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by Ben Huot

You are now in the Notices Section (All notices apply to both and

Is My Website Safe?

My website deals with serious topics and maybe require more abstract thinking than most children have the ability to make sense of. But there is nothing inappropriate for them in any other way.

Website Topics

This is a website that talks about philosophy and religion

I also write about my experiences in the military and having Schizophrenia

My website talks about the philosophical problem of suffering

My Website is Free

I have never made any money off my website and have no plans to ever

I realized long ago I could both reach more people if my creations were free

I also realized my niche is so small that it is unlikely I could ever make any money off of this work

I have a pension for my disability from the military and so want to produce something of value since I do not work and do not need the money from selling this work

Website Purpose

My website allows me to make a statement against what I believe is wrong with the web and society in general

It is a kind of therapy for me as I am unwilling to share personal information with anyone

I write my feelings online but do not give all the details

I want to have as few barriers as possible to get to my work

No Personal Information

There is no collection of personal information

I do not track anyone in any way

There is no way for users to submit or share information in any way

There is no way to exchange money on my website

There are no ads or anything annoying

Website is Clean

There is nothing inappropriate on my website

There is no violence nor inappropriate images nor foul language

My mother or father have read almost all of my writings and seen all my graphics

Other Websites

Some of my content is available on other websites

This is because I gave a generous license on them

It is legal for them to do so

I cannot vouch for that one way or the other

This was before the security on the web deteriorated to what it is today

My websites are and