Terms and Conditions: Your Side

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by Ben Huot


You are now in the Notices Section (All notices apply to both Benjamin-Newton.com and Cloudy.diamonds)

Introduction / Description

These are the you aspects for terms and conditions for using Benjamin-Newton.com and Cloudy.diamonds.

Obvious Things

These websites are meant for humans, animals, toys, and automated software. Use my websites for only legal and moral purposes. I define immorality as anything you would not think a Christian would be favorable towards, anything going against your conscience, or anything you would not talk to your mother about.

Your Responses

I deliberately designed my website so that you cannot give feedback except by email. There are no forms, comments, or discussions on my website on purpose. If you don’t agree with me, you can make your own website.

Your Requests

I am not interested in any jobs you have to offer. I am not interested in any computer related or other jobs either. I am not looking to get published as I consider what I am doing now to be published enough for me.

I do not seek to make any more investments. I am not interested in getting rich easily. I am very likely not to buy your product or service or link to you. I go out of my way to avoid buying products or services that are marketed aggressively and tell others about my bad experiences.

You will not receive any refunds as I have never sold anything from my websites ever. I also collect no information on users and have no information collected on users, so there is nothing to destroy. If you have bought anything from someone that is one of my works, yes this is legal, but you could and can get the same for free from my website and always could.


I do everything in my power to provide good security but the inside scoop is it is ultimately a losing battle. I do the best I can but I cannot guarantee anything. Do everything you can to protect yourself as I also do. Nothing is hack proof and everyone will be hacked eventually. Always back up everything all the time and read up on computer security constantly.

Technical Things

Do not try to put any of my content in iframes from other websites or similar concepts. Do not post my writings or artwork to any website hosting that converts to other file formats. Do not use any of my content including but not limited to designs, graphics, or writing for artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, or similar concepts.

Legal Things

All my material is copyrighted and all rights reserved unless otherwise noted in the license for that particular piece of art or writing. I am not responsible for any bad thing that happens to you because of using my website or any downloads or content coming from it. I have done everything reasonable to protect you, but ultimately everything has risks, even reading or looking at graphics on websites.