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Complete Introductions Collection 4


by Ben Huot


October 31, 2019


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Table of Contents

First Things


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True Emptiness, An Epic Poem


A dam bigger than a city

A truck that costs more

Than a house

An helicopter that destroys

Before it can be seen

A device that reaches

To the other side of the world

Such are the modern marvels

We depend upon everyday

What does it mean

To be a master of nature

Is it ok that our will is realized

At the expense

Of every other living thing

Do we understand

That we live so extravagantly

That the future will live

In a hell on earth



Does it matter more

If you convince others

To serve God

Or is it better

To love God’s creation

Is it better

To have a relationship

With God based on the Bible

Or is it better

To show your faith

Through sacrifice

Is it greater faith

To be born again

Or to be the descendant

Of hundreds of generations of Christians

Does one new believer matter more

Than what the entire rest of the believing world does

Or is it better to save

As many as possible



In a world where reason

Attempts to disprove God

Why do we cling so closely

To these same thinkers

When the first thing you do

Is to serve God

Is this better than

Constantly hearing God talk to you

Does it really matter

Whether you can prove God exists

Would it change the heart

Of even a single person

Sometimes learning to be persuasive

Is a losing proposition

Sometimes it is better

To be a fool

Than to be wise

Would you rather

Listen to a scholar

Or the writer

Of a popular song

Who do people respect more

Our leaders or our entertainers

Which will have more impact

Giving another billion dollars to God

Or living an honest

And kind life

If salvation cannot be earned

Why do we think God cares

What we accomplish

In this life

When everything talking about God

Is for sale

Who do you think gets the credit

The writer or His creator



When you think in the timespan

Of human history

Do you dare think God favors

One nation over another

When we think of the faith

Of the apostles, prophets, and patriarchs

Do we see any parallels

In our world today

Do you think that God

Would accept the idea

Of the ends justifying the means

Or that things should be done

For the greater good

If everything in the Bible

Is so clear

Why does Christ

Speak in riddles (parables)

If God wanted us

To know the future

Then why did He speak

To the prophets

In metaphors

If God does not delight

In great shows

Of wealth and power

And cares more

About the poor and needy

What would He think

Of our popular culture


A few hundred years from now

There is a good chance

There will be no record of us

It is likely

There are some technological capabilities

We will lose in the future

That we currently have

It is almost certain

That we will experience

What we think

Is the apocalypse

In this timeframe

But we still have no idea

When Christ will return

We may have rid the world

Of many diseases and fed billions

But we all still die

In a short frame of time

Would it make sense to focus

On saving people

From this world

Or the next

If you do not believe

In an afterlife

Do you also

Not believe in death



It does not matter

What we think or want

Things do and will happen

That are unbelievable

And we may discover

Our own part in it later

But suffering does not disprove God

As the Bible

Promises many things

No one else does

But not suffering

Is not one of them

The Bible predicts the future

Will continue to be unjust

Job wrestled with God

As Israel did later

Over God’s will versus his will

The one thing

We know for certain about history

Is God’s will is always done

Even when we think

We can do better

And think He is dead and gone

The eons of time roll over

To another calendaring system

But nothing really changes

You can fight all the evil

In the world

Until you are dead

But people will still suffer

And your life will still be empty



It would be better

For us to escape

With our own lives

Than to try to save everyone else

We worry about

Everyone else’s life

We cannot fix

But we can fix our own

In spiritual terms

We all can pray

And we all can be forgiven

But we are not responsible

For other people

We are responsible

For what we do as individuals

Look towards a spiritual way of thinking

Where making a choice

Is more important

Than achieving something

Seeing yourself in relation to God

Is the key to wisdom

If nothing else

The biggest thing

Life should teach is humility

We today think

We can fix everything

And many times

Make things worse

In the process

Do not worry about fixing

Worry about breaking others

There is one thing

You can take to Heaven

Who you really are

And always were

Your non-physical aspects

Like feelings and consciousness

Most importantly

You can take your relationship with God

For all eternity

Seek not science

To understand the world

Seek instead the humility

To understand God

Philosophy Poetry


Internet Nostalgia

Things were simpler

When I was young

People had computers then too

But the Internet was different

A big part of computers then

Was about writing and publishing

It was much more academic

And it only appealed to a few

Now computers have become too common

Everyone wants to embrace

Their lack of self control

Their lack of culture

Their lack of manners

Their lack of social awareness

Their lack of common sense

When a society no longer

Cares enough to be polite

When it thinks it needs

Violence to express itself

When it is cool to steal

When it is cool to stalk and bully

And when it is cool to disrespect others

We all lose out

When has it happened that

So few people now have respect for each other

They embrace their inner criminal and vigilante

There is a proper time and place for anything

But there are limits to even that

How do we start to build respect again

How do we create a better community

We blame the machines

But the machines aren’t what created this problem

A certain cheapness and oversimplification in spirit

A certain intensification of what makes us mad

Who really gains from this behavior and atmosphere

Politicians and the media have a responsibility

To raise the level of the discussion

From out of the gutter

Instead, they are the biggest cause

It is good to disagree with the direction society is going in

But not agree on how to fix it

But some types of behavior

Just make others dig in their heels

The maturity of opinion leaders

Has reached an all-time low

The Church is often looked on to bring back morality

But there is no acceptance of God

In the way anyone is acting

Why should we expect God to fix our problems

We need top start learning to be kind and disciplined in our speech

Maybe we need to pay someone to clean up our speech

Like we pay people to clean dog poop and the broken glass

That we litter the streets with

It is nice to have free things

And freedom to express yourself

Maybe we should talk less about politics for a while

And study a little bit more about history and religion

It is in our hearts that the rot has started

And we will only dig out

With great pain and effort

Maybe we just have too much power

Maybe we need a good reason

To broadcast our ideas

And maybe not allow everyone

To leave comments on every news item

When people cannot look themselves in the mirror

While they cannot stop taking picture of themselves

We might begin to wonder

If we should try to do something different

Until then I encourage people to boycott these angry voices

And stop feeding the negativity

Maybe if we all stop responding

They will realize that those kind of comments

Are not appropriate

Better yet don’t even visit these publications

Until they get their houses in order


Easy Come, Easy Go

Kingdoms come and go

Empires, Democracies and One World Systems

The land is all there is

That is still the same

A few hundred years later

Your grandkids will awake to another world

Your legacy is in what remains after our society passes

And everything we are is broke down into dust and soil

Since we live in a disposable society

Even our great inventions are disposable

Our leftovers are just rotting garbage

And huge amounts of rusting gadgets

Everything we produce will turn to dust

And our petty squabbles over who to lead us

Will be long forgotten and meaningless

With every step towards greater surveillance and control

We hasten the dissolution of this world system

The modern world will not last long in memory

As our achievements are all on paper or in computer parts

We cannot even run our current system without both paper and software

How do you think America will be a relevant concept

At the end of your grandchildren’s lives

When people describe our current technology

Children will think we are talking in riddles or fairy tales

How ridiculous is it for us to fight

To merely survive in books, buildings, and software

What really survives is not ideas

But the land, the people, and our God

Is it moral to champion the comfort of a million of our countrymen

Or to save the land for the next thousand years

We often think in absolute terms of the world to be

We assume current technology or that no one survives

We think we are just beginning to live

With what we currently are inventing

What we don’t even think of is that this society

Was likely thought of before and planned

And most technology we have now has been reinvented many times

We are not unique in wanting this kind of society

People all throughout history fought much harder for much less

Who would reject a society that provides too much for its people

When we talk about the long term survival of the planet

We think in terms of people

But people are the source of all these problems

There will be time when we can accept

Living without electricity and modern plumbing

Most people believe the world cannot exist without these 2 things

The thing is that few people might live

If we hold onto these 2 things for too long

The problem with human solutions

Is that we were designed to be in symbiosis with God

Separation from God is the true source of our problems

To fix the scale of these problems we need God’s help

Until we as a society can agree to give up control to God

We are just chasing our tails


Real Love

To most people today

Romantic love is the highest bar

So do today’s prophets

And artists and singers

Preach this message

That sex is love

But there is so much more to romance

And a romantic worldview

Sexual love is seen as the holy grail of faith

It is todays standard way to find joy in life

Does it take less faith

To believe in a loving God

Than to believe that fate will deliver

Faith that it will bring true love

Faith that the love you find in another

Will make yourself happy

That the love will be based on honesty

That the lover will be faithful

That the love will be enough

To survive the storms of life

Can another person make you happy

Can a person alone satisfy you

How can someone that doesn’t know you completely

Give you all that you need

How can a person that does know you perfectly

Accept you for who you are

It is truly a greater thing

To believe in love

Than to believe in God

It takes a greater leap of reason

To finding real peace

In the arms of another person

Truly it is great falling in love

But what is it to those who cannot

Those who are too old, ugly, or picky

To those who no one can love

Because they have so many problems

To those who never meet the right person

To those who cannot afford to wait that long

Romantic love is for the few

Can you really be true to another forever

Can they even to the end of this life

God accepts all and is always faithful

Not only can God truly love us

He does so while knowing who we truly are

He can do this because of who He is

Both Creator and Savior

Only He can bring the peace

That is absent in people

The joy of knowing the God of the universe

Cares about even us little peons

That He became one of us

And showed us how to truly love one another

He knew this was necessary

Before He even created us

Why He loves us is a mystery

But it is the most real love we will ever experience

It is the most genuine acceptance

Of who we really are

We associate love with sex today

But romance is really much more

Romance is not just sex

Anymore than God is just human


She is The Only One

Can a person be too kind?

Can a person be truly good?

Dropped straight from Heaven

Like an angel walking among us

Wise as a prophet in Scripture

Sharp in mind and soul as a diamond

The best human counselor

The softest heart and strongest mind

Spontaneous in spirit and subtle in decision-making

Of the highest order of service and sincerity

She becomes brighter each day

And stands out more at night

Even if she now walks a little slower

And is a little less steady in stride

She is more careful with others feelings

And more gentle in words

She has fought the good fight with pain and illness

With honor and distinction

With each decision her family grows closer

Her only critic is herself

Always a Mary at heart

But a Martha in action

She has the inner strength

To make mountains move

She is faithful and true

Her candle never grows dim

Her faith is like a lighthouse

She is always ready to see the Lord

She is the subject of the Sermon on the Mount

Her life is a beatitude


Conversations with God

I cannot stop talking

Of what the joy of the Lord brings

I cannot speak enough

Of what God has done for me

Each day I hear His voice

Each night He hears mine

I do not stop to pray

Because I never stop my conversation

With my Creator and Redeemer

In each frustration I experience

He guides me through the thorns

When I struggle as the sea does against the sand

He stands watch over me without ever blinking

There are times when doubt fills my mind and heart

Sometimes I can barely see as the glory of God blinds me

I constantly need to stretch my mind to wrap my head

Around what He reveals to me

I fight to get the words out before I forget them forever

For some thoughts of God there are no words

Language can only take you so far

The Bible keeps being written a new each reading

On the hearts of His people

Who can really understand what God says

Who can truly master the word of God

We cannot understand the mind of God

Anymore than we can be perfect morally

How difficult it is to conceive of God’s point of view

Even when we praise Him

We are just saying what is true

Just as God cannot swear on anything higher than Himself

So our worship is merely a restatement

Of what everyone already knows is both truth and fact

When we turn our face from God

We act out in sin

We understand why we need to fear God

When we ask to be forgiven

We cannot truly understand why He chooses to do so

Sin and evil are a mystery to many

But I think God’s mercy is harder to explain

But God can only be approached with an appropriate attitude

With honesty and sincerity is where the conversation must start

Just as God always accepts us unconditionally

We must never disown Him

We blame God for evil

But who are we to criticize God

He is blameless but we are not

When we accept we need Him

But He does not need us

Our journey of faith has truly started

Until we die we cannot estimate how strong God is

And how weak we are

But faith is not about knowledge

Faith is about worship and acceptance of our reality

Faith is about accepting how much we need God

Faith is about hating evil

But not evil-doers

Faith is an expression of loyalty and respect

But also love and gratitude

Faith is how we understand God

As there are no words that can truly bring us close to Him

As living through a problem too big for us to solve

To bring us victory over things we know not how to fight

Just as the laws of physics need to happen for the universe to exist

So must God be worshipped


Worthy Goals

If our goal is to be unique

Why don’t we do what is right

If our goal is to improve ourselves

Why don’t we appreciate what we have

If our goal is to live long

Why don’t we worship God

If our goal is to please ourselves

Why don’t we live a life of service

If our goal is to fight for a cause

Why don’t we heal their wounds

If we want unity in our country

Why don’t we raise our children better

If we want to save the environment

Why don’t we take the vows of a monk

If we want to be a great leader

Why don’t we work in factory

If we want to serve our country

Why don’t we join the Peace Corps

If we want to travel the world

Why don’t we meet everyone in our own town

If we want to think different

Why don’t we study religion

Him and Us

In a snap of His fingers

We break into musical worship

As He nods slightly

Time is born

He shrugs His shoulders

And we are given free choice

He shuffles his feet slightly

A new artistic movement arises

He scratches the back of His head

An new technological revolution occurs

He raises an eyebrow

And a new people group is formed

He stretches His hands

And a major war stops


We unite together to stop evil

We fall on our faces

We create the greatest technology ever

We almost blow ourselves up

We find a way to prevent bad things from happening

We end up creating a new form of crime

We make conflict impossible

We create an oppressive police state


Trust and Faith

What does it mean to trust God

When our world has shown us we cannot trust it

We can trust God because He is consistent

We can trust He will keep His promises

We can trust He will always be there

We can trust He has the power and will to save us

We can trust that He loves us unconditionally

Is it rational

Does it matter

We learn from a young age

Not to trust anyone completely

And for those who miss this

We learn the lesson later on

Trust in anything

Is a new thing to our culture

Imagine someone really caring

Plus being truly capable of following through

The modern world makes little sense

But our God is full of surprises

Even in a world full of darkness

We have seen a great light

We learn each day that there is still purpose

In an absurd world

From the center of justice and academics

We get such strange advice

From those who speak and write for a living

We get confusion and division

Our culture sees religion as a force of division and violence

But maybe the true source of this come from within us

Maybe religion will bring both purpose and joy

That will bring peace to our land

We seek freedom from violence

And are afraid of losing this freedom

Maybe we expect too much out of other people

What if the only way for us to experience true happiness

Means realizing we exist in connection to each other and God

To be human is to be in a symbiotic relationship with God

And at peace with both the natural and supernatural worlds

Freedom from fear is great but community is too

Being free comes with responsibility

Freedom is exercised in the choices we make

How can our freedom be useful

If we don’t use it to help others

What can we do with our freedom

If we are not part of a family

What is the purpose of our freedom

If we do not have our Creator to serve

When we refuse to be at peace with God

Because we no longer trust Him

Are we not just deciding to deceive ourselves

Our enemy is really our own bad choices

We need to accept responsibility

For our relationship with God

He has done everything to gain our trust

We need to just accept that He is not like us



On Originality

What we often consider creative or original usually comes from another culture or time in history. The modern world of ideas is a productive of the Enlightenment and Protestantism which are entirely European ideas. The idea of how we want to organize ourselves and what we value in America these days comes from the belief that we will always win and things we always get better for us.


Ours is a culture of a one world empire. We are having a vast explosion in the amount of creative output. We have unimagined wealth in terms of energy and technology. Other times in history they would call this magic. But everything goes in cycles, everything has a counter, and nothing is really original. One of the big themes of history is the mobile “barbarians” defeating the fat and lazy empire.


One of the basic tenants of our society in America today is the importance of information and the speed at which it is spreads. Nobody trusts anybody today so we want to know everything about everyone. Most people see this through themes of our culture and see the problem as being the other major political party.


But there are bigger forces at work, occurring over a much larger period of time: economics, technology, and weather. Most of the world is now looking for a job because we no longer have a growth in sales of luxury goods. People have bought all they need decades ago and all they want now. Growth does not happen forever and we have reached the peak of our planet’s resources.


We have a hard time accepting the way the world works as we do not study world history or world religions. Terrorism is the counter to a society based on information. It is the old idea not fighting the superior enemy on his own terms. Terrorism will not go away precisely because it bothers us so much and is so effective.


The great strength of using terrorism is that it is cheap and easy and hard to suppress. Terrorism is hard to suppress because the terrorists are not an organization or even a network but are united by a grass roots movement based on an idea. Terrorism allows those resisting the one world police state publicity, money, and the opportunity to fight us directly. In the process, it weakens us by getting us to pay for the terrorism through oil sales, bleeding us dry in the amount of money we spend to suppress terrorism, and terrorism helps encourage more terrorism because we report on it.


We do not need better ideas or more innovation. What we need to do is focus as individuals on things we can change like our own lives. We need to accept God’s help so that we might live in symbiosis with God as He intended. We might not be able to be richer or more powerful than other countries forever, but we can become more moral.


Hard Work Ethics

Christianity can be summed up simply, but in practice it is hard work. There are no simple answers on how to live your life. Jesus' parables describe it perfectly as do Paul's letters to the churches. The biggest problem in people's lives is sin. Sin causes all suffering. Christians are called to improve themselves by eliminating sin in their lives.


This sounds simple but is not easy. It takes hard work, determination, and persistence. God wants us to fully commit to following Him. He will provide all that is needed, but on the other hand we must put all our effort in as well. We need to prove how important God is in our lives by our choices over time.


I think some Christians often seek to do more and more things to do express their love of Christ, but it is always dicey when spreading the Gospel. People today can get offended very easily and throw you into a simple camp. I think the hardest things for many Christians is that faith takes time and you cannot do it all in one sitting.


One of the biggest problems I see with keeping the faith is keeping busy doing anything productive. The rest of Christianity is mostly devotional practices, learning more about God, and finding some sort of relationships with Christians and non-Christians.


But when it comes to making great changes in lives, the only real life you are responsible for and have the full power to change is your own. Maybe some people don't need God's help as much as they are better people. I cannot relate and many people now cannot relate either.


When I hear these Christians talk, I just get discouraged and frustrated. Maybe some people don't need God as much. Maybe some people are better than us. If you are one of these people, then you are probably happy with the status quo.


When we think of dedicated Christians, we often think of people who live according to a set of strict rules and pray all day. Many of us need to work and most of our work frankly destroys the world or makes it worse in general.

We need to find a way to change things in a way that works against this in our spare time.


That takes up most of people's time. For those without work because of disability, old age, or circumstance, I recommend finding something like a job to do. That has helped me out tremendously. Much of our lives now revolve around technology and this is a reality of the kind of world we chose to create (and one of the few things we have in common).


We have been living for a long time and maybe not too much longer in the apocalypse. Our environment is transforming into what is known as hell or the underworld. Much of this drive comes from people who claim they speak for the Church. The modern world is Mystery Babylon.


This did not begin with computers but with modern business. We focused selling luxury products to such an extent that we can make luxury products so cheaply that we make products mostly only sold to emperors in the past. Our economy drives our morality in America.


Most of the world spends most their time looking for work, working, or in some sort of institution, refugee camp, or homeless. Only the very poor or very rich end up not working, which is becoming most of the population, worldwide and in America.


The Gospel has been spread very well, as more of the world is Christian, than every before and Christianity has only been accessible, to most of the world, for only 100 years. When we think of the problems America has with the rest of the world, the problems are basically opposites.


The United States, although deeply in debt and socially weak in many ways, is wealthier, better armed militarily, and demographically very well off compared to the rest of the world. When people do not want to go to America or are not actively trying to destroy us, we will no longer be the undefeatable world empire. Until then, we are not united ideologically, but no one else can take us down.


We make the claims every other big world empire does. We are trying to improve the world so just do as we do and everything will be better for you. We do this while ignoring our wealth and our control over the world and the things we do to keep it that way.


We are not a Christian nation and we are not blessed. We are materially very well off because of geography and historical decisions we and others made. We are basically the by product of another empire and the previous population ended up dying off conveniently. Our government has always been self serving and very corrupt from the beginning and is founded on pagan, not Christian views of the world.


The few freedoms we did have at one time came from a government who left you alone as long as you conformed so much that you really didn't have any freedom. The government is very supportive of religion in general as long as they support the status quo. The moment the church challenges anything that is inconvenient (costs money or challenges their ideology) for the state, they find a creative way to make them ineffective or just slaughter them.


The reason why we can say these things is because it makes no difference financially or ideologically. The ideology is set by advertising, the media, and the school system and our ethos is whatever is easiest. Christianity is not the easiest way to live (if done correctly) and so it is falling out of favor in America (not worldwide).

If you want to know what to do to improve people's live in America, look to the problems royalty had in the past and factor in computers.


Why Glory Goes to God

Some people may misunderstand my interest in what is called epistemology and mysticism, known in Christian theology as special revelation. I know that many people have different beliefs, for different reasons, but my framework for theology, philosophy, psychology, and everything else comes fundamentally from the Bible. If it is clear in the Bible, I believe it. The Bible always supersedes anything that I write which conflicts with it. I am not writing about nor do I advocate revelation or mystical experience outside of a direct, obvious, and clear interpretation of what the Christian Bible teaches.


Some examples of what I support include broadening our understanding of the world beyond just reason and facts. This only includes Biblically based revelations in areas like rituals, worship, and prayer. The only deity I serve is the God of the Christian Bible (also known as the one all-powerful creator God, who came to Earth as Jesus Christ, as recorded in the Gospels and the Apostle Paul’s Letters, to the early churches and has 3 aspects as we do, body, mind, and spirit, so God has God the Father as His Mind, Christ as His Body, and the Holy Spirit as His Spirit).


Christianity is not just some kind of add-on to my philosophy, but the very nature of salvation by our repentance and God’s grace is the basis of all my writing. This was made possible by God coming to earth as a person while remaining God, living a perfect life, and dying on the cross. In the process He took our judgement for our sins upon Himself, and defeating death and the underworld. He did all this that we might avoid that underworld ourselves and live forever in paradise with God.


The reason for thinking beyond just reason is that the definition of faith is believing in something you cannot fully prove rationally. This naturally conflicts with a purely academic, rational, empirical, and clinical view of reality. I believe that God speaks in many forms, to many different people, in different ways. This includes the celebration and study of a wide variety of endeavors like the arts, academics, history, traditions of other cultures, and the science and technology.


Both salvation and living your faith are difficult. In addition to that salvation is simple and straightforward conceptually. It is in living your faith that things get very complicated very fast. Yes, we should have a direct experience with Christ, but there is more to Christianity than jargon, cliches, technical terms, mainstream values, American politics, and contemporary culture.


I think, as we, as Christians, know the truth, studying other histories, languages, cultures, philosophies, and religions should not be a problem. In fact, this is very important to do so as we believe ours to be the only true faith and want to convince others with different beliefs and backgrounds of the same. As with anything else, there are limits to interfaith studies. Christ is a jealous God and no other lifeforms should be worshiped, prayed to, or rituals performed for by Christians.


Essential to Christianity is this one all powerful God, who has truly earned our praise many times over. He created everything that exists, could exist, or will exist. This includes creating us out of nothing. He is perfectly good, He is merciful when we are bad, He eternally suffers for us on the cross in His body Christ, He created heaven for us, and He forgives us for everything we have done (with the single requirement that we humble ourselves before Him).


No other lifeform can has done any of this, can do any of this, nor claims to do any of it. If we think something that is smarter or more technologically advanced than us, we should remember that God is infinitely greater than it and it should worship Him as well (as it was also created by God). A good example of this is that when an artist creates a work of art, a programmer creates software, and a builder makes a house, who gets credit? The creator or the created? Everything other than the Christian God was created directly or indirectly by Him and by that fact alone they are required to worship Him and do His will.


The real good news is not only is God all powerful and perfectly good, but He is merciful to us, even though we do some very bad things. He made the bar very low for us, as He has done 99% of the work to secure our place in paradise and be in communion with Him. All we have to do is that last less than 1% of the work and accept His offer and agree to follow Him. Ultimately everyone does His will, whether they realize it or not. Take His offer and make full use of it, by letting Him change who you are. This is a wise thing to do, because He both created us and lived as one of us, so He really does know best and much more than we ever will about living.


There are many reason for rejecting God, that usually can be summarized in an individual person's name. Don’t reject God and make your life worse just because you had a bad experience previously. This is where prejudices come from. Accept God for who He is, not because someone else hurt you. They were certainly not following God when that happened. If you are basing your decision on someone else’s bad experience, this is called here-say. Is it not worth deciding for yourself based on your own experiences?


Christianity makes sense, because God’s creations, including us, were designed to be in constant connection with Him. Nobility, monarchs, and even emperors submitted themselves before God. There is no shame in it. God wants to take away your shame, by forgiving you.


Accept the reality of who you are, in relation to God. He will then empower you and give you joy and peace. He offers paradise, if only you would accept His offer of grace. This grace is free for you but costly for God.


Education and Morality

Why do we try so hard to explain things that are of no consequence? Why do we spend so much time and money on studying things like space travel or theoretical physics? Some things cost so much money and are such long shots that they will never be able to pay for themselves.


It is a combination of our poor understanding of science plus a romantic obsession with one person or one action saving the whole country or whole planet. This is a kind of magical thinking just because we want something to happen or it worked in the past we expect it to happen (again).


I remember as a child being told that black holes are impossible and do not exist. Several decades later it has been decided that black hole are at the center of most galaxies, they are critical in the formation of the building blocks of life, possibly form the basis of the structure of the entire universe, the big bang started out as a kind of black hole, tiny black holes appear and disappear instantly, and now some think that the “missing” planet to explain the orbits of the outer planets and ice belt is actually a black hole the physical size of a baseball or basketball.


Maybe after being so blindsided so many times we may decide that we need to learn more about science and math as we know little about them so that we are easily impressed or fooled by people explaining them. Our whole approach to entertainment and news is to shock people and deliver information not understood well even by the journalist reporting it.


We could have a society that values things of greater consequence and longevity like art and religion, but rather what we treat as magic we have deemed more important than morality or education. We have a society that is run by what we would call in the past peasants and yet we wonder why we make such stupid decisions. At the same time, we have the “power” of what royalty had in the past and so suffer from many of the same problems.


This combination of high technology with a lack of education and no respect for education is hiding us down a dangerous road. We are basically handing over control to the criminals and hostile foreign governments as we fail to grasp even the basic concepts of how we choose to run our society. There is no shame in not understanding the technical details of everything, but if you let someone else run everything for you and not keep a watch on it yourself, you are extremely foolish. If you did that with a business, your managers would gradually get you to sign over your entire company to them.


Another problem we keep beating our heads against is morality. We need to find some dominant belief system to run the country by. The constitution is just not enough to make decisions based on it alone. We should always allow minority religions to run their own parallel system of family law for additional religious based offenses.


We also would be wise to organize ourselves geographically by belief systems. This would be an individuals decision alone and would not be based on genetics or background. Many people may think this unAmerican, but this is already an established way of doing things for the Native Americans and many have recognized that there are different regions of the US that have very different ideas on politics, like the idea of red and blue states.


There needs to be one set of clear laws in a given country that cover basic morality needed for the country to run, and if that basic level cannot be agreed upon, maybe the nation needs to split up. This ties very closely with white collar crimes vs. violent crimes where hackers get away with doing things online is politically acceptable that would be illegal if done offline.


We need to come to an agreement on whether the Internet should be treated as the real world. If we do not consider it the real world, we need to roll back to when it was just used for academic purposes, and effectively undo decades of work on our entire country’s and businesses’ infrastructure. Since real money is sent across the Internet and real goods are exchanged for it, we need to see what happens online to be as significant as what happens in our physical communities.


If we cannot get this under control, we are going to gradually undo our entire civilization. If this is not addressed soon, America and the entire world system will become irrelevant. We will have undone the basic ideas of civilization. A society without laws is no good to anyone, even the criminals. When everything breaks down, everyone loses.


Starting Point

Getting Ready for Living on Your Own



  1. for those in Pacific Northwest
  2. who ride the bus for primary transportation
  3. who pay for cleaning
  4. who do not cook



  1. sturdy plastic boxes of all types and sizes
  2. gloves of all types
  3. backpacks
  4. reusable shopping bags


Major Investment

  1. Laptop
  2. Extra Computer with Different OS like iPad or Chromebook
  3. safety deposit box
  4. ergonomic chair and table
  5. good mattress
  6. rubber mattress cover
  7. microwave



  1. cell phone
  2. camera
  3. miniature speakers and headphones
  4. cases for all electronics
  5. blank DVD+R disks
  6. paper DVD cases
  7. cords of all types
  8. batteries of all types
  9. 3rd party router/modem
  10. black and white laser printer
  11. extra unwrapped flash drives
  12. external solid state drives
  13. battery power pack



  1. multiple types over counter pain medicine
  2. gummy antacid
  3. chapstick
  4. blister kit
  5. aloe vera gel
  6. walking cane
  7. sunscreen
  8. pill splitter
  9. prescribed medicine
  10. fiber suppliment
  11. cough drops
  12. ice packs



  1. electric toothbrush with extra heads
  2. toothpaste
  3. floss sticks
  4. comb and brush
  5. shower curtain
  6. non-slip shower mat
  7. non-slip shower surface
  8. toilet paper
  9. bar soap
  10. dishwashing soap
  11. nail clippers
  12. ball toilet plunger
  13. electric beard trimer
  14. shower caddy



  1. air filter
  2. giant electric fan
  3. broom and dustpan
  4. clothes baskets
  5. laundry detergent
  6. chemical free cloth to clean electronics screens
  7. trash bags
  8. trash can



  1. waterproof breathable coat
  2. waterproof breathable shoes
  3. waterproof pants
  4. wading boots
  5. extra belts



  1. pillows
  2. sleeping wedge
  3. alarm clock
  4. printed Bible



  1. pens and paper
  2. scissors
  3. defogging protective classes
  4. breathing mask
  5. duct tape
  6. hammer
  7. tape measure
  8. Philips and standard screwdrivers
  9. needle nose pliers
  10. imperial and metric ratchet set
  11. paper shredder
  12. magnifying glass
  13. step up ladder
  14. wind up emergency radio



  1. measuring spoons
  2. manual timer
  3. sponges
  4. manual can opener
  5. plastic forks and spoons
  6. plastic cups
  7. paper bowls
  8. salt
  9. oven mit
  10. steel cutting glove
  11. cutting board
  12. gallon of water


On You

  1. paper money
  2. coins
  3. wallet
  4. ID
  5. watch
  6. keys


Central Place for Important Papers

  1. rental lease agreement
  2. bills
  3. taxes
  4. contacts
  5. passwords
  6. instructions for electronics