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Complete Psychological Topics 8

by Ben Huot

August 18, 2020

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Table of Contents

First Things

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Danger Ahead

I just watched videos of basic training
And it brings back so many memories
I also watched the officer training
It looks so important and it very much is
It is exciting but it is also very dangerous
And can also be very depressing

When I see the videos
Everything is correct
But it is one of those things
That doesn’t translate well just visually
My feelings about the Army
Have changed little over the last almost 25 years

The Army in many ways
Was the cumulation of years of doing things
That I was bad at to improve myself
I realized later that I would have more success
If I focused on what I was good at
And if I screw something now
No ones dies or gets hurt beyond belief

The Army is very difficult
Because of the situations you operate in
And what others have chosen for you to do
Our Army is used as a method of foreign policy
To badger independent nations
Into the one world corporation
Although the fault lies with congress
Not with the soldiers

Many realize later that they are suffering for the benefit
Of many that would not only not appreciate them
But would mock you if they meet you in public
Looking slightly different than them
It is very easy to hang a flag on the door
It is something else to lose your mind
A few citizens of this country suffer for everyone else

It doesn’t need to be that way
It is difficult to deal with fear
But the average American
Does not know what true fear is
Nor do they know what they should be afraid of
The sad thing is because of their fear
A few of their fellow Americans suffer unbelievably
I am not referring to myself as I got off easy
Think of the people who have to have hundreds of surgeries

Since World War II it has been one long fear fest
Many very bad things were done
So we could live easier and lazier lives
That much of the world still suffers
That we might live like kings
Does not make me happy in the least
Is America slightly better than countries
With less wealth and more problems
It is not enough to justify our cruelty
It is not acceptable that this is all done in our names

We can live differently
We don’t need to treat people so badly and make them scared
So as to make our lives easier
If other peoples lives become worse
I don’t want that end of the deal
What is it like to live in the Middle East outside Israel
After decades of American proxy wars and secret operations
And direct invasions and lengthy occupations
Are things better or worse for the people living there

Since the American Korean war every major military operation
Has made things worse
For both us and those born on the other side of a line
If this is supposed to unite us and make us powerful again
It is not worth the cost
American bombs hurt as much as evil country bombs do

You know that it is possible to just have a military
And even have troops stationed in allied countries
And just not constantly start wars with it
But just train and do maneuvers with allies in the region
It is possible to do good in the world
Without bankrupting ourselves on it

There are other branches of government
Like the State Department
That do good things in other ways with a lot less money
And a lot less risk to our people
And the victims in other countries
I was in Scouting for 11 years
There is basically nothing in common with military service

The problem with using the military
To solve every problem
Is that it is designed to fight wars not to feed people
You don’t learn how to do community service in basic training
You learn to survive in combat during basic training
This is the only shared training
That every soldier in the Army has

And not every problem can be solved through a war
And not every problem is even helped
By a rapid aggressive response
Many people become terrified and violent
When they see people coming from the government to help
Even in a humanitarian crisis
Most of the important problems in the world are too big
For even a military army to the teeth to fix

The British had to learn this after World War II
Patrolling all the world’s oceans
Is too big a task for any nation
If you spend exponentially more
Than your rivals in a conflict
You are losing even if you
Technically win the war or complete the mission
Many countries throughout history
Have bankrupted themselves
Through overspending on military conflicts
But any country with enough money can have
The best Army in the world

Empires generally fall from within
And we are for all intents and purposes a corporate empire
Usually real diseases
(not one that just kills people who are almost dead)
And slight climate changes
Are what breaks up superpowers
Many now think our enemy is China
To our government the real enemy
Is their own people
And their fear that they will become irrelevant
In this major technological revolution
The information revolution
As the decades roll by

Why an individual American citizen is afraid of China
Knowing your personal information is beyond me
China can’t just abduct even hundreds of American citizens
Without a nuclear war in response
And even the best among us is likely less important
Than at least a million others
The people that have to worry about those kind of things
Know exactly who they are
And are trained better than those coming after them

It is not like that kind of work is even possible today anyway
Ever since developments like social media
Everyone can be found but we need not be worried
Because we are frankly not important enough

You should be worried about the criminals getting it though
Or people who are mad at you
Most of those kind of problems could be stopped if the US agreed
That messing with computer infrastructure means nuclear war
But the problem is we are getting more use from this than they are
Except for the ransomware based on our technologies
Destroying our local communities like hospitals and schools

Our leaders never had a problem with Hitler
Even when knowing about the Holocaust until he invaded Poland
And the Cold War with Russia was started well before World War II
The things the US is doing now with regards to China taken as a whole
Are exactly the things that started the cold war with Russia

But China knows that it has the upper hand possibly unlike Russia before
China will likely not back down
As it finds this arrogance insulting to their intelligence
If you cannot deal with intelligence operations without going to war
You should never be a leader of a country in the first place
If you fight entire wars about this you will always be at war
But that is the point

Do you really believe all world leaders
Don’t network with each other for other purposes
For these to be our most pressing problems
The way we deal with them is extremely sloppy
It is hard to believe that they would be that sloppy
About the real important things

The good part about an economic collapse though is that
We will not be able to afford more major wars any longer
And why would someone want to not develop a vaccine
For a disease affecting the entire world with the entire world
What is there to hide unless of course
Someone wants to make a lot of money
China will do fine
But Africa and the rest of the poor will suffer

Maybe they can use the money to restart the economy
We decided to freeze for 3-6 months randomly
Or maybe they can use it to hire someone to run the country
Who still has a soul left
Who still believes in government service
Is it any wonder the best leaders
Who want to really change the world
Flock to the richest technology companies in the world today

Who do you think makes a bigger difference in the world today
American political leaders or executives
Of the big Internet companies
When you completely outsource
The most important roles of the government
The government becomes irrelevant
And the corporations seize power
If they don’t care enough to run things someone else will

Wise Ones of the Soft World

Leaning back on a soft pillow
Day comes in a flash of light
Night comes equally fast
We rest on a wide expanse
A tall rock stands above us

Sometimes we roll and tumble
Due to the disruptions occurring in the dead of night
Our world is smaller than others
But it stands above and beyond our nearest neighbors
We don’t travel often or far
Our days are empty of excitement

We all earned a place here
By virtue of our leadership roles
If the clothes fit and we accept
White, black, brown, red, green, and blue
We are products of the rainbow of our creators imagination

The Chinese proverb says
This is where we are mostly from
Softness and warmth are better than hardness and strength
We are soft to the touch
But strong of mind
Our hearts bleed for our friends

We have a white glow that comes from within
We love being hugged and held
We are not tall in stature
Or strong and in shape
Just like the water we try to avoid
We are subtle
As a reflection of our furnace
We emit warmth

We sit so still that we can pick up dust
But our imaginations race far and wide
Our adventures and growth are usually internal
It is said that the sage never travelled but knew all things
We who live in close quarters
Try not to sit on sharp things

Bits of money sometimes rain down
As well as receipts from new recruits
We are all friends mostly
But we have the occasional revolt
There are only two faction though

We sometimes itch
But there is often someone to scratch us
We get cold in the winter
And summer is equally cold
But the furnace keeps things toasty
Especially at night
We do sometimes get moist with sweat

Our guardian angel is visible
And we can directly ask Santa for presents
We are of many different species
But we all bleed white
Our bodies seldom move
But we have real souls

We have to leave our soft spot
Every other week
As the expanse shifts and changes color
We accept our role in life
As many have learned to
In your world as well

When we are sad
Our faces show it
So the others can cheer us up
Even though smiles are sewn on our faces

In times of great change
When our world turns upside down
We hold on to each other
There are times when
Our world fundamentally changes

And sometimes things even
Crawl on us in the night
We fight the little invaders
By setting out bad things for them to eat
We don’t need to eat
There is nothing those scary little guys can take
Most are very small
As the giant doors close tightly

It seems every few years
We are in a new location
They seem to be getting better all the time
Several times our world actually shrank
But none were left behind
But each new location was an opportunity
To find new ways to arrange our world
We like challenges
As they give us something to do

We enjoy the live concerts
The voices come from a little blue box
Sometimes the Bible reads itself to us
Other times it sings a wide variety of songs
It blinks blue at night
To let us know it is all right

We watch our guardian closely
More like an older brother
To make sure he takes his medicines
One time he talked of parachuting us
We don’t want to take any chances

He seems to sleep a lot
He makes a lot of noise
So we know he is still alive
But many days can be gone half the day
Recently he stays in more often because of a cold

He is not afraid of much
He can even move quite fast
And he can trap and release
The scary little things easily
As he is many times their size
He is bigger and stronger
Than the biggest among us

Sometimes he gets hurt
If he sleeps on the wrong side
Or if he jumps up in the night with burning heart
We can watch his dreams
Much as we watch his little screens
These are magic boxes
Where people talk
And there are words and pictures
And some even move

Our guardian seems to get up at random times
And we don’t see the real sun often
As the window being closed makes us cooler
Recently important things
Now have bright colors attached
We often sit on his wallet and keys
So he can’t go out
But he quickly finds them now
Due to the bright colored markings

He also seems to write for quite a while
After the music plays for a while
Or he talks to his father
There is this long list of processes
To put things on a line
He uses a bunch of little boxes
And he goes outside our world
Coming back with his writing
Now written on paper more neatly

I am glad we don’t have to eat
I think he would forget to feed us

No Slack

A coal dropped into
A pot of ice cold water
The room fills with steam
The steam clears
And the water is boiling slow
The pot overflows
And the stove shorts out

When I think about the times
When I had no choice
The freedom I have now is often overwhelming
When you are held down under the water
While swimming in the ocean
By an under current
It is like being in the military

When you effectively have no choice for months
You then get some fairly meaningless choices
But you are separated from family and friends
And you cannot go home for long periods
You are never really finished with training
Even in your relatively free time

You are not told why when you are expected to do anything
Without the privilege of deciding whether it is moral or good for me
There is no time for questions of any kind
Freedom of expression is extremely limited
There are no artistic vocations in the military
The military does have its own culture
But it is very stressful even learning about it

You are slowly told more and more
And your training gets more and more difficult
As you descend into the heart of the beast
As if you are being mentally conditioned
To be part of a religious cult
It also gets more and more difficult to leave

The system must only appeal
To people who never question things
Surely philosophy is the direct opposite of military service
It is not that I object
To working hard or following orders
But I never felt safe nor did I trust anyone
I was constantly afraid

From early on in training
I realized we could and would
Be forced to do even things that terrified us
It would likely be for a good cause
But your safety and well being is never considered

You can always screw things up
And have few responsibilities
But you do not potentially even have
Power over your own body

People who have never served
Have no conception of how dangerous and cruel
The outside world has become
They see marches on TV in their downtowns
And fear that
But if they lived in the Middle East
That would be a slow day

Nothing and no one is really safe today
Even in the middle of America
Our greatest protection is that we are unimportant enough
That no one would risk the wrath of the US
Just to pick on random people like us
If we stay in the United States and are citizens
And we don’t have dark skin and speak another language

Believe it or not but there are entire people groups
That have been so victimized
By nameless people in our names
Both officially and unofficially
And through allies and in other countries
That they see us as invading them first

Many of them believe in God too
They also believe that their God
Is the only one true God
But they do not embrace
The forgiveness and compassion of Christianity

They do not believe it wrong
To destroy their own countries
And hurt their own people
They would make us all slaves if they could
They are not the kind of people
Who accept the place they were born in

They believe they are God’s chosen people
They believe they should be
Wealthy and powerful because of this
They attribute their loss of wealth and power
To their not being devout or radical enough

They have long memories stretching back
A thousand or more years
From their point of view
They were the faithful followers of God
And we are morally corrupt
They believe they have the morally superior argument
And they believe they have been
Treated unjustly and persecuted

What do these two things have in common
War and the training for war
In order for us to fight this other culture
Who are willing to fight us
At any cost to themselves or us
As any effective enemy does

We don’t though do the same thing
At least that is on official records
But this is purely for propaganda reasons
War is a way of destroying things
And is aways very cruel
This does not justify cruelty in war
But it does mean the Army has to train for this

To make someone tough enough
To survive the current types of combat situations
You have to do some very cruel things in training
To properly prepare people
It also would be reasonable
To organize this as the first training

Because if our military is going to be truly voluntary
Recruits should have an opportunity
To see what they really signed up for
Before having no way to get out
Of course no one would sign up then

Our culture wants all the advantages
But does not want to pay the price
Of a civilization fundamentally built
On technologies that wouldn’t work
Without our two wealthiest and most powerful rivals
Being willing to continue to trade with us

Our country tries to play the victim
And that we are the good guys
Much as many empires throughout history have
Saying the world is a little less cruel
Because we control everything that happens in it
They are obviously trying to persuade those
Who are citizens of the empire
Because this is what they want to think
And because no one else would believe them

So the moral of the story
Is to not lie to your people
Claiming you can win wars
Without hurting people
Or that they should be grateful
That we merely spared their lives
While destroying their homes
And their entire infrastructure
So their is no work left for them

Instead we should stop fighting
So many wars in the first place
If any other country
Had their enemies an ocean away
And had so few social problems
Because of their wealth and social conformity
They would participate in many fewer wars

It is hard to imagine
Given the strength of our military
How we can keep losing wars
But the big way we keep losing
Is that we spend too much money on them
No other country has fought
A large inland war on the other side of the world
And won it quick and easy

Not only are we spending ourselves into the grave
We also are angering most other countries
So if we ever need help of any other country
We are going to be in a tough spot

One of these important international agreements
That we don’t want to bother to honor anymore
Include provisions like not torturing
And not using chemical weapons
Doing so is considered a war crime

There is nothing special about America
We are just in better shape
Demographically and geographically and economically
We could be a moral force in the world
But first we would have to give up
Basing our entire foreign policy
On nothing but economics

But greed is considered good here
You take the social out of the gospel
And no one will listen to you
Social justice is as fundamental
To Christianity as sexual morality
No wonder the church is losing
Rich white members in America

Fire and Brimstone

God is always slow to anger
And quick to forgive
But He is also perfectly good
I have not always emphasized this
To the extent of some preachers

Because I am not a preacher
And because I believe
It causes people to stop listening
I do not believe it necessary
To justify what God does

I also believe God already lets people know
When they continue to do something wrong
But I also do not believe
That anything said that is true
Is always appropriate to say
Given the situation

I also do not believe it is my place
To call others out about personal issues
Certain things are very obvious
But it is possible to over emphasize things

It also works against the ideal of humility
To condemn others of things I might do as well
Another factor is that
This has been repeated
So many times and in so many ways
Most people have already got the message
That this is part of Christianity

Christianity does not have to be
Known as fire and brimstone
Because there is much more to Christianity
Than just acting out of fear
This is the lowest level of faith
To act out of fear

Certainly it is true that God treats sin seriously
And there is a real hell also know as the underworld
Christ went through unbelievable pain
To take this place of the sin curse
Because evil is irreconcilable
With God’s very nature

So we need to treat things we do wrong
As having serious spiritual consequences
Really all suffering in the world is caused by sin
Humans actually created suffering
By willfully not following simple rules

We as humans have trouble behaving well
When we get a short term gain by not behaving
But some rules are more serious than others
When you go against what God has set up
You will encounter problems long term
And hurt others immensely

We should care about following God
Because He created us
But also so we can reduce suffering in the world

Most religions speak of similar rules
As these are obvious across cultures and time
Today we have fundamental changes
In technology and how we organize society
But some things will always be true

Like the nature of sin
Christianity will always exist
And has actually increased exponentially
In most of the world
In the modern world

Although most people do not realize it
Most religions do not promise a paradise
After death like Christianity does
Islam does believe in a paradise after death
But it is based on following rules

What makes Christianity unique
Is salvation from the full consequences of sin
And paradise after death by faith happens
Because God came down as a man
While still being fully God
And lived as a person committing no sin
Then He took on the penalty
For the sins of the world
Then He died and rose again
Defeating death and hell

So no one can earn their way to heaven in Christianity
This is unique to any legal system before Christianity
Christians are then to forgive others to the same extent

So while I do not agree with the politics
Nor do I agree with many methods
Of many other Christians
I do believe in the fundamentals of the Bible
Many times I also use different terms
So as to avoid cliches

I also follow Philosophical Taoist and Christian Existentialist ideas
To the extent that I find agreement with Scripture
Many Christians see this as syncretism
But I do not change any Biblical doctrine
To fit any other beliefs of mine
Nor do I think any different now
Than I did before I heard of philosophy at all

So while I talk little about personal sins
I still believe they are wrong
It is just that it is not my place or mission
To convince you of anything

That is something that will naturally happen
By the Holy Spirit regardless of what I say
This would be called cognitive dissonance in modern psychology
Let that be the proof you need of the Christian God’s existence

And finally I do not believe there is
Any way people can be sure they will get to heaven
Besides by faith in the Christian God
And always by the death and resurrection
Of Jesus Christ the Son of God

Too Serious

Many Christians have essentially
Been accused of being too serious
Just like the global warming / climate change issue
Religion is a mega sized issue
The spiritual world is not only real
It is actually more real than the physical one
The physical world is a small subset of the spiritual world
If you do not believe me
You should pray to God to show you

We base so much of our understanding of the world
From many fragmented and even erroneous sources
We in the modern world in the United States
Have a real anti-supernatural bias
Which we share with basically no other culture

We also think we know everything
This era of time is one of the most ignorance and suffering
Directly because of our rejection of all things spiritual
While we in English speaking America ignore this purposely
Almost any other culture in any time period
Has had religion the center of their entire lives and civilization

To say it does not matter whether you pray to God or gods
Or that you think all religions are the same
You are way oversimplifying to the point of being silly and patronizing
This is an unbelievably ignorant thing to think
And insulting to thousands of years of tradition and true diversity
You are saying we in America know better than civilizations
That go back successfully for at least thousands of years

If the heritage of our country is one of racism and discrimination
Why accept the American worldview
That science and businesses solve all problems in society
This outright rejects the effect of religion on society
Or anything not based on consumerism and physical violence
The one thing that separates English speaking America
From almost any other culture of any time and place
Is living lives that are based primarily on faith in God

We have made a conscious decision in our country to reject God
Not only have we given up on any possible factor to base unity in our country on
We also have rejected the power of God intervening on our behalf
To assist us in healing our country and our world
We in America are the source of most of the world’s suffering
Because our entire individual and corporate identity in America
Is based wholly on nothing but selfishness and willful ignorance

We are selfish because we reject the authority of God in our lives
But also because we don’t even respect or
Try to understand why other cultures find religion so important
To say religion is not necessary because we have courses on ethics
Is to say math is irrelevant because you have science

No philosophy is complete without a conceptual framework
That explains an underlying theory on what their approach is
To ethics as well as things like the study of knowledge makes sense
Chinese philosophy is based on past examples of wise people from their history
While European Enlightenment philosophies are based
On different arbitrary pre-conceptions about life

Ethics are great but without a good all powerful Deity
They are just an empty set of rules devoid of meaning
Without any motivation or reason to follow them
Our society’s assumptions about ethics are what is unravelling America
We assume that if what one person does something
That does not directly hurt someone else
Then it is not morally wrong

This goes against modern addiction psychology and even just common sense
Whether we like it or not there is no such thing as purely individual psychology
Everything we do affects everyone else around us
That is why our country needs a common dominant belief system
With family or religious law to account for difference in beliefs

This low standard of morality is not enough
To consider yourself ethical in an meaningful sense of the world
In fact the Bible says that no person is good enough to go to heaven
As a society we see this to be true as we find
More and more famous people with dark pasts

We are lazy as a society as that was the way
To sell us the most profitable mix of goods and services
So we have become sloppy in language and moral standards
Sloppy in basic reasoning and have adopted an attitude
That education is the enemy because we are afraid
We will change our opinions if exposed to new ideas

One of the tragedies of modern society is the perception
That philosophy is irrelevant because we have science now
That may be true of the European Enlightenment
As stated by leading, contemporary American and British philosophers
But young people still read existentialists and eastern philosophy
Even without it being assigned for class credit

Maybe we are not good judges of our own natures
Maybe we don’t know what is best for us
If you see no need for God
This is true irony
Because the truth is the other way around
Because He really has no need for us at all on any level
The real mystery of the Bible is why God created us
While still knowing everything we would destroy of His

It is only in America
Where we doubt the reality of the supernatural
I doubt too
I doubt everything not stated in the Bible as true
I doubt that most scientists know as much as we think they do
If you have been following recent developments
In physics and astronomy you will soon realize
That many things you were taught in school
Are having to be re-evaluated because there is not
Solid enough evidence to support the leading theoretical
Models of physics and astronomy

We are starting to realize most of what we thought we know
Is either factually wrong or we are incapable of comprehending it
A big part of this problem is the huge respect and expectations
We have for science itself contrary to what many would say is the
Reason for its invention and its processes and methods

This is because the average person sees science
As taking the role of God in their life
Fundamentally business markets science as support for the
Morality, the need, and the feeling of awe that sell its products
Science for the average person is magic much
Because they know so little about it and
Our establishment doesn’t encourage a lifetime of education

People react this way because life is getting harder and
They do not feel they have the time to be an expert on everything
The truth is that we never have complete knowledge of anything
Including laws, science, business contracts, marriages, and the like
You cannot answer every objection everyone has about anything
Because there is not enough time the world for that

If you put the philosopher in charge of society
That would be as counter productive as not feeding yourself
There is a possibility for decision making
To actually have too many factors to consider
The term used recently for this is the tyranny of choice
So is there a way to prove God through science
I then ask can you prove science by science alone
Life requires faith but who you believe in matters
Because you only have one fairly short life on earth

One of the big proofs for the Bible is that
It is still around after 2,000 years
It also survived relocation from 4 major world regions throughout that time
No other religion has done this and science
Only existed as we know it for a couple centuries
And the Bible is still not changing a single word

If you want to know the truth go to the source
Read the Bible itself in any language you want
It translates very well into any language
If you speak English there are even more options
People often quote from the King James Version
Because it has no copyright and people have heard of it
It is hard for some to read because it was written
At the time of Shakespeare
And Shakespeare ironically is quoted often for similar reasons
This is still a great Bible and is plenty good enough

But much as people talk differently today
And we have learned more about how to translate
While being both extremely accurate and readable
Which applies to most translations written or updated since the 1990s
But the last few entirely new translations are truly amazing
Some are so good that even a pastor might have trouble finding
Many things to add to give more precision and richness in meaning
By consulting the original languages and other Bible references

So I challenge the reader to read the Bible through its entirety
At least one time in the language of their choice
Just for merely understanding the book
That influenced the world more than any other book
Just to better understand literature, art, music, history, law, and psychology

But more importantly to see for yourself what it is all about
I think you might surprise yourself
Certainly people have misrepresented it
Many times throughout history
It also does not oversimplify things for the reader
So everything needed to be said is said
While not being unwieldy in length
But still uses simple language and is very direct

When people repeat things so many times
Much gets lost along the way
Always get as close as possible to the primary sources
Because I have found primary sources easier to understand
Than most the explanations made by entirely different authors

The Bible as well as most other ancient religious texts
Is far more interesting and challenging than a textbook or a novel
So try the Bible at least once in your life
Because your decision on who you will believe
And where you live forever after death
Is too important not to

Strategies for Coping With Schizophrenia Learned from Philosophy

Insights into Schizophrenia

In treating Schizophrenia, the two key treatments are taking medicine and lowering stress.

You can actually undo the effects of the medicine by being under too much stress.

The biggest thing that causes people stress is often other people. With Schizophrenia, this stress is magnified.

But Schizophrenia is still a lonely disease and you still want human contact.

One of my strategies is to avoid conflict whenever possible.

Keep this in mind when using this list to reduce your stress.

Using This List to Lower Stress

These are not a list of things to do but attributes to strive towards.

They are hard to do and the philosophy does not tell you how.

I would say most are about humility, calmness, and acceptance of limitations.

Nothing really to “do”. Kind of like a “boring” life.

Don't think. Just do. There is no correct way.

The point of this is to be less stressed not more. Forget trying to do it.

It is not about adding things to do but removing them from your life.


Realize we are all irrational and there are good things about that

Question reality or have self doubt, ask for help and have a willingness to admit mistakes

See death as the defining part of life and not fearing death

Avoiding Pain

Be useless or minimize risk by not being too important or an easy target

Reject the pursuit of money or fame as a way to avoid pain

Eliminate all forms of suffering in your life and others

Do not accept pain as inevitable


Be spontaneous in planning things to do to lower stress

Be creative in solving life problems

Take responsibility with your free choices

Internal Transformation

Find meaning in life through internal struggle and see life as primarily spiritual

Educate yourself as a way of personal growth by reading and learning from other’s experiences

Self-reflect to avoid conflict

Be honest with God as a starting point for your relationship with Him

Self Control

Understand what you can change and what you cannot change

Be a person of peace within and without

Learn how to have better manners

Self mastery is enlightenment