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Complete Introductions Collection 2: Chapters 4

Ben Huot

July 1, 2018

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Table of Contents

God Articles

Sin is an Addiction

What is Sin?

When talking with a Christian, the first concept non-Christians encounter, that they don't understand, is sin. Sin simply means doing something evil or morally wrong. Surprisingly, most major belief systems have a similar set of offenses, they consider morally wrong. Examples of sin, included: committing adultery, stealing (or pirating), lying, not obeying parents, and murder. Some of these are also illegal, while others are not.

Many more people have heard of karma, which is an Indian (from India) concept, in origin, which appears, in all forms of Indian belief systems. Karma and sin are both about right and wrong, but karma comes out of a lack of knowledge, and the cause of sin is an act of the will (a choice), while karma is remedied by discipline, and sin can be remedied God's grace and our repentance.

When non-Christians claim they respect Jesus Christ, they find instances of Christ showing love and non-condemnation, but they refuse to acknowledge that Christ is the perfectly good and completely just Ruler of the multi-verse, as well. God has a set of moral standards, by virtue of being perfectly good. We have chosen, to do evil, by breaking God's laws and hence brought suffering into our world, families, and spiritual selves.

In order to resolve this evil, God sent Himself, as Jesus Christ, to suffer the penalty, for our sins. This penalty is physical and spiritual death and Christ defeated this by His living a perfectly good life, dying painfully on the cross, descending to hell, and defeating the devil. Afterwards, Jesus Christ came back to earth and, after showing all His followers proof of His resurrection, eventually ascended to Heaven.

So, while God is perfectly loving, there is much more to Him, and He was so serious about sin, that He dealt with it by suffering Himself, on our behalf. We hear a lot about the devil, but the real battle is within our own souls. The devil is here, to make things worse, but he has no power, compared to God. The devil cannot force you to do anything you do not want to do and cannot harass born-again Christians.

The way to guarantee, that you will go to the Christian heaven, is to ask God for forgiveness, of your sins and believe that God raised Jesus from the dead, after He died, on the cross, for our sins. Then you commit your life, to following God, rather than your desires. This is just the first step, in the journey. You will find the rest of the instructions, in the Bible.

Being a Christian has its ups and downs, as any life does and Christians do suffer and die. The difference is that we have an appreciation, of the spiritual world and peace and hope, that things really will work out in the end. Christ intervenes, at times, when we really need Him.

Much of our Christian lives involves doing routine work and doing what is needed to stay healthy, but our focus is on helping others and improving our lives, as we gradually give God control more and more of our lives. But we have a quiet assurance, that our lives mean something and that no matter what we have to live through, after we die, we will live forever in paradise, and are guaranteed to live forever without pain.

The hardest part, for non-believers, to accept about Christianity is that they need to give control of their lives to God. That is why the world will never understand or accept us or our way of life. They think they are in control and we are the drones, but we know better. You either can be a slave, to your own desires, or you can conquer them, but you need help.

We have already tried things our way and look at the way the world turned out. We even know now that all those "Angry God" judgements God has laid on us for our sins were entirely caused directly by our own gluttony and selfishness, also known as, environmental disasters and global warming/climate change. Isn't it time we give God a turn.

Following God is not like following orders, from a Sergeant, in the military. God rarely speaks to us, in a vision and gives us detailed instructions, on some special mission. God is less interested in what you do for a living, then who you are as a person. God wants you to not only to live a better life but a happier one too. God desires His followers, to think critically, before following what they think God says and compare it, to what God has done in the Bible.

Following God is also not the same as following a particular church or member of the clergy. People make mistakes and bad choices - Christians as well. Even well meaning Christians can cause a lot of damage, because they have a poor understanding of Scripture and who God is.

There is a large minority of Christians - often older respected members of the Church - who will make you feel like you have to choose between living a happy life and being a Christian. This is the opposite of what God has in mind. Christianity is there to restore your free will and improve your life and how you see it. Anything that contradicts that is not of God.

It's an Addiction

Our world is seriously broken. We can all understand, with just a little knowledge of history, even over a very short time and have knowledge of human behavior, over a short period of time, but the real problem, that is destroying our world, and the real solution, to permanently solving these problems. The time line is exponential, but the start is insignificant, in the grand scheme of things. When you learn about history and live long enough, you realize that nothing really changes. Personal psychology is the same, anytime in history. The only real thing, that is changing now, is human power, to change the world and this is growing exponentially.

Our problem is, although we can make good choices, what really happens is that we make bad choices. Many people think that God is irrelevant, to our world and that the spiritual world has no power over us. Even good, faithful Christians don't really live lives of faith (in America and Europe, over the last 50 years), even though the vast majority of the world was and always will be very religious.

Just like when a person lives beyond their means financially, they get into trouble, they can fix the problem, by being responsible, or just put off the problem, but eventually they will get themselves into so much trouble, that they cannot fix their situation, by themselves. Just like a gambler, fixing the long term problem, of someone who is an addict, is not giving them more of what they keep on using. Giving someone more credit, who spends beyond their means, does not solve their problem. To solve addictions, you need to realize that you need help and cannot fix your problems yourself, alone. You go to counseling and learn how to make better choices. You also need to find others, with more experience, with the same problems (but with more success in prevailing against them), to help support your new, better decisions.

But most people, who become addicts, die of their addiction and are not successful, even though they could, if they were to make the right choices. Why do we continue, to make bad choices, when we know the results and have the ability to change? The answer is not one that can be found within politics, society, the economy, social movements, technology, drugs, medicine, diet, exercise, counseling, tradition, family, friends, or experts.

The solution is to first repent, of these wrongdoings, to God, our all-powerful Creator. We need to then accept that we did these things of our own free will and are fully, personally responsible, for all these decisions and their consequences. Next, we need to admit, that these decisions are wrong, unnecessary, inexcusable, and unacceptable. We must accept, of our own free will, that we do not have the power, within ourselves, or within our human institutions and human understanding of the world, to make the right choices.

The most important, significant, and most influential aspects of life always have and always will be spiritual, in nature. We were designed, by God, originally, to be in a close, daily, immediate, and personal connection with God, our Creator. Even before we made bad choices, we always have needed God, to even physically function, in the ways necessary, to stay alive. We have had bad influences and the accumulation of many bad choices has put is in a more desperate situation. When we reach rock bottom, we will know that we need God, and, if we are to survive, we will need to continually submit ourselves and our decisions, to the will of God. God knows us better than we know ourselves and it is foolish, to attempt anything, without His direct, continual, and spiritual support, in all aspects of our lives.

While our leaders continue, to try to make the world a better place, by trying to find a cause and a solution, we are pursuing a non-achievable goal. What we want to know is a way to solve our problems, without changing our habits and our way of life. We want an easy, one time solution, to solve everything, so that we can go on and continue, to live like kings. We want to know the exact limit, of how bad we can be, before we pass the line of no return, so we can enjoy making our bad decisions, as much as possible, without having to suffer the consequences. If we cannot solve the problem this way, then we want to just give up and party, until the apocalypse.

It all appears very discouraging now, to accept the world, the way it is, and realize that we have no control, over the decisions others make, as well as refuse to make good decisions, ourselves. The good news is that it is not too late. We will suffer, from our bad choices, along the way, but we can make our world a better place, by submitting ourselves, to the will of God and pray for His will to be done, rather than ours. People do terrible things like Hitler, Stalin, or Mao, but evil forces do not get to commit mass exterminations. The difference is that God wants us to be in control, of our own human world.

Although God can and does act, all the time, in our world, He wants us to ask Him, to involve Himself, in our world. Until we do so, He will take a less active role. The definition of faith is believing in something, that you cannot prove conclusively: it is the exact opposite of science and math. We do not know the future, or how God will change our world, even if we pray for this. Our world can go in any number of different direction, but, if we ask God to change our world, no matter how the world changes, we can know God will give us joy and meaning in life. We will also be guaranteed that, after we die, we will live forever, without any suffering. The only condition is that we own up to this being entirely our fault, be truly sorry, take a complete 180 degree turn, in our lives, and accept God's complete control over our lives, forever.

God's Ideas

God's Point of View

Many theological concepts coming from the Bible don't make sense, the way people explain them, because people are unwilling to see things from God's point of view. For instance, why is it so surprising, that the way to salvation and everlasting life, is by repenting of our sins and believing God raised Jesus from the dead.

From a human point of view, we look with awe, upon people who do great things, but we find out more and more about people's decisions in life, due to the instantaneous flow of information, that everybody has skeletons in their closets.

If we were to go back to the Bible times, we see that King David was a man after God's own heart and one of the few people before Jesus Christ's time on earth, who was filled with the Holy Spirit and he committed adultery. This was the source of the division of Israel into 2 kingdoms and the eventual diaspora of the Jewish people. This also affects us in modern history with the Holocaust and the re-establishment of the Jewish state, accompanied with the problem of the Palestinians.

Even, say someone was perfect morally: they are still finite, in everything they do. Even the greatest acts of heroes pale, in comparison, to God coming, to earth, as a Man (while still knowing He was God, but not using His powers) and dying in one of the most humiliating and painful deaths possible, at that time. It is the equivalent of us becoming electrons and living with the knowledge of being a human, but living with the restrictions inherit, in not even being a full atom.

The true enemy of God is not society, but His own people, who revolt against Him. Many people either believe they are following the example of Christ, by supporting the establishment, or by trying to bring it down. Few people in history really understood or were able to accept the way Christ revolutionized the world.

Christ was not a military or political leader, so no not expect positive spiritual news coming from military action or any of our political leaders. He did not transform the economy or the social world by activism or by enforcing laws, so do not risk your life or health by resisting political leaders or trying to uphold the laws.

He did not expand and discipline His mind by meditation, taking vows, building up His physical strength, taking drugs, or hurting Himself, to liberate Himself from or harden Himself to suffering, so do not expect to change the world mystically. Even healing people and feeding the poor was only a secondary goal of Christ on earth, so do not expect solving problems like hunger or disease will really solve our problems.

Christ refused to let anyone shift his focus, from the spiritual understanding of life and solutions, that transform us spiritually. When He healed people, He said He did something greater and more important: He forgave sins. Our biggest problems in life are usually caused by us, or someone else committing evil actions.

Christ wanted us not to reform others, but, instead, reform ourselves. Our greatest enemy is ourself. If you want to change the world, first focus on yourself. You can never do anything greater, than to overcome the evil, in your own heart, no matter how many people you feed or liberate.

You will by laughed at, by the world, when you pray God's will be done and keep yourself from evil, that can be done legally. But your true opposition will come from your fellow Christians. Who really wanted Jesus dead - the political establishment or the religious establishment?

Some of the greatest spiritual battles will be within our own churches, because they are one of the biggest targets of spiritually evil forces. Remember how religious people treated the prophets, of the Old Testament, and expect the same, to happen to you. If they do this, you are on the right track.

Reforming yourself is not just about following the Ten Commandments or even praying. There are many simple things you can do, in your life, that will help spiritually.

Here are some economically based ways to reform yourself and those close to you: make ethical decisions in the products you buy, find creative ways to reduce your expenses, get supplies and training to survive disasters, promote internet usage to empower individuals, and give away free content to support alternate opinions.

Here are some socially based ways to reform yourself and those close to you: network to expand your circles of influence, form relationships with your neighbors, encourage others, stay positive and increase your positive influences, and avoid mainstream assumptions.

Here are some spiritually based ways to reform yourself and those close to you: pray for God's will to be done, improve a specific animal's life, increase your understanding of the world, raise your kids to be good citizens, and take time to relax.

The news is very negative and your life may be depressing, but no matter what situation you find yourself in individually or we do collectively, you and we can improve our situation, by making good choices. There will be at least one big positive surprise, in our lifetimes, that will change things as much as the Internet. The future is not written and we need not give up. We will always find a way to exist and be happy, we will always find friends who serve God, and God will never leave us, no matter how far away we travel physically or in time.

God's Rules

Inviting God In

Many people don't understand why someone would be a Christian, because Christians follow additional rules, that they are not legally required to and help others, knowing there will be no reward in exchange and helping regardless of whether the person helped is even grateful or a mean person. Christians then talk about how much God gives them and all of these things that they are are given are abstract ideas (values) and a promise of eternal life, which both have little meaning, to a dishonest and carnal generation or society.

Why would anyone want to follow a rule they didn't have to? Why would anyone take time to exercise or eat less food, if they didn't have to? The answer to both questions is that denying yourself short term pleasure can give you long term happiness. The other thing is that it becomes easier over time and many even take pride in it. The reason why we need faith (believing in something we cannot verify), to understand God is because it is hard to think long term and also hard to wait.

Abstract concepts, like values and theology, are hard for many people to understand. That is why the Bible tells stories and why pastors go to seminary. One of the things that makes it harder to understand abstract ideas, than it is necessary, is because explanations are often too vague. All values should have specific situations that illustrate the situations, in which a certain value is personified. Art is a good way to illustrate abstract concepts.

If you study world history and religions, you will find that most societies and belief systems have very similar ethical rules. Many people think that there is no right or wrong in Chinese or Indian philosophies and religions, but the opposite is true. The ethics are not only the most important aspects of these belief systems, but Chinese philosophy is almost exclusively about ethics. In Hinduism and Islam, it is common to take additional rules, upon oneself, that aren't even required, by the religious doctrines, or even do rituals, that produce physical pain.

We often see God as requiring us to give everything we have to God, in exchange for eternal life and other things we cannot verify independently. God only ask us to acknowledge who He is and ask for His help and this is the entirety of the cost to us of salvation. Christ's cost for our salvation is the eternal suffering, on the cross, for our sins (because God experiences things outside of the limitations of time) The reality is, most of the Bible is about living in this world and finding joy in life. We are given freely from God, so it is natural for us to want to give freely to others.

Most people have trouble believing what God has said is true, because it is so different, from what we have been taught, in school. God wants us to be critical thinkers and, if you do not believe God, you need to speak to Him directly about it. You cannot start a relationship, without honesty, and God will take you from where you are. The secret to finding faith is prayer: if you can't believe, then ask God for faith. Reading the Bible and going to church helps increase your faith, as well.

Many people ask for proof, for them to believe in the Bible. First of all, no one has yet made a logical argument for logic and we believe things everyday that we cannot see or prove. Most people believe that the Earth is round and that we are a very small part of a very big universe and there are many very good proofs of this, but you are still taking someone else's word for something you have not experienced for yourself. Were there Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq before the US invaded and do businesses contribute more to society than they take?

The thing that makes people put a microscope on religion and politics is that the ideas are controversial. You can find proof, for any view of any political or religious ideas online and argue about it for years and never come to a conclusion. Some of these things have to be one way or another: something did or didn't happen and it happened at a definite time. Sometimes, in these debates, on some issues, we will never agree, because our emotions speak louder than our rational minds.

There is a God or there isn't and Christianity is either true of not. I believe. What do you think? Would you like to bet your eternity on it?

As far as historical proof goes, many people think that there never was an Israel and there is no conclusive archeological evidence, for some major events in the Bible. There is also little recorded outside the Bible about Israel, during the time of the Old Testament. There were many scholars, at that time, outside Israel. At the time of Christ, almost all of those people, from Ancient Egypt to Iraq were some of the earliest converts to Christianity. If these scholars didn't believe in the historical accuracy of the Bible, then why did they convert long before Christianity was legal in the Roman Empire?

God Only

Are you a believer in Christ? Do you believe that spiritual things are more important than wealth, power, knowledge, fame and the like? Then take God at His word and live like you believe in Him alone. Fully reject all these things that we think we need to use to spread God's message. Forsake every advantage we have gotten for ourselves in anything of the natural or social world.

If you really believe, choose Christ as your main and only thing. Choose the spiritual world, as your true reality. Think in terms of eternity alone and what is really important in life. Communicate this to others, in the way you deal with challenges in life. Be blind to and completely avoid using wealth, power, fame, and money, to further the agenda of the Church and never mix God's ways with peoples ways again.

The key to understanding God is through faith and not through knowledge. It is fine to understand why God says to do what He says for us to do, but this is not required. Obedience is. Faith is an act of the will and is the basis of what we need to do to accept God's salvation. A life based on faith is never really easy, if you make the choice to believe above all else and through it all.

Your life will also be completely unrecognizable and incomprehensible, to those who don't fully embrace the spiritual world. A life of faith separates you fundamentally from the way non-believers think. Today, we believe that we need evidence, to know what is true, but the true things that really matter are very simple, but extremely difficult to believe, because we must choose to believe, with a lack of complete knowledge.

Christianity has long attracted the best minds, because the Bible is beyond all other books of all other faiths, in every way, including subtlety and the number of levels of meaning. Remember, event the devil know there is a God, but that does not save him. We have to choose continually, to move closer or farther away from God.

To really live scripture, we need to change the way we think. Other people, who do not believe, should be shocked and confused by our behavior. Being Christian is about doing God's will, in place of our own. When we do something spiritually good, we seldom get any credit for it and often even suffer for it.

God is supposed to get the credit. That is why we need to reject building the Church through money and power. If we use money to buy influence, we get credit and not God. This is the way the world works, but the Church should not work this way.

This is not what the world thinks of as rational behavior. It is ok not to be accepted by the establishment or even by the Church. Jesus was rejected by the equivalent of the Church of His time as were the prophets of Israel. The downfall of ancient Israel can be attributed directly to the people wanting a king, whereas God's will was for Israel to be ruled by prophets He chose. Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived and started out faithful to God, but turned away, due to His wealth and His lust. Wisdom was not enough to save Him.

Most people are not scholars and most people throughout history never learned to read. We now see most people often choose not to ever learn, even when they have the opportunity. We need to forget trying to reason out our faith and convince others by our superior arguments. This may be the American way we think we run politics, but it is not God's way.

Obedience does not come from knowledge. You can be extremely smart and still have no self control or common sense. You can be extremely cunning and politically adept, but still be stubborn and rebellious. Just because people follow what you say, does not mean what you say is the truth.

The truth is that we are really driven by our emotions and that we only use reason, as an excuse to believe, what we have already decided to believe. How often have you ever convinced anyone of anything, they didn't already believe? Did God try to reason with the religious and political leaders of his time? He even spoke figuratively expressly, so that even the religious scholars, who did not care, did not understand His message.

If you want to have faith and do not have it, read the Bible and pray for faith. God will surely freely grant you faith, by His grace. The way of Christ is not one of supernatural and flashy visual effects, that shock and awe people or the wisdom of the Greeks or modern day science. God describes His way is one of the foolishness of God, which is greater than man's wisdom, which is incomprehensible, to both those who reason things out and those who like to see dazzling act of power demonstrating it.

God wants use to use our will, not our minds or our hearts, to continually make a decision to believe in what we will never fully explain, and is beyond our comprehension. That is that God gives use freely what we could never earn or deserve, even if we were morally perfect. God accepts that we make mistakes and do morally wrong things, but decided to take the blame for that, if only we would choose to believe in Him, without complete proof or full compression of everything involved in this arrangement. If only we put God first, in our lives, God will save us, at any cost.

Remember, in life everything has a cost, both spiritually and physically, but God has chosen to offer the greatest gift free. He has done this despite our complete rejection of Him and our creation of suffering, by our lack of self control and greed. God has given up everything, and so we need to give up our minds, bodies, and souls over to His control day by day. This is the only way we can truly be happy or have peace in this life or the next.

Fate and Freedom

Many great philosophers have thought and written about dualism, where life is composed of opposites and some have sought to see beyond this and see them as part of a larger system. This is called non-duality. One of the oldest duality is of free will and fate or human will and God's will. Many have sought to prove one and disprove the other, as the answer becomes easier to accept and easier to fit within the way we think.

The hard part about accepting this is that although time and reality as we know it is nothing compared to eternity, the illusion is thoroughly convincing. When you are lost in doing something you love, time goes by faster and when you are in great pain, time goes by much more slowly. Even though the spiritual world is more real, we can only understand it through faith and many doubt its existence entirely. But sometimes we get brief glimpses of this reality in situations that we cannot explain without a spiritual origin or causality.

Even though we have eternity, in only a few years away, we cannot wait while always keeping the faith in sight. We get distracted and lose our way. We spend our time on unimportant things and fighting about things that don't really matter. We have so little faith. Why is it so easy to believe the reality of what we know will perish quickly and struggle to accept the more pleasant and rational ultimate reality?

We see that the world does not make sense after spending years trying to control it. We become the play things of the natural world and we get pulled into its way of thinking. We get discouraged because we are impatient and are mentally and spiritually weak. Just as the disciples could not stay awake even a few hours, to pray in the garden of Gethsemane, before Jesus was placed on the cross, we give up far too easily.

Do not accept the reality that you see before you. Do not give up on God, because He will never give up on you. We see evil and pain in the world, like a snowball going downhill and speeding up and growing, as it travels. There is so little we can do naturally, but so much God can and will do. God decided long ago that people would control their own destiny. For those who love God, we wonder why he ever gave us free will, but those who hate him revel in this freedom and chain themselves to suffering, while thinking they are becoming more in control.

So yes we have complete freedom, to make the choices we do, but God can and will intervene to fix our mistakes as He wills. We each play our part like actors in the play, but God is the author of the play. We think we play by our own rules and think that God has abandoned us, until we grow older and realize that our quest for control is the road to our suffering. We need not give up on joy in life and accept pain as inevitable, but we do need to learn to choose God, regardless of the difficulty to master our own selfishness and how little we understand how this works. Faith is by definition blind.

The way free will and God's will (or fate) is meant to work is for us to choose God's will. We are given many choices in life, that matter little, but some choices define us. Instead of letting your circumstances define you, choose to have God transform you and your circumstances, not as a weak and passive observer, but as a willing and active partner. Don't choose God because He is all powerful; choose God because He is good and merciful.

Unfortunately, in life we have no grantees, until after it ends. We need to make good choices and be responsible adults. It would be very immature of us to just expect God to solve all our problems, without putting any effort in to solve them ourselves. God wants us to be equal partners, in our choices in life, but He also wants us to grow up and be able to handle some things on our own. But is is ridiculously hard to have patience, when you know the pain will not end for many years. But, God understands, as He lived a very difficult life on earth as a person and He does and will intervene.

We just have to understand that God is not responsible for our suffering and so is not going to always bail us out. Just like when an adult breaks something, they must pay for its replacement or to fix it, so we, as the collective creators of pain and evil, must take responsibility and do our best to minimize this suffering, in ours and others' lives.

More Spiritual Ideas

What is Spiritual?

We have been snowed and misdirected, on what is important in life. History is a lie and we are not aware of the hidden battles, that we must fight, to control the world. You may think I am talking about aliens or some sort of supernatural forces. These are again misdirects.

The true spiritual battles take place in your mind and in the Church. The devil cannot make you do anything you do not want to do. According to the Bible, there are some very powerful forces out there, that wish to enslave us, but, although we have had cruel dictators in the physical world, we need not be fearful of these. The spiritual world has its own rules, but they are very different from the physical and human ones.

So, when I talk about spiritual solutions, to our problems, I mean two things: prayer to the Christian God and making better, more moral choices, in all aspects of our life. Your enemy is not anyone else, but your own mind.

Sin and evil does not come from any external forces. Sin is addiction and addiction is sin. Just as more money does not solve a gambling problem or more alcohol solve an alcoholics problem, military, economic, or social solutions will not solve our problems with sin.

We are our own worst enemy. We need to both depend upon God, to give us strength, but also take the responsibility, for the change we want, totally upon ourselves. We cannot achieve this, without divine intervention, but it will be us, that needs to exercise our will, to make these better choices. God will save us, but for it to work, we need to put our will in check and assume full responsibility, for all our choices and actions.

Our world is going into a very bad place, because we are taking the wrong strategy. We don't need more energy, more technology, or more knowledge, to solve our problems. To change the world for the better, we need to get control of our own lives. It is easy to solve everyone else's problem; it is hard to solve our own problems.

The reason why the world is so discouraging now is because we feel like we have no control over how the world works. We know some obvious things, that need to be done, that could fundamentally solve these problems. We have the power; we just do not have the will. We know the solution, but we are unwilling to pay the price.

The good news is that Jesus Christ has paid the price and we do have a solution, that everyone can be parts of and help out, that will really work. We do not need to be leaders, scholars, or businessmen, to solve these problems. We can make our world better, than it ever has been; we have the power, all by our individual selves. Any one of us can solve the worlds problems, all by ourself. The solution is to solve our problems, in our own individual lives. Embrace God, fix yourself and you will fix the world.

We may have no power politically, economically, or socially, but we have enormous spiritual power. People who mean well, all throughout history, have tried to make the world better and were often very well meaning and suffered greatly, but they never solved the problems, because they had the wrong strategy. Why do we, as Christians, believe that the spiritual things are the most important, but refuse to use them and try to solve the world without God's help, or don't do so, in the way that Christ showed?

Christ was not a military, economical, or political leader. He did not advocate for human rights, the environment, tolerance, or for gender equality. That does not mean that any of these things is not essential, for world to be truly just. The reason why the world is unjust is not because our leaders make bad choices and are selfish. The reason for these problems is that we are selfish and make bad choices.

We are the source of our own problems and we will not be the solution, yet the power and ability to change rests entirely, on our shoulders. We do not have the solution; God does. But it is our duty to follow His strategy and carry these ideas out, in our own lives. In this way, we will solve the world's problems, but God will rightly receive the credit.

How Christianity Can Be Misleading

The Main Problem

To many outside observers, Christianity appears to be a social group, for political conservatives, to push a 1930-1950s AD idea of American culture, throughout the world, and to ban homosexuality. Surprisingly, the Bible never mentions America, gun rights, or capitalism/imperialism. Islam has some very shocking similarities to Christianity. If there was no Judaism or Christianity, there would likely be no Islam.

This is not exclusive to Christians; it is more of a generational thing. Kids today are not raised in a way, that adequately prepares them, to get high paying jobs and have the ability to survive, on their own, responsibly, when they turn 18. I don't believe this is what most Christians believe.

A Better Christian Strategy

It is however how Christians are often portrayed, in the media and in politics. I think the problem, on the part of Christians, is more one of strategy and adapting, to a very different world, than the one my parents grew up in. The theology is the one thing, that should never change.

All Christians, both young and mature, as well as unbelievers, need to understand that it is not easy for anyone to become Christian. Submitting yourself to Jesus Christ is only the start of a long and difficult process. Instead of going for huge numbers of Christians or trying to make the rest of the world follow our laws and worldview, we need to instead really put all our effort into fighting, for each seeker (person interested in Christianity). We are not going to get genuine faith and long term commitment, by arguing theology we learned in church, or proving our take on theology.

We do not worship theology and having correct theology (beyond the basics) is not necessary to understand, in order for God to provide your salvation. Homosexuality is the issue that the media and major political groups want to be the focus of the religion discussion. Christians need to be smarter strategically and change the conversation, to what they find most important. Mormons and Muslims are not fans of homosexuality, yet that is not how their religions are being defined, by the media.

Spiritual World Changes

It is bad news, for the Church, that feminism has become mainstream, but science fiction and the spiritual world have become mainstream, as well. The next generation does not hate Christianity; they know nothing about it. We no longer need to fight bad theology; we can start on a clean slate.

Christians need not be afraid of the spiritual world and evangelism is much more effective historically amongst pagans, than it has been among atheists or Muslims. Once people are aware of the spiritual world, the Christian worldview makes a lot of sense. If we are willing to put Christmas trees in churches and have easter egg hunts as church activities, both of which are pagan rituals, we can surely embrace Halloween and make it Christian.

Issue of Homosexuality

This issue of homosexuality has become a mainstream issue, for a number of reasons (It solves many leaders problems). The rich and powerful can keep the conservatives and liberals at each others throats, while wealthy businessmen, that don't care about social issues, take even more money, from average Americans. There are something like 65 people, who now which control 1/2 of the world's money. Businesses are struggling, to find new markets, to expand into, new products to sell, and new people to sell to and gay people (statistically) do well financially.

There is a trend, on making what are called "victimless crimes" legal, like drugs and gambling. Furthermore, many people see this struggle as an extension of civil rights. In the academic world, the study of gender, feminism, women studies, and sexuality in general all are becoming entire areas of study, on the same level as history or philosophy, in the humanities. This is likely a bid to make the humanities seem more relevant to young people.

The reason it happened now is that it is currently socially acceptable. It is socially acceptable, because there are slightly more people that are pro homosexual, than those who are anti homosexual. This social change just happened, in the last few years, and will likely continue in that direction, indefinitely.

Difficulty of Being Christian

The big lie about Christianity is that there is a huge emphasis, on the first decision you make, to be a Christian is thought, to be the key to salvation. Choice though is a key aspect of salvation. But faith is obedience, rather then simply acknowledging what is real and it is difficult, because you have to make the same choice, day in and day out. I had a plaque from a famous writer " I think Anton Chekov - that said something like: "Any idiot can survive a crisis; Its the day to day living that really wears you down".

Christianity, like marriage is hard work, if you want to keep it healthy. In Christianity, the way you think needs to be changed, for you to really change who you are. Instead of asking yourself what is the bare minimum needed to be saved, but rather now that I am saved, what can I do to serve Him who saved me and bring this same salvation to others suffering without it.

Christianity is more of a process than an outcome. It is not an epic journey like in the Lord of the Rings. It shares more in common in what living with the technology of the Shire would be like. The fancy magic of the elves may seem enticing, but that was what got them into trouble. Living with sin and trials is like living, without indoor plumbing and electricity, in the contemporary world. Living off the grid is the level of difference and the level of difficulty, that living in this world, as the Bible tell us to, is.

Christian Living

It is all exciting in the church service one a week and you will be excited and supported and you will agree to almost anything. But Monday will roll around real quick and you can barely make it past waking up, without making bad choices. The big impediment to people improving their lives is that they are so busy and distracted, that they don't have time to think or reflect. The luxury today is in not having a smartphone.

One of the things that helps you make better decisions is time. Experiences over your lifetime, experiences you have heard about others, time reading, time sleeping, time exercising, time eating healthy, time spent with family and friends, time relaxing, time listening to God, and the time you think through what to do next are all about making time for what is most important. That is the point of the Sabbath. So, while you can be technically assured of eternal salvation, in a minute, it usually take both half a lifetime to reach that decision and the other half of your life, to live that decision.

We all have different situations in life. Some, like me being born in America, is like winning the lottery, whereas being the part of the 1% of the population that has Schizophrenia makes my life extremely difficult. I always say everything is going well for me except the Schizophrenia. I think being blind, in a wheelchair, and homeless (at the same time) would probably be a happier and less disabling life than having Schizophrenia.

Significance of Being Christian

Being a Christian is a serious commitment, much more serious than your choice of marriage partner, whether or not to have kids, where to go to college, where to live, how to invest your money, or anything else in life. Christianity comes at a high price (your pride: you will never be able to say this again: "I did this all by myself"). What Christianity can give you that nothing else will is eternity, not just eternal life, but eternal purpose, in this life. Becoming Christian means that God has chosen you and invited you to find out more about Him and spend time with Him, one on one, with His undivided attention.

What does Christianity bring to the world? We were unwilling to choose God or even be decent people, so God did everything, to make us part of His family. You don't choose God. God chooses you. Everyone will get the opportunity, at least once in life, but you may only have one chance.

We spend our entire lives documenting our lives. Make regular time to actually live your life and make time for God: He has created everything for you. Just like there is more to writing than grammar, and there is more to learning from books than just buying them and not reading them, salvation is not a one time decision. It is always easier to solve someone else's problems than our own; our problems do not arise from a lack of knowledge, but, rather from lack of discipline and motivation.