Islam or Buddhism reminds me of being in the military. Some things are hard enough for typical people to do and for those with Schizophrenia they are exponentially harder.

Although people with Schizophrenia may tend to have more of an interest or even insight into aspects of religion, everything is harder to do with Schizophrenia that requires rational thought or discipline. Doing the same thing everyday is almost impossible for me. It is also much more difficult to meet with other people on a regular basis. It is even harder for me to be a help to others.

My Faith

To me, faith is about learning to please God. If you have a God you can respect and has enough integrity to make the universe work, how can you please Him? The question to me is not that there is evil in the world, but why is there good? Our world is hostile and it is dangerous and people often amplify these things.

Why does anyone care for someone else in a way that does not advantage them? In Christianity, we are saved first and then we help others out of gratitude and as a proof of our faith. We only do good to others because we have the Holy Spirit (God's Spirit) living within us. I cannot speak for others, but for me I would be a much worse person without Christ in my life.


It is ironic that many people still think Christians are good to go to Heaven. This is not Christianity. People drawn to Christianity tend to be broken morally. They are improved after salvation not before.

If we waited until we were good enough to please God, we would never become Christians. Christianity takes a lifetime to understand even a little. This long process is a part of getting ready for life in Heaven, but it does not get us entrance.

One of the turning points in many Christians walk with God is seeing things from His perspective. Today that might bring up issues of why is God male? But ultimately faith is belief without full understanding. This is one of the reasons why it is so surprising to have so many American Christians fight to be thought of as rational and not believe in other things they cannot fully explain.