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Cross Discipline Collection 9.5

by Ben Huot

February 20, 2021

in more formats

  1. First Things
  2. Dark Ages and the Church
  3. Move Now!
  4. The Fight of Our Lives
  5. Against Anarchy
  6. The Church, The Arts, and Creativity
  7. What Got US Here
  8. Being Christian
  9. Faith Eyes


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I pass my hand over my device

I activate and wake it up

Bright lights keep shifting

At the snap of my fingers

I cannot even keep up

The pictures update so fast

Touching with two or three fingers

Lights over me shift colors as well

Light to dark in a flash

And dark to light in another

Figures dance across the screen

Fight sequence after fight sequence

Eight beats to a move

I forget which fingers to place where

How many taps to where

One click to danger

One click to hope

My fingers tap dance across the screen

Boxes appearing everywhere

Fading in and out

Disappearing and reappearing

Squares circles and triangles

Oversimplified shapes repeating

The colors burn right through me

I can feel the heat

Penetrating through my skin

Did I just lose my house

Or did I just space out

Did I touch the wrong dot or line

Am I really lost

Or is this what it is supposed to be

It is getting harder

And harder to tell

The difference between my thoughts

And what I remember

The difference between what happened

And what I wrote

But the beat keeps going on

Does it even matter what is real

We have been left alone for months

Unable to gather beyond our households

Is what was real before still real now

The room is becoming a great expanse

And the house an entire universe

All reality flashes in and out

Lets just hope the power keeps coming

Or we will be in utter darkness

When the red and blue lights

Stop emitting their special hues

Does the entire world shift

To black and white

If I cannot connect to a device

If I cannot be sure who is lying

And if no one tells the truth

Does it stop mattering what is right

If there is no difference

In the mind of the believer

From those who never challenge things

Will the lights last forever

Because what we do in the dark

Only matters as the lights keep going

Reality is but a mirror copy

Of one form to another

If you go on a real trip

Or read a real book

What makes it different

From traveling there magically

If there is no other reason

Why not just sit down

And travel to another reality

Via a bright guided tour

Is virtual just another kind of real

If the mirror image

Is the same as the original

Does it matter if

Everything looks the same

Does it matter if

We all feel the same

How do we break

From this reality

If we are only relevant

From within our devices

Does life make sense

Beyond your device

Can all that matters become a cage

Can we find a

New way to be free

Does it still matter

How you feel

When no one else

Is real anymore

What differentiates

A program from a person

If every conversation

Is unimportant and similar

Is who we are then unimportant

If the only way to be smart lately

Is to be better

At stealing and conning

Is it outdated or irrelevant

To be real

To care and feel

And try to be better

Is this no longer part

Of what the world is

Do we need to go

To another planet

To just feel like

We can be honest

And still not feel

We will be robbed or framed

If we say the wrong thing

Or give out

Too much information

Is our society now

Just based on deception

If the only unifying factor in society

Is the easy way

To pull off crimes

Does this mean people no longer

Even want others

To be honest with them

Maybe when a society

Is all base on crime

People want to hear

Nothing but lies

Who would have guessed

That a movement

For the free exchange of ideas

And social progress for equality

Would transform society

Into a perfect storm

Of pain and bondage

If we stop practicing those things

That define us as Christians

Do we no longer believe

If we are unwilling

To look like believers

If you accept all the assumptions

As those who choose

Not to believe

If you compromise your soul

For just one good thing

Is this a sacrifice

You are permitted

To make on God’s behalf

When we think we can

Express our faith

In any way we think is right

Is this different enough

From those who express

Their desire to be heard

By committing sin

We are the children of the twilight

Living in a land

Where there is no more

Love of knowledge

Or love of God

There is a huge amount

Of light in our homes

Both night and day

But our society is hazy and foggy

When is comes to

What is right and wrong

You may have an audience

Of ten thousand people

But how many are not

Just artificial intelligence

If you have a fan base of a dozen

But these are people

You know by their first names

This is a night and day difference

So in this brave new world

Was it planned

That everything written

To be so easily destroyed

Is it someone’s dream to make

All creative works

Disappear overnight

If there is nothing in common in society

If there is no opportunity to be heard

If there is so much fear of death

If there is no way

To meet other people

Everything can be faked

Nothing really exists

Just imagine what a

Spark of light can do

Not the light

Of yet another device

But the light of hope

The light of courage

The light of perseverance

The light of wisdom

The light of truth

Who was the biggest defender

Of knowledge and manners

During Dark Age Europe

And kept Premodern Asia bright

The Church and religion of course


Smoldering in the ashes

Ice is dropped

On the fire pit

The water drowns

The last coals

Then I pray

And the coals re-ignite

The embers

Reach peak heat

Now! He is here

The long awaited return

To the church community

We gradually realized

He never left

We just got distracted

And grew blind to Him

As soon as we

Died to the world

He resurrected us

By His word alone

Just as everything was created

We who were dead to God

Have new life and are quickened

All the years lose

Now completely undone

We think that when

The struggle is too much

That we are in it alone

We have a spiritual blind spot

We have poor spiritual eyesight

We need to first drown in Him

So that we may be re-ignited

There is always

Light in the darkness

But there must never be

Darkness in the light

If the light has grown dim

What does the world have to guide it

When the flame burns out

It will then burn once again

The fire only goes out

When we lose faith

But when we call on God

It comes back

You can have everything

Taken from you

And be dirty

As the mud on snow

But His fire will

Burn you clean

And the pure snow

Will then clean you well

We seek a hero amongst us

We long for the supernatural

But we are afraid to be part of it

There is no shame in faith

We just need to practice our faith

According to the Scriptures

Sometimes it seems the Church

Is striving for perfection

They look to impress and entertain

But we worship God because that is right

God needs to be praised

We seek to outdo the world

We forget we need not be better

We need not be smarter

We need not be stronger

We struggle against

An unimaginable power

But we are friends with

A much bigger Giant

We certainly are mere peons

Each and every one of us

But we have an advocate

And a champion

Who has chosen time and again

To never give up on us

So we can never

Give up on ourselves

It does not matter

How many times you fall

How deeply you have been hurt

Or how weak and limited you are

The physical world

Is only an illusion

It does not matter

How powerful we are

It only ultimately matters

Whose side we are on

Let us ask that we may see

Through faith or literally

How much more powerful God is

Than any of our worst problems

And greatest burdens

The point is not

To be of great faith

Or better at the battle

The point is to run

Back to God not away

Eventually we realize

We can’t outrun Him

We need do nothing

But wait on the Lord

We need to struggle and resist

But we are not in it alone

God created all the

Rules of the game

All the cards are

Stacked in our favor

The best the devil can do is

Mess with your mind

Just turn back to God

You should never try

To fight the devil directly

We only have our

Own disloyalty to fear

We need not get lost

In all the bright shiny things

That the enemy

Lays out to distract us

God is the center of everything

He is the most important factor

In every battle we face

He will fight

These battles before us

We just need to get back up

Every time we fall down

Eventually we will learn

To let God take the hits for us

But this all takes time

One of the reasons why

We have lost touch

With spiritual things

Is that we are impatient

Our sense of time

Has been accelerated recently

Wind back the clock

To the heart rate of the Prophets

The Prophets of the Bible

Show how God sees us

We are as important individually

As entire nations spiritually

Abraham become father

To many nations

But God would have

Made the same contract

With any of us living today

The difference is that we have

A much better deal

Things are much easier now

Compared to what the patriarchs

The Prophets, and the disciples

Had to endure and fight through

It will get tougher

But total flakes have

Successfully endured more

Do not fear the devil

Fear your own disloyalty

The devil cannot hurt you

But you can hurt yourself

God does not want us to sin

Because He doesn’t want us to suffer

Either because of our sins

Or because of others sins

God’s plan to reduce suffering

Is that we sin less

And when we sin

He takes the pain

We think that because

We suffer a little

That Christ did not suffer more

We just have to

Accept some things

That we will just not understand

This is true of any

Study of knowledge

Or any possible belief system

In Christianity

There is a better reason

God is all powerful

And we are not

Having faith in God is easier

Than having faith

In anyone or anything else

Because God cannot lie

And will never fail us

He does allow suffering

But this suffering is entirely

Our own creation

And God has suffered far worse

Can you imagine

What it would be like

To have a child

You created from nothing

Then grow up to hate you

And try to destroy your creation

Then you descend to live

As one of your creations

A meager and painful decent

Like one into hell

You do all this so that

They can live forever in paradise

Then the smartest

And oldest reject the offer

And before your creation

You knew all of this

And yet you decided

To create these people anyway

Parent are amazing

And parenting is very difficult

But no parent would do

What God has done

Just stay close to God

He is already right next to you

Only you can choose

To separate yourself from Him

But you will not do so

Because God has already won


Ten thousand years from now

When there are only a dozen Christians

In a galaxy of trillions of sentient beings

History has been written now

So as not to include anything

Before a thousand years ago

Because it is not thought

To be relevant anymore

There is no longer a Bible

That anyone can read or find

When you are truly discouraged

When your faith is on it last legs

What will you reach to

When arguments no longer make sense

And you can no longer remember

Even one Bible verse

When they take everything away

That reminds anyone of the supernatural

When they have convinced most Christians

Their faith is but an illusion

When there is no record of Christ

Life, death, or resurrection

When all knowledge betrays us

And our minds do as well

What do you cling to

When all it hopeless and futile

There is always a way forward

When all is lost you can

Still communicate with God

God can and will give you

Everything you need

By His grace alone

including your faith

But you must consciously choose God

At any cost and in every situation

Even when the battle looks lost

Call on the name of the Lord

Faith is a decision

It is something that makes sense

No matter how much the world

Seeks to make it irrelevant

And questions our sanity

It does not ultimately matter

What society thinks

It does matter what you believe

But most importantly

It matters what is true

But truth cuts deeper

And lasts longer

Than arguments and proofs

When many worship

They do so for fellowship

But it is not necessary

To get something back

To worship and serve God

There is no need to win arguments

Or be able to say the right things

You do not need to convince others

In order for you to believe

It does not matter if you can explain it

Your faith can still be real

Even at times and in situations

Where you have no access to Scripture

When you are separated

From all other believers

When you cannot find a church in sight

You may think this is a distant and

An unlikely prospect for believers today

But it is already partially like this

In Europe today

What will you do

When you are talking to a psychologist

When they form convincing rebuttals

To all the points you present

What if they know Scripture

Better than you

What if they can make you

Question your faith

Where do you go from there

First of all there is no faith without doubt

Just as there is no Grace without sin

You just have to commit yourself fully

To sticking with God no matter what

Without the encouragement of others

Or without the support of a church

Just return to the fundamentals

Always pray

Praise God

Help others in need

Repent of sin

Forgive wrongs

Speak up when asked about your faith

Humble yourself before God

And He will lift you up

He will write the law

Upon your heart

Remember there is sufficient reason

To love God

From just the reality of our existence

Our own very existence

Is proof enough for God

People will always worship God

In one form or another

The world is becoming

More religious than ever

But things are an exact opposite

In North America

Would you still practice your faith

If it required you to learn Spanish

Recently Christians were orders to

Stop meeting in person in America

Because of other people’s

Irrational level of fear

Of their own possible deaths

Society is no longer as a whole

Sympathetic to Christianity

Or even just religion

In the United States

It is in these situations

Where you are forced

To re-examine your choices

It can make you give up permanently

Or make your faith unbreakable

Just like being responsible means

Having extra clean clothes on hand

And being stocked up on drinkable water

What must it have been like

For Christ when His Father rejected Him

While hanging on a cross and dying

Then He had to go to hell for while

When you have reached your lowest point

It only goes up from there

Sure the situation can always get worse

But eventually you rebound and survive

Then you are stronger and wiser

So never give up the fight

If you sin then repent

If you lose faith

Then pray for it again

If you lose strength

Then praise God

If you are lost

Then call on the name of the Lord

When everything and everyone fails you

You will still have God at your back

You cannot lose Him

Even in another reality

Where religion is non-existent

There’s always a way with God

He is not only a lot smarter than us

He is also a lot smarter than the devil

Some people

Used to say that

God created the world

And then left

So as to explain away suffering

And the importance of God

This is what the devil

Wants us to think

This may be how many feel now

As the world gets more evil

And in our part of the world

The Church is increasingly marginalized

It just proves people are stupid

It proves we need God even more

Bad people are easy converts

Because they already know

They need God

A collapsing world society

Will seek God

Because their belief system

Has just crashed

All their hopes and fears

Have been dashed

The world being in a bad place

In what is supposed to be a utopia

And the richest place on earth

Makes people question human reasoning

A society without God

Is so empty that someone

Will re-discover God

Because they will seek Him

With all their heart

Just as people are often closer to God

After they have just repented of sins

Our society will embrace God once again

When things get a little bit harder

The Church has chained the cross to America

And America is falling

But do not give up hope

The Church will easily outlive America

If you do give up hope

Pray for it again

Just like you do

When you sin


Why not just give up the ghost

Why continue to suffer

Why continue to do without

Why be rejected by others

What is so important

About this faith of yours

That you would do anything for it

Is not this a sign of a cult

Or an addiction to a chemical

How can someone of sound mind

Make a choice that will result

In their near total alienation

What is it that keeps this

Kind of hold on you

Most people today do not pursue things

That do not give them immediate pleasure

What joy is there

In prayer, service, and study

Why do you want to forgive

Those who would hurt you

If given the chance

You sound like a criminal defense attorney

Do you not know that many wars

Have been fought by

And for these reasons

And you claim to be a person of peace

What gives you the right

To decide your religion

Is better than what I believe

Is it not enough

That you live in wealth and ease

Why make this an issue

The fallacy with this reasoning

Is that it accounts for nothing

Outside the tangible and immediate

It does not allow for any to hold values

Motivated by abstract principles

You have to first acknowledge

That there are things

Beyond your self interest

That are of value

Because to be a person of conviction

Requires you to do inconvenient things

If everyone only did what was required

There would be no inventions

There would be no art, literature, or music

We would still live off the land

And we may have never even survived

Against the big game animals

To strive for more than self gain

Is necessary to lead anyone

Or to start anything new

Doing something for the community

That requires sacrifice

Is the very foundation of civilization

You cannot even form a functional city

If no one is willing

To defend it, develop it, and maintain it

Who would risk their safety in doing so

For others who care nothing of their community

The very basic functioning of teams

Requires us to think beyond

What is best for us

This is why selfishness is corrosive

There is a reason why every ancient society

Had at least one religion of some sort

Unity can only be achieved

When something can be agreed upon

The most basic and obvious thing

People should be able to agree on is that

We did not come out of nothing

That there are some things out of our control

That a society will strive to protect

Is the basis of a social contract

People first band together for their own good

But if they never see the value

In waiting for their turn

Nothing requiring more than on person

Will ever be achieved

To move forward even in just technology

Requires a focus beyond oneself

To imagine something not yet created

Requires belief in something

You cannot prove exists

Until you actually construct the contraption

When people decide to form a group

They do so for reasons

That transcend the individual

Society by its very nature

Require work for other peoples’ gain

This also requires reciprocal commitments from others

So that the efforts of one person

Are quickly succeeded by others

Which are the met with gratitude

And then this in turn further incentives

More investment of hard work in the community

This is how any network forms

So it is not nuts

To care about someone besides yourself

Because we all need each other

To merely survive

This is how we started to specialize

And why we have careers

Other than hunter and gatherer

This implied social contract makes it worth

Following rules so that society might function

That we might do what helps others

Even if it costs us something

Because the greater good is worth

The individual putting out effort

And compromising on what

They would ideally want

If you cannot hold any belief in common

You cannot hold a society together

People have to buy into the system

As you never can have enough police

To force everyone to do

What is best for society

If we cannot lift our heads up

To see the other people

We are trampling

We will not be able to

Keep the electricity flowing

That powers these devices

That so distract us

A common faith is very basic

To a functioning society

Also having a common moral code

Makes at the very least fairly predictable behavior

Our society cannot just take leave

Of our collective responsibilities

And party and wander around

Without making any contribution

Because once the power goes the party stops

People have not just stopped

At being unproductive

They have actually gone

To malicious and spiteful actions

Just to entertain and

Enrich themselves financially

Ultimately its takes some people

To have the discipline to do the jobs

That they are already being paid for

Even when they do not feel like it

Or the lights on the screen turn off

So respect those who are willing to work

And hold themselves to standards

And treat each other decently

Because when the responsible people

Degenerate into being like everyone else

Everything unravels

And then things are not safe or fun anymore

Respect the boring people

Who do work

When they do not have to

Because this is what

Enables you to live

In such a clueless state

I challenge you

Why do you look down on me

Who are you to determine

What is right for me to do

At least my ideas

Come from a tradition

Stretching back thousands of years

Will the things you value

And your ideas be relevant

In even 10 years

Justify yourself

Not to me but to God


What are we fighting for

When did creativity mean sex

When did immorality become art

And what do you do

When the world adopts your platform

But without your message

Or your name without your ideas

When you can no longer shock

And you can no longer go further

Where do you go from there

Is fame worth the fight

Is it worth it to have no life

To have no boundaries

To have fans with no respect for you

What is an artist to do today

We need to return to the classics

Return to the fundamentals

Expression without limits is sad

Is there more to the modern world

Than frivolous attempts

At trying to find happiness

Is being known so important

That you would sacrifice your family

Or your creative identity

Just to make someone else famous laugh

Why must you use art to escape life

Why must you use your creations

To get more money and power

Is it not possible to combine

Both faith and the arts

To be independent of the world

But a follower of God

To draw attention to God and not yourself

Many see their artistic abilities

As their way to fame and power

But some see it as a blessing

And an opportunity to raise the bar morally

Even in my short lifetime

I have seen society go from

We have some serious problems

To lets just give up

It may appear that you cannot

Equate religion with creativity

Because our culture sees it that way

But there are even greater

And longer traditions

Where the Church and learning

Were the same thing

Where people had both

Freedom to express their faith

But within reasonable bounds of decency

And for purposes great than themselves

This was a kind of high art

In contrast to the low art of today

Where we watch but do not create

In which to appeal to the masses

And becoming so negative on religion

That the heart has been taken out of freedom

What good is it to be a scholar

If you have no inspiration

To be a writer

But have nothing worth writing

Much of what is created today

Is not as valuable

As the material it is stored on

Religion is not just a genre of the arts

Faith is the very spirit of art

How can you have something

Of great enough value

To make something out of blank canvas

To motivate you to put in the effort

And sacrifice your time for it

Without it being for the Lord

It is natural to want to create things for God

Because we are His children

And it is healthy and natural

To follow in what He does

One of the saddest things

About modern education

Is the little time spent on art

After early elementary school

Or the humanities in high school

People can still express themselves

Even if they are not old enough

Or established enough

To create masterpieces

They can still do craft work

Some people in my town

Were some of the first

To make art out of literal trash

It is no wonder why people

Love to add sex and violence to art

Like fat and sugar in food

They are both easy ways

To create addictions for what you produce

But they are also easier to create

Because they require less imagination

So we in America often do not

Associate fine art with God

Because we have no culture

If all of America

Can acknowledge both the important of art

And freedom of artistic expression

Along with a commitment to serve God

Even when inconvenient

America can create

Classical level works of art

Just as other big empires

Did in the past

To form unity in America

This would be a good place to start

This is not to say there is none of this

But there is very little morality

In creative works today

And little creativity

In the spread of the Gospel

For Christians who feel

No need to create

What do you think

We will be doing for eternity

Eventually people will

Get tired of predictable dramas

And the over the top shock tactics

Of both the violent and sexual aspects

Of music, movies, and games of today

It is ironic that so many people find sex online

But the Church has still failed

To represent itself to such an extent

Why does the Church run from opportunities

That go outside their comfort zones

It makes little sense considering

We serve a dynamic and creative God

But there are also many Christians

Who would do anything

To live a year longer

Even when their entire religion

Is about a guarantee of a perfect afterlife

And wouldn’t this guarantee

Also inspire Christians

To take greater risks

I understand risks

That cause pain are scary

The risks I refer to

Are of not being accepted by our peers

Or associate with things

That do not bring fame or money

The Church has never needed money

But the Church in America today

Needs more creativity

As we face so many unpredictable changes

In our society over these last few years

This is the best time

To return to the fundamentals

If we are to challenge

What our culture values

We must engage it

In a creative and productive manner

Cultures are defined

By their creations

Not their political debates


You can live life as a hamster

And only live a short life

With great intensity

Or you can live as a turtle

And have a much longer life

With a slower way of life

This also goes in the direction

Of age as well

And many have little to no choice

But we can all be flowers

And give up our lives

So then after we die

We can live again

But we can as a society

Choose between these two

Certainly keeping things as they are

Is usually best for poor people

As great changes are the hardest

On those who have few skills

And little time to prepare

And less energy to fight for stuff

One of the reasons we

Got into this messy situation

Was that we wanted

To keep everyone from dying

We wanted to solve all the problems

For the poorest parts of the world

We wanted to wipe out disease

And we wanted

To solve these problems

Through transforming their cultures

To our way of life

Our solution was to

Make them into one of us

We value business and efficiency

So our contributions are usually financial

And we give the jobs to the well connected

We define ourselves

As the counter government

And so see every problem

As one to be solved by business

We see our eternal enemy

To be a rival economic system

Or more accurately a rival trade network

We then get good at dominating this way

Until someone comes along

And won’t play by our rules

We cannot buy them off

And they don’t want us

To control their culture

Through our domination in trade

They will resist at any cost

Ironically we are the upstarts

But we are blessed geographically

And historically lucky

Because we could fight off

Both the empire that established us

And then the native population

All with the help of our slave population

Our trade network then fights

2 and almost 3 world wars

Which we after brokering a 100 year truce

Broke the peace because of an

Old conflict flaring up

And everyone was

Allied against each other

The most developed economy

Managed to trick us into helping

And then got their rivals to surrender

Due to sabotage of the peace process

The hundred year peace negotiated

Was used to turn from fighting

The other trade networks

To focus on making the rest of the world

More like us and part of

Our exclusive trade networks

Then they broke their own peace

Within their own empires

Then we were given free reign

To divide up the empires that lost

One of which set up the conditions

For the second world war

But they all played by our rules

And lost to us

Although they actually

All invented the rules originally

We even had to be trained

By the empire we came from

Because we had what was required to pay them

Military supplies and the blood of our men

Later one of our allies in both wars

Who we never did like very much

Then decided we were the major threat

Because we had rival trade networks

Along the way most of the countries

Who really suffered the most

Were those who didn’t want to be involved

And were no threat to either major trade network

Ironically what won this second world war

Was technology that led to the rise

Of yet another but much older power

This empire became the factory for our machines

Which we once thought only made nicknacks

The funny thing is the other country we fought

In the second world war

Pulled the same trick on us before

In the previous generation

Really all of this was planned long ago

It only makes sense this way

But this world trade system made

Our trade network more money

But then the only real resistance to this trade

Were those who made the energy

That ran our machines and supply lines

They lived in deserts mostly and were the only ones

Which cost us a big part of our wealth

But the main things that are

Bringing down our empire

Are just internal divisions and poor decisions

For example we had a mild disease

That killed as many as normal diseases

That occur each year

But only kill the very sick and elderly

We then shut down most trade networks

Across the entire world

For a few months

After the disease spread to the entire world

They instituted restrictions on us

Usually reserved for criminals

And many were locked inside for months

They felt sorry for our poor people

But not anyone else’s

So they gave everyone

But the very rich money

Which we will be paying off

For generations in taxes

Whatever happens to us

Will happen to the rest of the world

And vice versa

Ironically great battles between rival

Trade networks and religions

United the entire world under us

Everyone sees the world through their

Cultural and religious lens

But I propose looking through the lens of

Economics, technology, and weather

Because God is in control of the world

Not the devil

I will not suffer for any person’s ideology

It is only God that hold that place

In my life

Maybe I am too weak

But people are not worth it


Being Christian

In the way God

Asks for us to be

Is not about voting

It is not about arguing

It is not about being controversial

Christianity is not supposed

To be negative or punitive

Christians do not need

To promote business needs

Christians do not need

To own businesses

Christianity is meant

To reform the individual

And have the individual

Then reform society

Society want to reform the society

And have the society

Then reform the individual

Most people agree

On the 10 commandments

Many even on the details

But some things

Don’t need to be shouted about

Christians definitely should

Embrace technology

But we need more people

And less money spent

More sincerity and authenticity

And less repetition and volume

The Church should not be lead

By business management techniques

Spreading the Gospel is incompatible

With selling things

Just because you feel

Something to be wrong

Be very careful

This is what God wants

And wants you to do

And do in that specific way

Do not anger the government

When you can be more creative

And voice your concerns

Without being needlessly disruptive

Christians need to take

The next few years at least

To refocus on praying

And on reading the Bible

Then reflecting and listening to God

Before they go off on the next crusade

Or build a giant digital cathedral

Being bigger, better, or faster

Is not necessary, wanted, or effective

How about 10 million Christians

Praying for God’s will to be done

And not their own

Let God surprise us

Call on God to reveal to us

As to where we should go next

Personally and as a group

Let us put the focus on God

Not just His laws

But His attitudes and methods

We cannot hear God

Because He speaks softly

We do not see Him working

Because He works subtly

Christians do not need

To feel defeated

Because their methods

Are reaching such resistance

Think again what Christ did

And what the Apostles did

And what God did not like

That the Prophets wrote about

Was Christ interested in politics

Did Christ want greater spending

On military or police

Or more rights for businesses

Were we supposed to embrace the

Ideology of the empire

Or were we merely to

Follow the laws and pay our taxes

Did Christ use any political means

Or have any political motives

When Paul appealed to Caesar

Was this to reform politics

Or to more widely share the Gospel

Today the Church is not popular

But what things are lacking

Compared to when it was popular

Like in the times of the Reformation

People do not read the Bible anymore

We need to instill a

Love of reading in them

People are unwilling to listen to God

Because no one spends time

Thinking about anything

We need to give people time to think

Most people no longer go to churches

And the ones that do seldom participate

We need to have more smaller churches

The pastors are doing everything they can

As are the evangelists and the staffs of churches

For the most part

Most churches do an excellent job

At making worship approachable

And keeping it scriptural consistently

The divisions in the Church

Are discussed as little as possible

Within any church gathering

Some people have done

And are doing all they can

We need to spread out the load for the pastor

We don’t need to give the church

More than 10% of our money

But we do need to give

Much more time to church ministries

Even to teach a quality Sunday School class

There are so many well designed

Bible study references

That are both very easy to use and cheap

Available in both print and digital

For many years and in many forms

You can make use of original language study

Without having to know anything

About Hebrew or New Testament Greek

The Bible translations have improved greatly

Over the last 20 years

Many don’t require secondary sources

One the perplexing questions

Is why is the King James

The most popular of the Bible translations

By far even now

Another head scratcher is why

So many have fought the

Inclusive gender

In a number of modern

Bible translations

This idea of gender inclusion

Is nothing new

This concept has been the same

My entire lifetime

It means using the word

People instead of men

When the context of the passage

Obviously means this

It does not mean using

A female pronoun for God

The Bible talks about men and women

Being different

But women, men, and children

Are fully equal in the Bible

Women, men and children

All should participate fully

And are required to follow

The 10 commandments equally

This is not controversial

In any church have ever attended or heard of

And is certainly not contrary

To any Bible passage I have ever read or heard of

The King James translation was a

Great, modern, and even revolutionary

Bible translation

At the time of Shakespeare

But today Shakespeare’s english

Although technically still modern

Is different enough to be

Hard to read for most people

There are significant differences in word use

That are not apparent at first glance

It is not the thee’s and thou’s

That are the most problematic

So is the point of the Bible that it

Sounds pretty and is familiar

Or is it more important

To follow what it says


Through it all

The fight was rough

But I tried to be honest

And record my history

I can see too well

With my normal vision

That it makes it harder

To see beyond this

Kind of basic sight

I seek the sight

Of the third eye

The eye of wisdom

The eye that loves God

That loves His creation

And all His children

That I see who He is

So brightly that

The rest of the world dims

In the light of my path

I find the everlasting fruit

Of the spiritual tree

And drink from the cup

That You have given me

That I may never

Go hungry of thirsty

It seems sometimes

That life is unclear

Or the way forward

Is often blocked

Sometime I wish God

Would tear down the barriers

Just like a giant elephant

Stamping down the path for me

But life is often more complex

And maybe the obstacles

Are there to teach lessons

I don’t know if I got the point

But maybe it links up

With my spiritual self

It is easier sometimes

And less intense

Where other times the battle

Seems to be not winnable

I just have to remember that

Even though the devil

Is smarter than me

God is many times smarter

Than this evil one

Some things just take time

They take persistence

And they take commitment

They come at a cost

And require sacrifice

The battle is most difficult

Only when your mind is divided

You need to build your resolve

Within your spirit

The most challenging part

Is picking a strategy

And then sticking to it

Attrition is a costly way to fight

But some battles can only

Be fought that way

The first skill of soldier training

Is to see clearly

This is why we invest so much

In electronic and imaging

In the military

It is hard to be deceived

When you can light up

The battlefield

So that night turns into day

The things the world values

Are the opposite of what God does

The world’s aesthetic is the moment

Where God’s aesthetic is ethics

The world cares about appearances

Even our justice system is more about

Who you know then what you did

The laws themselves are designed

Not to keep people from evil

But to punish them for infringement

People follow the rules eventually

But they are bitter and their intents then

Are far from becoming better people

The law becomes something to fear

And to avoid more because

They don’t want the penalty

Rather than changing their attitude

This will just allow the evil

To manifest in ways which are a harder

To see directly or penalize for

We are learning now that if people

Do not accept the government ideology

We cannot just put everyone in prison

So the world and its leader the devil

Use propaganda, advertising, and general repetition

To persuade us to do evil

Each person has different weaknesses

And different degrees of interest

In a variety of different ways of sinning

Much as alcoholics still prefer

A certain type of alcohol

And smokers are loyal

To their brand of cigarettes

It is ultimately why everyone

Is collecting information on us

They want to make a personality profile of everyone

So they know better

How to manipulate people

We see this more obviously

Through scams and news

But the same techniques

Are used to corrupt churches

And used to target individual Christians

Ultimately all this tracking

Costs a lot of money

And some one must think that

This is worth a great deal

Even people selling Bibles

Engage in the same kind of trade

It never used to be possible

To gain this much power

With so few people

Having to be paid

So the point isn’t

To put great efforts

Into not being tracked

As this is a weak

And ineffective strategy

The point is to turn

To the Lord first

Not to use all other

Human approaches first

The problem with human approaches

There is never enough information

Or enough time and manpower

To go through it all accurately

So you can never fully tailor

The solution to the individual

It is so complex that only God

Can use this strategy effectively

Not only is this true

But God also knows

All the creatures involved

And all the circumstances

Of all the participants

He knows this because

He knows everything

God needs no intelligence service

This is not even difficult for Him

The difficult part for Him

Is to see us suffer unnecessarily

God is truly a Wonderful Counselor

I have not found

Any other therapist

Effective in counseling me

To this date