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Complete Introductions Collection 5

by Ben Huot

January 18, 2020

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Table of Contents

First Things


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Truth vs. Fact

What is right

And what is wrong

What is true

And what is fact

What you should do

Is always

What you know is true


We can debate

Until the end of the age

Weighing important factors like




And Prophetic

Points of view

Debating internally important factors such as




And Advice from Respected People


Belief is not what can be proved

And it is not what you decide

Based on argument

Faith that saves a person

From the default option

Of eternal death

Is a choice

And is made real

Through our moral actions

Faith is only scriptural

In the same way

That people are only alive once


When we die

To the ways of the world

And into saving faith

We take on the path of Christ

It is not enough

To say Christianity makes sense

It must be something

You sacrifice for


We say we believe

All sorts of things

Many of which will be disproved

In a generation or century

At the most

Will you fight

For a fact

Will you die

For your ideology

Will politics motivate you

To change the way

You live your life

Salvation is based on

A genuine and continual choice

To surrender unconditionally to Christ


Why do we argue

About what we know to be true

We believe that the God who created us is self evident

Then why even reduce this

To a rational discussion


If rational things are so important

For Christian faith

Then why are none of them eternal

Neither hope nor love

Is based on reason at all

So why would our faith be either


God does not call us

To win debates

About specific scriptures

God would rather

We follow one verse

Than memorize the entire Bible


We think

If we only understood God better

Then things would be easier

Is it important

To explain away suffering


If it does not

Make the pain less

Then it accomplishes nothing


We continue to try

To make the Gospel

Easier to follow

But the whole point

of an traditional morality

Is to take the harder path

People commit immoral actions or sins

Because they are easier

Not just for the sake of it

Nor just because

They are more evil than us


When we take the easy route

In a moral choice

That is short term thinking

This is almost always

The very real defining factor

That makes something a sin


Why is it that we continue to fight

The wrong battles

God does not require us to think better

But simply let Him purify our minds


God wants all of us

Including our minds

But we will never achieve this

Primarily through getting smarter

If we already know the answer

And yet do not even try

To conform to it


Why do we think

We need to convince

Someone of something

For genuine conversions

We spend all this time

Trying to understand

Why others do not believe

But fail to act

On this understanding

In our own lives

The answer

To why others

Do not believe

Is the same reason

Why we do not always

Follow what we believe


Our society is just too easy on us

In what it expects

People today equate morality

With following the laws

People today equate had work

As doing the least required of them

Employers pay the least they can

To keep workers

And employees do the least they can

To keep their jobs


It does not hurt a person or a leader

To engage in hard work

Discipline is the key to learning anything

Or making any meaningful change

In one’s life


So many people

Already know all the answers

To their problems

So much that they are unwilling

To listen to others

On how to solve their problems

Most importantly, they are unwilling

To listen to their Creator


Many Christians see technology

As the cause of social disintegration today

But more of the world is Christian

Then ever before


The problem with our society

Is that we put things off

Until we have a crisis

Now that we have a crisis

People now want to just give up

There are no problems today

That we cannot fix

If we would give up

The less important things

Like our pride


Contrary to what many Americans

Are taught to think

The end of times

Does not happen as soon

As America ceases to exist

Or our planet gets so destroyed by us

That people can barely survive

God never guaranteed

That we would have

Running water or electricity forever

God also never guaranteed

We would have Scripture

None of this is necessary

To live a good life


When we approach spiritual things

The most common mistake

Is to think that

The rules are the same

Just because someone

Understands business

Does not mean they

Understand computers

Being an expert in reason and facts

Does not automatically prepare someone

To make spiritual decisions


Scripture can and is read

From many different

Points of view

In different cultures

Throughout history

One is not better than the other


For most of history

There was no Bible

Or even just the Old Testament

Or even the first 5 books

None of this is necessary

To believe in God

Understand His will

Understand what sin is

Or have saving faith


We have a conscience

And a desire and need for God

And a natural connection

To communicate with Him

It is only in our very recent society

In a very small part of the world

That this is even controversial


Walking with God


Like the first person

Taking a step onto a new Earth

At the other end of the galaxy

Will it be a giant desert

Or a water world

We think we need

The biggest rush possible

Or life is not worth living

I propose a middle road

Where we live lives of dignity

A life that we can all live

A life striving for greater morality

Not for more money, power, and stimulation

A relatively quiet life

In a relatively rural location

Not very important

To the outside world

Is the best we can find here

The sage is said to know all

Without every traveling anywhere

How far did Jesus travel

What great school did He graduate from

Was He royalty, military leader, or wealthy merchant

God who can go anywhere or do anything

Chose to spend His time

Talking to ordinary people

While living as an ordinary person

He healed His people

And rescued them from the consequences of their actions


God can count even if we cannot

Eternity is greater than 75 years

Why even focus on something so little

When you have so much more opportunity

And so much more of your life

If the greatest experiences of your life

All happened after you became an adult

How many greater things await you

After your death

We fight incessantly for wealth and power

But in Heaven the streets and walls

Are all made of gold and precious stones

If you can say you are truly happy

If you can say you experience real peace

Why does it matter if you own anything

Many take drugs to be happy

With the little they have

Many who are wealthy take drugs

Because they are still unsatisfied

If you could get to the perfect balance

Without chemicals that can be poisonous

And without putting your life at risk

Why not try things God’s way for once

We have as a society and as individuals

Tried finding joy under every rock

With every human vice or remedy possible

You cannot control your path to pleasure

Your drug of choice is then the one in control

If you cannot have freedom

To do what you don’t really want to do

Why are you afraid to have the freedom

To do what you really want to do

If your Creator diagnoses you as needing a treatment

Don’t you think you should at least try it

You have tried everything else under the sun

But you will only find God

When you search for Him

With everything you have inside you

Taking the plunge off the cliff

Hand in hand with God

Awakening from your present dream world

You can follow Him

Beyond the sorrow of now and here

You don’t have to wait to die

To experience His joy and peace

You will have to give up all the things

You once thought would bring you happiness

You once thought would bring you meaning

You once thought would satisfy


What is truly different

And hasn’t ever been tried

That will save the world from us

We need to really change our minds

By changing our allegiance

Instead of Americans or Earthlings

We accept the universal Christian label

As we are accepted into a bigger

Yet more intimate family of God

We have proven we all have

The maturity of young children

And desperately need better leaders

If you are looking for an ideology

More radical than any other

Try what Christ did as a role model

But that only starts one you truly commit

By first renouncing your previous opinion leaders

The government wants your money

God wants your heart

And both want you to follow their laws

Make peace with both

Commit to become a better you


Pass through the water and into eternity

Humble yourself down below your Creator

He will then raise you back up

Unto life more abundant

Sometimes one decision

Changes your entire life

The hard part is that this is not

Just a one time decision

You need to live your life

Like you are committed to it

But God will always give you

The strength to stay with Him

You will lose the faith

From time to time

Just come back right away

He will always be there for you

Hw always believed in you

Will you not believe in Him

If we ask who is more likely to exist

God or me

I have so say there is more evidence for God

We are different people each day

But God is the same forever

He now calls us friends

Because we know His plans

Join God hand in hand

And follow His lead into eternity

American Values


We have a lot of work to do

As a nation and as individuals

We have to start by praying

But then we need to do something

God can and will change anything

But we need to decide

That we need Him

God controls the fate of the world

But He chooses to allow us to decide

How we want to live

God really respects our freedom of choice

God could also do everything Himself

But instead He chooses to use us

Everything is inevitably going to be done

According to His will

At the same time

God is not going to force you to do anything

He wants you to choose Him

Above everything else

God want a relationship of unconditional love

Just as God unconditionally forgives

And accepts us

As we are now

So we need to choose God

And His will

Above our own

We need to rely on Him completely

At the same time

We need to prove our faith

By our actions

If God trusts me

Then I trust God

If God still wants to claim me

I still claim Him

God doesn’t want a oneway relationship

Just like we don’t want

A oneway conversation with Him

Christianity is very simple

But also very difficult

All we have to do is

Do what we know is right

God will give us strength

To follow through

When we fail

He is there

To forgive us

We just need to decide

We will never give up

God will then continue to give us

Everything we need

To overcome sin

In our lives

Living in this mortal realm

There is always a spiritual war going on

The one thing that still surprises me

Is that God want us to take part

In so many of His plans

He chooses the most unlikely and unqualified people

This proves God sees us all

As equally important

Maybe God is the only Real American

Faith Driven Reconciliation

For many people

There is only one way

To do something

For many people

There is only one opinion

That makes sense

The trouble with creativity

Is that it requires us

To expand our minds

We can all be right

If we allow enough freedom


Art is not a medium

That lends itself

To precision meaning like laws

But even music

Can divide people


But when we all have to

Be right all the time

And we do not allow

For our own failure

Conflict will be unavoidable


What if we could

Hold to some basic ideas

While still allowing for

Creative solution and expressions of feeling

And differences according to personality

Is this not part of the rationale of spiritual gifts


Is unity possible

Without violence

Is it possible to not offend

And still change people

All things are possible with God


Compromise does not have to be ugly

What if you could get

What you really want

Or better what God really wants

And the unbelievers could get what they want

At the same time


Can you have both freedom

And still have fundamental truth

All inspiration comes from God

Sometimes it is good

To look at something

From someone else’s point of view

If you know

Where they are coming from

You can find common ideas


We also know

That our will is not God’s

Can we accept

That we can be wrong

About some things

While still holding

To that basic obvious stuff

It is ok to still believe

And yet doubt other things


It is ok to admit failure

And make a turn in direction

We all battle pride and want recognition

But can we find a way

To speak out

For what we believe

Without either giving up our beliefs

Or stirring up divisions amongst us


Remember that the Church has served God

Faithfully throughout the ages

Upon retrospect we realize now

That there were some things

Obviously done right

And obviously done wrong

This is from our modern vantage point


When we think of all the changes to the Church

Over the last few hundred years

Is it not possible

That there are more reformations or awakenings necessary

To better prepare the Church

For the future


Could it be that

If we give a little

We can find unity

Between unbelievers and believers alike

Without creating a common enemy/victim

Bleeding ourselves dry in foreign wars

Or wasteful business/government projects

Done mostly for political reasons


Many people see the modern world

As inherently evil

Could this be a starting point

To bring together people

With traditional values

But different in other areas

A force that brings people together

But not at the expense

Of other people

Maybe this only comes

Directly from the Holy Spirit


Maybe planning things like this

On our own time table

And within our own tradition

Is not allowing God the freedom

To truly realize

His full will

Maybe instead of waiting

To call upon God

Until we tried everything else


This should be the first step

To wait on God

Some things just take

A lot of time and prayer

And these same things

May require us to change

How we think about things

After all

Who knows the mind of God


There are still many things untried

And many methods unattempted

This is only the beginning of Christianity

In most of the world today

There is still plenty of time

For the church to have many more

Disruptions and revolutions


We could also listen

To what Christians

In other times in history

And parts of the world do

This might require us

To reconsider Scripture alone

It is not as if we really follow this


If we do not study

Other people’s religions and philosophy

A lack of study

Of different points of view means

Your faith is weak and untested

You have blindly accepted your culture’s biases

Without critical thinking


How can we be lighthouses to

And be the salt of the earth

If we are the same as unbelievers

If we cannot fully embrace God

At the expense

Of our culture and ideology

We are too lukewarm

In our faith


We need to make a choice

God or the world

Let us try

To convince people

To think different

And choose to follow God

By first doing so

In our own lives


One Division, Two Division, Three

If faith is a journey

How do you separate thought from action

If faith needs evidence

How do you prove your beliefs


If Christianity is the answer

Shouldn’t Christians be different

It is not enough to believe in God

Christianity asserts everyone does


How can you read in the Prophets

And not see the search for justice


How can you read the Parables about the Kingdom of God

And not see charity is necessary for salvation


How can you read the Letters of Paul to the Churches

And not see that sin is an addiction


How can you read the Book of Job

And think the Bible is necessary for salvation


How can you read the Book of Psalms

And not think God cares about our feelings too


How can you read in Genesis

And not understand that faith costs everything


How can you read Exodus

And not see God is serious about sin


How can you read through the History Books of the Bible

And not understand that God does not want us to rule ourselves


How can you read the Sermon on the Mount

And not believe that faith is hard work


How can you read the Letters of John

And still think you can live without sinning


How can you read the Letter to the Hebrews

And think the world will ever be at peace with Christians


How do we divide ourselves over doctrines

When we can find good support for both theological positions


If we can just accept

God is not limited by time

We are mostly there


If we can just accept

That God makes scripture clear to all who believe

We are almost there


If we can just accept

That we can be wrong about the Bible

We are on the finish line


If we can just accept

What we learn in the Bible with faith primarily and reason secondarily

We have won the race


Lets End This Now

Endless words with no break in them

Endless voices without names

Pointless phrases meaning nothing

Words written for the speaker alone

Great leaders with no communication skills

Young children who speak clearer than educated adults

People paid more by each additional word

Nonsense spoken with great interest

Wisdom and intelligence taken away

With each letter spoken

How does one fill a book

Without imparting any meaning

Whole lives spent finding the perfect word

Falling flat when explaining

The title of their autobiography

People without enough vocabulary

To say their own first names

A whole society whose memory span

Doesn’t last long enough

For people to say their full names

Nothing of value to say

But never silent to criticism or praise

Some people could write for all eternity

And say nothing worth even an hour reading

Not only are the words not worth

The paper they are printed on

They are also not worth

The emotional energy needed

To keep from hitting the author

We now have whole areas of study

That sound like locker room talk

Even Churches now cannot decide

How many types of restrooms to build

Has God played a joke on us


Some arguments are not worth forming

Some people can’t stand

Any spaces in their words

In print or spoken

Political discussion today

Requires the use of dirty words

Just to explain the topics

And the names of the speakers

We continue to descend down the drain

We cannot even agree on our own opinion

Between the ears of one person

Our mouths are working overtime

But we are all deaf or hard of hearing

We cannot decide what is important

So we fight about everything

People so willing to fight each other verbally

And dig up dirt on each other

Are the same ones most afraid

Of fighting in the wars they vote for

They are all talk and no action

Maybe if they could spare the time to vote

On the same issues they cannot shut up about

The public would not fantasize about

Ending all their careers immediately

If they cannot stop now

And start with a completely free slate

Maybe it is time to recall

Everyone in public office

Times of Life


I have had times of great fear

My entire military service and ever since


I have had times of great joy

In my high school years and my memories of it


I have had times of great depression

When we realized the world might end soon in 2008


I have had times of deep insight

Often when I get ideas to write


I have had times of great loneliness

Many times I talked to my father about


I have had times of great frustration

When I couldn’t get something to work


I have had times of great confidence

After I have written something


I have had times of great doubt about myself

When I think of how easy it is to get hurt really bad


I have had times of great anger

When I watch the news (of evil being done)


I have had times of great insignificance

When I reflect on who God is


I have had time of great excitement

When I learn about other times in history


I have had times of great passion

When I put together ideas


I have had times of great impatience

When I have to wait for things


I have had times of great peace

When I pet my stuffed toys


I have had times of great worry

When I try to explain myself to others


I have had times of great severity

When discussing computers


I have had times of great hope

When I look forward to eternal life


I have had times of great weariness

Ever since my diagnosis of Schizophrenia


Psychology of Water


Nothing is softer than a drop of water

Nothing is clearer than the sound of thunder

Nothing is as unclear as the edges of a cloud

Nothing is more intense than the reflection of the sun off of water

Nothing is as cold as a coat soaked in water

Nothing is as clean as when the soap makes contact with water and cloth

Nothing is more common than water on earth

But most of it we can never drink

Our form of life needs water to live

We fight wars over it and build entire civilizations around it

The water below is another world like the sky above

This parallel world is full of life unlike ours


Nothing hurts less to the open wound than pure water

Nothing cools hot coals faster than water

We are born again by passing through water

While many are afraid of drowning in it

Transforming rocks to sand and metal to rust

Nothing infiltrates as subtlety as water

Nothing transforms human creations more than water


The repeating sound of a rainstorm

Beating the side of the building

Like a drummer’s stick

The rain hits the window so hard

It is surprising the glass doesn’t break

Sometimes I feel as cold inside

As winter rain with a leaking jacket

Sometimes the water just soothes

It is easier when it burns less inside my heart

For what is right and for what is not

Water can make you feel new like nothing else

It feels as if you no longer carry a burden

Dreams are like water

Soft but intense at the same time

Sometimes I feel like someone dropped

A bucket of water on me

Sometimes I feel so little control

That I might not make it to the bathroom in time


It is in our waking dreams

That we plan our goals

And fantasize about possibilities

To experience better feelings about life

Is waking not like walking through a waterfall

With your eyes closed

Is not the sunrise better than the sunset

Isn’t the sunset the beginning and the sunrise the end

We spend more time in the dark than the light

We put more effort into changing

Things we have no control over

Surely we can do greater things

In the heat of the day

Than in the cool of the night

Especially when it stops raining

Belief Subject Not a Belief System

Existentialism means being a person

So following it would be to exist


Religion requires belief

But philosophy requires doubt


Without philosophy

There would be no more significant questions


Without religion

There would be no answers worth knowing


To be person requires being made by God

So living as a creation of God

Is a form of worship


Existentialism is roughly equivalent to free choice

So salvation is an application of existentialism


The Christian response to existentialism is Jesus Christ

So existentialism is directly related to Christianity


Atheists often use ideas from existentialism

To defend their core (un)beliefs


This might mean their lack of belief

Is more a form of anti-Christianity


Than an opposition to religion in general

How can something used to defend also be used to support?

Every technology ever created can


Existentialism is about creating meaning

This makes us claim full responsibility for our choices

Christianity also teaches God’s will as all-powerful


This means Christianity or any other religion

Is more than just existentialism

Which means existentialism is only one aspect of Christianity


So we know that in following God

God cares most about spiritual decisions

And not as much about primarily material decisions


But material decisions matter

As long as we live in these bodies

So there is more to most decisions

Than just choosing Christ


Existentialism is about the interpretation of the Bible

Being subject to our will

Even though Scripture itself is a reflection of God’ will

And His message


So as the Bible often talks in the abstract

We have to live life in the details


The Bible is inherently designed in a way

That reveals your intentions

In the choices you make based on it


The Bible also requires you to use

Your brain, heart, and your will

To fully determine what to do

This you make real in your actions


Existentialism would say it is necessary

To take responsibility for your choices

Whether you believe in Christ or not


There is more to base your decisions on

Then the exact words of the Bible


Following Christ requires free choice

But also requires submission to God’s will


No human system will or has been

Complete or truly consistent

Because we only know of what we can experience

And have to take the rest with faith


That makes our reality less than that

Of our world and our choices


To separate humans from the choices they make

And the experiences they have had

Is to intellectually remove their soul and identity


So existentialism talks about this idea of a soul


In Existentialism

As you make choices

You determine who you are

Which is how we experience life as people


God created us

And we then choose

How much we want God

To affect our continual development


Of course God also determines everything

In the greater reality of Himself


God and other people are necessary

To determine the Bible’s intent

Just like our will is a necessary factor


So is philosophy another means

In which to understand the Bible better


Existentialism fills the space between

The Bible and our actions


If you do not like Existentialism

You must not like being a person

And would rather be a rock instead

The rock would just do what God says


But God made us human

So that we might have power

Over our own future


While the wise among people

Should realize that life is neither

Complete or worth living without God


The one thing people cannot choose is

Whether they want to be a rock or a person


You have a soul whether you want it or not

And you always make decisions

Based primarily on your will

Not God’s


Lesser of Two Evils

One of the many contentious politically charged issues in America today involves a concept called multiculturalism. Much of the third world has found unity in the shared history of European Colonialism. The Gospel was being presented for the first time from these same countries in the same general time period.


Shortly afterwards, many individuals in those colonies became dedicated believers while their European overlords gave up on Christianity in mass. There was not just one revolution that accomplished this and the time varies on what level of culture had rejected the Christian God. A big part of this was the events of the 19th century and its end in Word War I which directly led to World War II.


A this same time, America became a separate nation and did get involved in much of the world, but not so much with the European powers. Later America would directly support France and England from World War I to the Second American-Iraqi War. America and Europe share many difference as well as many similarities, depending on what aspect you are referring to and both have heavily affected each other directly and indirectly, much as can be said about India in comparison to China.


So this period of the 19th Century had a lot of major wars, but was globally relatively peaceful as the Europeans after Napolean agreed to a truce between major European powers (lasting for about 100 years) as they decided that wars fought amongst other Europeans did not work to their advantage. One of the biggest tragedies of World War I is that none of the countries involved wanted it to happen and most did not want war to happen in Word War II as well.


One of the really disappointing and regrettable things about the Cold War was that the US chose to back France during their wars to keep their colonies and the handing off of the British kind of colonialism to America. I think one of those most negative type of interactions between the US and the rest of the world is the use of what is now called soft power, which means using any method other than a major war to get what “we” want.


This “we” usually being rich corporations that run the world. China and Russia get a free pass, because they are not claiming to do anything for the other country nor do they claim to be better or morally superior to other countries.


There has been a popular misconception that the US foreign policy is rooted in Christian beliefs, because so many high profile champions of this soft power and American exceptionalism amongst people who also claim to be Christian. So many people also then assume Christianity comes from Europe and a supports a Eurocentric view of the world. The reality is that Christianity is more multicultural than any other religion.


The early center of Christianity was the Middle East from about 100 AD until the year 1000 AD. The region still was mostly Christian until around World War I, when Turkey went on a 30 year ethnic cleansing spree and killed off 1/3 of the Armenian and 2/3s of the Assyrian people.


Multiculturalism was a very big thing in education in 1990s America. It was also seen as a way American businesses could compete against the German and Japanese socialist economies many Americans thought were taking over the world (at that time).


It turns out that the parts of the world are still angry about being victims of these European powers and realize that the modern world, including human right and international law, is a recent Dutch invention (the US and the UK are still mistakenly credited for this). So one of the biggest things holding back Christianity in Africa are its connection with colonialism and its mistakes and abuses. There is a lot of confusion and mix-ups between American and European histories and ideas because of so many similarities and differences between the two continents.


The bottom line is this - people do not get into high ranking positions of power unless they are willing to do anything necessary to win. Alliances only last as long as both parties want them. There is no such thing as international law because there is no one world government. This will not happen soon as people cannot agree upon anything, especially history.


In my lifetime, America has set up a one world police state and economy and privatized/outsourced most of this/our world government. America has done this by letting the other client nation states share the information to help them control their dissent as well. Citizens are misled because they are sensitized to terrorism so much that they willingly trade their constitutional protections we claim make us better than the rest of the world.


In a similar time frame, we have continued to make the world worse and worse by creating climate change and mass species die off not seen for millions of years. This is caused by our continual pollution including our spreading trash across every inch of our globe (which over 95% of scientists agree upon who can’t even agree upon the basic laws of physics). This is all done because we in America and Europe live like emperors.


We are actually fulfilling Bible prophecy and creating something very similar to what the Bible calls hell. The people and countries with the greatest monetary poverty, lack of water and high heat, and population will be most affected by this climate change. This includes most of the world’s population minus America and Europe. In the process, Christianity has moved its center from the Middle East to Europe to America to Africa.


Meanwhile, many prominent American Christians believe that the world police state is being maligned by the people who know about technology so that they can commit blue collar crimes. Many famous American Christians also claim that the environmental crisis is a hoax so that the opposing party can be leader of this same police state.


If I as a mentally ill person talk about conspiracy theories, people think I am nuts, but if someone puts on a suit, says enough political charged words and threats, and claims he is a rich businessman, everyone thinks it is Gospel truth. So naturally many people now are getting a little tired of America as it is now playing the race and victim excuse.


Today mathematics and science are political and it is almost impossible to tell what is true. I still believe in the Gospel because I think it is one of the few things that makes sense today. I believe if we even tried to remotely follow what is very obvious from it to everyone, we would have few of these problems.


One of the most important lessons that the Church never learns from is that any religious group that want to continue to grow and seen in a positive light is to stay out of politics. But yes, you can be Christian and be a liberal and independent thinker, but there are admittedly few of them today in America. People will constantly try to throw you into the conservative or non-Christian camps.


It matters less what is true when working in politics than in telling people what they want to hear and giving money to the right people. People do not like anything truly different or unique in any way and will fight it to the death just because it is new. The bottom line is in this brave new world, we must accept that we can trust no one except God.


Who would have thought that synchronizing Christianity with a belief system based on greed and mob rule and set up by dedicated atheists would make Christianity look bad and hypocritical.