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Complete Introductions Collection 6


by Ben Huot


March 30, 2020

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Table of Contents

First Things


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One of the reasons why I have made a website in the first place and not just hosted it on a third party blogging or similar service is so I could offer my ideas to people for free without ads and without tracking. If I cannot have a website because of my situation being unusual, I would have to use a third party service that I can guarantee will sell everything about you to the highest bidder.


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User Respect

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More To Privacy Issues

I also do not think most privacy laws go far enough to even slow down the problem with privacy on the Internet. Personally I think of privacy as something that should be in the US Bill of Rights, as it is now more important than the right to have weapons. Also having a company remove the information from their records still does nothing to deal with the data the criminals have copied and I am sure not deleting no matter what the laws become.


Furthermore, I do not believe it is right for companies to ever share personal information on our behalf unless we very explicitly say so in a print letter that we initiate. I also think the US should sign on to an international treaty of privacy rights and make sure every country agrees so that people don't just move the data to other countries, as this is not just a regional or national issue.


Also our entire phone system and mail system is filled with junk and we are constantly hounded by advertisers trying to barrage us with their products non-stop. This is not respectable and needs to be done in reasonable methods and on a reasonable scale. Basically ad companies are using their ads as malware to force and trick people into sending their money to them via scams or near scams. This is why small companies have no chance on the Internet anymore.


Seeing Deeper Problems

I also wonder what legitimate uses there actually are for this personal information because no one has explained a use for it that is valuable enough to be worth the cost to the consumer. I very much can see how it would be useful for criminal purposes like stalking, voyeur, blackmailing, intimidation, protection money, ransoms, hiding identities, stealing, fraud, and scams of all kinds.


We also need some more accountability that the government will not help criminals by pursuing ridiculous, ineffective, and deadly policies like outlawing encryption and working with criminal hackers to break into security systems of their citizens and snooping in on citizens with no warrants or even probable cause. This also needs to be an international effort as someone can easily find ways around these kinds of laws when there are no international treaties.


And the general security issues need to be addressed in America as well. We need to either find a permanent solution to get a handle on security so much that things are secure by default no matter how much that costs. Maybe we need to reengineer computers from punch cards on and trust no one and verify and document every step. If we are unwilling or unable to do so, we need to unravel any and all dependencies we have on computers and the Internet. Otherwise this will unravel our entire world civilization. Look how much damage a flu can cause.


Moral Crisis

We also need to go beyond laws so that we can work at this at both ends. We need to promote better behavior when it comes to computers. One way would be to get Hollywood to stop glamorizing violence, criminal behavior, prisons, torture, spy work, and the cops and the FBI.


We also need to change what we teach in business schools to better prepare future business leaders to conform to traditional ethics with regards to conducting business. This would be to stop things like usury, not making an investment bank a commercial bank, and getting rid of our central banking system.


We need to return to the idea that we can make an honest living by providing useful products and services. Not everyone has the right to own their own business at any cost. You are not guaranteed you will make the same amount of money now as you did in the past. You have to invest in a company to make money which you save up before hand, not expect a government hand out.


Business needs are not more important than workers rights. We need business leaders to accept that their desire for profits does not mean they will always succeed. This is called magical thinking. Our bosses need less confidence and more work ethic.


What are We Waiting For?


I am not patient sometimes

Other times it is easy

The scary and the painful

This is what is hard to deal with

It is not death but aging

It is not the end but the journey

I fear those things I cannot prepare for

I fear those things which cannot be avoided


I do not fear being old

Or getting slower and weaker

I take confidence in protection

From what God has promised

But even faithful Christians suffer

More than we think should happen

It is unfair to blame God

For the mistakes we have made

For things He has never promised


Simply waiting through the boredom

As a person standing in line

For a very long time

Waiting for love or companionship

Never experiencing adventure or romance

Never being important or even useful

These are easier to accept


Being a peon has its advantages

Being useless is one of the greatest protections

People now fight for fame

Until their lives are destroyed

By jealousy and revenge

If I had to choose

Between boredom and suffering

I would always choose boredom


Many fear plateauing in their faith

But if it is a high plateau

Doesn’t that mean you have previously

Ascended a tall mountain

To be finished with your trials

Is one of the greatest feelings

To have finished creating something

Is a joy in and of itself


It is understandable to fear suffering

But fearing loneliness and rejection

That only requires a little waiting

In light of this being a very short life

Even ninety years is little in terms of eternity

Suffering is different in that time is accelerated

Ninety minutes in waiting is not the same

As nine minutes of suffering


We only understand the world

From our point of view

And whether or not you can explain away

Someone else’s trials

Does not make them easier

I would be reasonable to be more afraid

Of hurting others

But more honest to be more afraid

Of our own painful experiences


Pain is more real than boredom

And suffering outdoes any distraction

If only I had the strength of mind

To overcome the fear and the pain

If only we could make reality change

To experience only the good or ordinary

It is selfish to care about yourself

More than you do others

But it is also human to be selfish


Sacrifice is not so difficult

Depending on what you give up

Some things hurt more than others

Some things are easier to do without

Patience is easy

When you don’t add pain or fear

Which effectively amplifiers the suffering


When we think of the sacrifices of Christ

And choose not to respond in kind

To prevent the suffering of others

This makes us realize how weak and common we are

When I think of whether I would be a hero

Or whether I would rather just hide in shame

It does not hurt as much to be called a coward

Than it does to have the pain of the victim


We think we are good people

Until we realize we have sacrificed nothing

When others were in pain

How much would we take the punishment of others

Just because we are kind

Can we even call ourselves true believers

If we cannot accept persecution silently

If we cannot hurt so others do not

Are we real followers of Christ

Would we do better to admit that to unbelievers

So that better Christians could serve better examples


How can we consider ourselves disciples

And lecture others about morality

When we are unwilling to confront our own demons

How can we be fallen and yet lights for others

If our faith is only lukewarm

How can we serve as the salt of the earth


Some fear death

Some fear boredom

All fear pain

How do you accept the pain and still act

This is what heroism is

That is why Christ is the greatest hero


Fair Weather Democracy

For people who don’t see the problem with global warming / climate change, look how the American government responds to a minor disease. The government would actually use martial law all the time and con scribe us all to military service, if they thought they could get away with it. The only difference between America and the rest of the world is that people here have an easier time solely because we have more natural resources, lower population density, and have an increased distance to our enemies.


All the things America said it stood for are lies. European ideas of humanitarianism, religious freedom, international law, human rights, civil rights, democracy, Geneva conventions or any other positive influence in the world only appear positive to Americans because we live inside the empire and benefit materially from our effective control over the entire world. I don’t believe America is any better morally than any other country today or throughout its history.


The kind of democracy we have in America is a fair weather democracy. The only time why we ever had unity in this country was during the great depression, World War II, and the early Cold War. This was because the media did not know or was intimidated into not reporting on the oppressive and manipulative things done in our names in this country and abroad.


Because most of Europe was destroyed in World War II, the US was the only major manufacturing country to still be able to produce large volumes of manufactured goods. We also had excess production capacity from the Great Depression and we are were already manufacturing big time to fuel the war. We also, at that time, had cheap, easy to get at and plentiful oil and coal in our own country.


Once our dirty tricks used to maintain this empire through non-profits, department of defense agencies, universities, large corporations, legal system including FBI, and powerful families were known (some were harder to prove than others), we look like any other empire throughout history.


All our problems in America come down to our country being cheap, lazy, and lacking any morals. This worked in tandem with the desire to sell us more things we didn’t need. We wanted to save money so bad we refused to invest outside weapons development, refused to maintain our infrastructure, refused to guard strategic locations, had poor computer security, outsourced most important parts of government, fought decades of unnecessary and pointless major wars, spend huge amounts going to the moon, continue to cut our human and social services, continue to cut taxes on the wealthy and not require corporations to pay taxes, we depend upon a global chain of last minute deliveries, and we give up or don’t even accept there is a problem.


And this is just the beginning of our global warming epidemics and disruptions caused by our major technological revolution. It also turned out that the only reason why coal and oil were cheaper was because they got government subsidies. Our modern culture is much like what the NAZIs would set up at the current level of technology plus the same kind of economic situation and political factors.


Its is all a huge house of cards - there is no resilience to problems because we refuse to think long term. Our government wants everything now and does not care about our grand kids or the next tent thousand generations. These succeeding generations will live like cave men in an environment very close to literal Hell on earth.


The government is doing this slowly because they want to see how much they can do without having open revolt. It will be interesting to see what happens next year when the flu outbreaks again. It would be better for the government to admit they have no idea what they are doing or even have leadership or basic communication skills.


Our government is a joke like in a third world country. So the old people have given up and young people see no problem. Sounds like the last “election”.


Crisis or New Normal

People in dark suits

With red ties

And blue ones

Locked in a death grip

And death walks slowly by

Does everyone really fear death


In a retirement home

Many struggle for breath

Children used to play outside

Now we flock to computers

We are told to choose

Our jobs or some peoples’ lives


Each day our orders change

When will we be able to get out

We ares tarting to understand

How much of the world lives

We expect so much

That even just being homebound

Cuts us to our core


We argue about the mundane

Can we go to church

Can we goto the movies

Can we gather for demonstrations

Cn we buy streets food

Can we gather for funerals or weddings

Can we go to the park


We try to do something important

Anything to make use feel

Less isolated than we really are

The number one question

Is when will this end


Boredom is preferable to death

But boredom is part of any crisis

Like being in the army

You constantly hurry up and wait

And yet we have so much to

Occupy ourselves with

Instant movies, music, and books

Some even free


I am so glad I can pay my rent

And buy food with my income

That I am not part of a necessary service

And have enough money to last

Even without having work available


We all want to be significant

To do meaningful work

And find community with others

We don’t always act like adults

But we do appreciate being treated as such


Where can we go

Where can’t we go

Sometimes the answers are simple

It just costs something

We need to decide what we give up


We often forget to pray

But God is right next us

Not just in the smile of a stuffed toy

Or the grace of a well designed technology


Schizophrenia is a very lonely illness

I should be better prepared than most

Sometimes I wonder if the only thing

That matters that I do is take medicine

What good is being inspired

If you can’t even pet someone’s dog


We think we will live an easy life

But not only wasn’t this ever true

Our bubble is disintegrating rapidly

This is only the first crisis

Amongst many ahead for us


It underscores the adage

That we cannot predict tomorrow

We like to plan ahead a few weeks

But the reason why we are here

Is failed to plan ahead for a few decades


The weather is staying very non-committal

As it does in our typical long springs

I am one of the few who likes rain

So many good memories

Looks like it will rain next week

We can still take walks alone

Most people will stay inside

Yet another reason to stay in for most


I now get excited to go out for groceries

I just hope my cloths hold up

And so do my electronics

I don’t know if it is legal to replace them

We are just starting to realize

How tightly wound together

Our entire modern society is

Every employer think their business is essential

And our leaders cannot definitively say either


We are terrified of another country

On the other side of the planet

People who speak a very different language

And have a much longer history

That is where the they say the disease started

Someone was treating animals badly

And a person got a disease form a bird


This disease is new to people

Everyone will likely get it

If we are already sick or frail

And we are old we can die

But no one really knows much

They say the disease is too new

And they need more time

That is why we are staying inside

Until they can figure out what to do


Unfortunately our leaders like to lie

And pull things past us

For their personal gain

At our own expense

While they lecture us about morality

They don’t have the right training

But they all think they know better

Than the doctors and the scientists


Nothing really new about that

But people are really scared

They keep stocking up on bathroom tissue

Our grocery stores are getting

More and more bare

And the government cannot decide

If this is really a crisis


Poor Judgement


Rolling dice

Throwing darts

Making decisions blind

Experts are not right


We have no idea

Where to go

Or what to do

We can only agree

On how far apart

We should stand


We want lots of toilet paper

And hand sanitizer

We have never heard of soap

Or rags and real towels

And constantly have diarrhea


We pick and choose

Random things to ban

We can get take out

But not a hair cut

We can go for a walk

But not to church


We can only leave our house

Under emergencies

But those are not defined

We can go to the doctor

But the bus isn’t running

I wish I had a car


Our society is afraid of death

But only when they get old

We are terrified of getting the flu

But not so worried

About getting painful treatments


We all think things cost too much

We want to solve all our problems

But we don’t want to bother

To do anything different

Or exert any effort


Health regulations are random and unclear

We don’t want to use sterile needles

But we all need masks

We now don’t need to be trained fully

To be a medical professional


Poor people have to work

Rich people stay home

The only thing we can think of

As far as legislation

Is hand out more money

We used to think it was important

To save for a rainy day

As long as they fund our programs


We try random actions

And just see what happens

We have no principles

And we have no communication skills

But we are really confident

The only sin is criticism of the elites


We have fought dozens of wars

Over several hundred years

All claiming they were for freedom

But now we have none

Because some are afraid


There are fewer and fewer

Things different about America

But we still think we are better

Than the rest of the world


Our military is preparing itself

For war against one country

Where this disease came from

We sure do a lot of business

With a country in our scopes


But don’t worry

We will undue all of this tomorrow

To help the economy

Except for the infringement of the constitution


Not only are we just as bad

As every other nation

We also have no reason for existence

Other than the fallout from other countries wars

This is true to our national history

We are split down the middle

Half of the population is locked in struggle

The other half has dropped out of society


The only reason why ideologies vary

From country to country

And time in history

Because the government always wants

As much as they can get away with

They are calculating how best to do it

They have different strategies

For different cultures and time periods


It will be interesting see

What we do when we get a proper disaster

A reason to really be scared

We know how we will react

Every measure under the sun

And different every day of the week


We will never solve long term problems

Because either we don’t see the problem

Or we decide we are just giving up

For a country with so much wealth and power

We sure get scared easily


Just make sure you never criticize them

To their faces

Just post this on the Internet

Where no on will see it

Or they will slow your website down

So no one has time to see it


We wonder why we have problems

And then we shoot the messenger

We are not serious about anything

Except we panic really well

What does unity in a country mean

That has no reason for unity


America is exceptional

Exceptionally lazy, self-centered, and careless

We are weak because we never needed to be strong

We are weak because our leaders want followers

Where are the other people out there

That we can steal ideas from

And claim they are our own


What is the minor change we can make

That will solve all our problems

So we can get back to buying more stuff

Just make sure no one steals it

Or your money when you buy it

Or when it is sitting on your porch


If only there were a place

That we could buy and sell things with

That didn’t require us to go outside to use

Too bad that neighborhood is so bad

It must be everyone else

Who is making it creepy online


If only the criminals were not as

Lazy, self-centered, and careless as us

It is not like we wouldn’t buy stuff

From these same criminals to save money

The name of beast of the apocalypse

Is the one you always hear about

When they report computer crimes



Bitcoin is the final mystery component of mystery Babylon

Which is founded on the internet revolution

Which is founded on the industrial revolution

The first is a mystery because no one knows how it works

The second a mystery because no one could do those things

Throughout most of history without magic

And Bitcoin is a mystery because its entire purpose is for evil

And people promoting it can’t explain why it is so tied to evil


All three are part of a big international economy

That is occurring at the time in history

That is the most evil


In a society where they record everything forever

The only ones who can escape this are criminals

Wouldn’t it be good for non-criminals to understand

What society is based on better than the criminals


Small Load, Big Burden


What do you do

When your load is

Too much to handle

Even though it is

Lighter than others

When you should be stronger

But you are not


When you seek

With all your heart

Call upon The Lord

And follow His direction

It is hard to just sit and wait

Sometimes there is

Nothing else to do


We can pass the time

Getting prepared for

What we know will happen

We can document

What is happening

We can listen to each other

We can find joy in God’s plan

We can still try to be kind

We can realize

How little we are

But how big God is


In a culture that moves too fast

How do we deal with

Everything stopping

We frantically try

To find solutions

Maybe we just need

To wait it out

To change our focus

To the Gospel

To be thankful

It is not more

We are not targeted

We are not victims


The world is getting worse

From the outside

But our world

Is now inside

We can still

Run in circles

Buy things

Write things down

Talk to family

Live in luxury


I just feels as if

We are not moving the dial

Our problems are obvious

At least we think

It is just embarrassing

To stress out

Over being merely locked in


When other suffer years

In prison

Even if they made

Many mistakes

We are no better

Some suffer solely

For others protection

We will never laugh again

When we hear some poor soul

Sentenced to house arrest


We can all get plenty of sleep

And our animals are happy

We are with them more

Except for your cat

And your kids

Thankfully I don’t have kids

And we can save tons of money


Deliberate Decision 2020


When we as a world

Did not challenge what was demanded of us

And silently went along with it

We have now made a public decision

To limit our freedom

Once gain

To feel more safe temporarily

And give powerful people more power

I hope it will be worth it

Because it is not so easy to undo this

And this will have fallout

Far beyond our present condition

One thing is for certain

We will depend more on the Internet

We will have more computer crimes of all types

Everything we hated about the Internet

Will only gain more traction

For people who thought Facebook had too much power

Or that they were being censored online

You have just given it all away

Most of your independence

It is interesting this is about 20 years after 9/11

And now things are going even farther down this road

At one point it was possible to limit

The power the Internet had over our lives

We used to be able to disconnect digitally

Now it is going to be almost impossible

Who wins from this

Big tech companies

Our future is now



Google / Alphabet



Microsoft /Open Source


No one else has a chance to be our leaders now


First we destroyed God’s creation

And an entire civilization

Then we made a country based on greed

We then sold it the highest bidders

We took the technology of pain from our new enemy

We took the gameplay of deception from our new ally

We forced the world into our culture and way of life

Then we made the only social thing still here

Then we controlled the world’s information

Then we ended people’s ability to connect

The Internet is now the only way forward


We found we could control the world

While not having to actually occupy countries

But that was not enough

Then we wanted even more control

So we snooped on everything we do

Now we want more control

And now we cannot even exist

Without using those infernal machines

That we already used to enslave us

And we are targeting our kids

More than those who should know better

There is no more they that we resist

We have been fully assimilated

And they control our hearts, minds, and souls

There is no room in our heart for God

Because we love our empire too much

A New Kind of Peace

I woke up late today

My stuffed toys smile at me

We are all adjusting

To a slower moving lifestyle

I am proud to be able to save money

And not have to work


The Internet is fast here

And there are no expectations for me

As long as I don’t do anything too stupid

I think everyone will leave me alone

I am enjoying the weather

Even though most prefer the sun


Things are doing better now

For Global Warming and related pollution

I still look 20 years younger than I am

Except for my long curly beard

I have gotten a lot done

In terms of writing and design work

I am learning new techniques

And I am exploring new ways

Of getting around and buying things


We certainly have more time

And the homeless seem to have disappeared

I found out we don’t need toilet paper

You can use a water can down your back

My bus system has been more challenging

But I have had more time with my sister and niece


We seem to get on each other nerves easily

I read about people living in seclusion

They get past a certain point and get better

Maybe I hit that point sooner

Since I am more sensitive to this

To be honest

My limitations are greater


But I just need to embrace the future

I need to make better use of the Internet

I just need to make sure

I don’t make it too easy

For others to rob me blind


I am a very creative person

And I am sure others will adapt

And find new ways to move forward

With what we now refer to as

Social Distancing

We need to interact where we are

At least 6 feet apart


It is a major change

It is good for some and not for others

Some things won’t exist going forward

But new thing will be used too

I did study disaster survival well

But i did not expect a semi-crisis

With only limited social breakdown


I am really surprised

We entered a sustained crisis

While still keeping our technology


Maybe we can eradicate communicate diseases

There seem to be less dog droppings and trash


I feel for the people

Who are essential

As they tend to make less money

And they suffer at both ends of the crisis

Some people may get a check from the government

For their cooperation and patience

There is a big election coming up

And many businesses are donating supplies


More and more countries are noticing problems

Even in backwaters and frontier zones

We seem to live in the best place

Of our entire planet

For climate and resources

And our government still fears us

So far no martial law or military presence


I guess we won’t have riots in the future

And it will be harder to persecute people

As long as we can leave at peace with ourselves

Maybe our country will be at peace with us


One thing that still concerns me

How do you have a church

While still staying 6 feet apart

Maybe we need to gather in stadiums or big parks

Or maybe we could do very small groups

Meeting in peoples’ homes

Much like the early church

Or the church in many other countries


This might be the first truly global medical crisis

That we have a common experience from

Maybe this can be a way forward internationally

We can build on this to renegotiate

Treaties to limit free trade

And thereby promote our own communities

Both wealth wise and environment wise


And this means we must get serious about the Internet

Stop tolerating hacking by anyone for any purpose

We have to protect the supply lines

And the exchange markets

The Internet must now be a place of peace

It is too important for us all now