My Recommendations in Mental Illness Disclaimer

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by Ben Huot

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There are 2 things I can recommend without training for everyone with Schizophrenia. They should see a psychiatrist for diagnosis and always take their medicine as prescribed. Any reputable person with any training in mental illness will tell you the same. They also need to live a low stress life in order to not counter the effects of the medicine.

There are also many secondary treatments you can do and these vary widely in effectiveness by person. I have had immense help from my family (which is many times not possible for many people). I have also had immense help from my faith in Christ.

Counseling can be an effective treatment for everyone but especially the mentally ill in related problems. This is not a primary treatment because you generally cannot talk a person out of delusions when they come from having Schizophrenia. The brain says they are real, so they appear real for the one with that particular brain.

What you do to get free community services and support changes over time and by location. I have described some of this in some of my writings, in general terms. If you can get a good social worker or someone fulfilling the same role with up to date information on this, definitely follow their advice above mine.