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God and The Military

by Ben Huot

July 16, 2021

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Government, Corporations, The Military, and God


Government manipulate you to follow

Corporate leaders pay you to follow

Military leaders make you follow

God wants you to choose to follow


Government exists to keep power

Corporations exist to get themselves rich

The military exists to fight wars for rich people

God exists so He created us


Serving in the government means lying

Serving in corporations means not thinking

Serving in the military means suffering

Serving God means having peace and joy


Government creates laws and punishes

Corporations create economic recessions

The military chooses the lesser of 2 evils

God creates true happiness in us


Government wants your mind

Corporations want your body

The military wants your blood

God wants your heart and soul


Governments last centuries

Corporations last decades

Military enlistments last 8 years

God help us live forever


Drill Sergeants vs. Holy Spirit


Drill Sergeants give orders

The Holy Spirit gives encouragement


Drill Sergeants don't care what you think

The Holy Spirit already knows what everyone thinks


Drill Sergeants motivate you by force

The Holy Spirit motivates you by grace


Drill Sergeants punish mere hesitation

The Holy Spirit never even condemns


Drill Sergeants want you to conform

The Holy Spirit want to transform you


Drill Sergeants laugh at your expense

The Holy Spirit suffers at His expense


Drill Sergeants make everything mandatory

The Holy Spirit is gentle and subtle


Drill Sergeants emphasize their authority

The Holy Spirit has no need to prove Himself


Drill Sergeants are always in uniform

The Holy Spirit is not visible physically


Drill Sergeants stress you out

The Holy Spirit heals you


Drill Sergeants make horrible therapists

The Holy Spirit is the Wonderful Counselor


Fear is its Own Pain


For a soldier

The scariest thing

Is being deployed

It is never your desire

To use your combat skills

No one taught us to hate

They taught us to survive


Every soldier in the army

Is first and primarily trained for infantry

This means front line foot soldier

Everyone else is on the front line as well

This is to better support the foot soldier


That is why so many soldiers

Are in light infantry

Which means lighter

For the Air Force to carry

That doesn't mean the combat is any easier

You actually have to be

In as good a shape as Olympic athletes


You are expected to perform as infantry

No matter what job you are trained for

After very minimal training

How do you train someone to survive

In a combat zone

It is easy to get people to fire back

If you are being fired upon

That still doesn't mean

You will rise to the occasion


It is hard to predict who can handle it

Even after training

1/3 of the soldiers who fought

In the last 2 American wars

That the US easily won

But failed to win the peace

Now have some level of PTSD


We think of ourselves as the good guys

In Star Wars world

We would be the evil empire

And the middle east would be

The homeland of the Jedi


We have the big army

We have the big empire

And we have great wealth and power

Those we fight are often

Wanted in their own countries

And very poor and few in number


Those who fight against empire

In our time and place

Have equally great problems

Their societies are also divided

But over very different questions


In our Army we win as

We have the better technology

And more money

To train our soldiers better

Even with all the jokes

About people being stupid in the Army

There is some truth to that


But we are still light years ahead

Of any army we would possibly fight

And in our professionalism and skill


Of course from my experience in the Army

It is when someone gets stressed

That even brilliant people

Make dumb mistakes


Basic training is a big psychological test

As most Army infantry training is

They try to stress you out deliberately

As it is one of the kinder ways

Of preparing soldiers for combat


Your first few days in the Army

Are a culture shock

The yelling is part of it

But that is just the top layer

There are many other layers as well


We were quickly given no choice

Our way or the highway

No highway option

But we were also explained why

They were training us the way they were

In great detail

This is why I know all this


The reason why your

Actual skill knowledge

Do not disqualify you

If you screw the tests up

Is if you have graduated from middle school

You have the intellect to be in the Army


And they also train you in these

Combat survival skills the entire time

That you are in the Army

No matter which job you have been given


The Army is tough in many ways

It requires constant vigilance

It requires making decisions in an instant

And it requires very strong minds

This just isn't academically difficult


There are many intelligences

Other than scholastic ones

One of the intelligence areas

That I am lacking in

Is the mechanical or engineering mindset


Anyone who doesn't have that

Kind of ability by experience or DNA

Should not be able to enter the Army

As it severely limits the types of jobs

That you can qualify for

That are useful after you get out


Which is generally after your first tour

Which is technically 8 years

But most only serve 2-6 years active

But you likely will be called up

During that inactive time


If there is a war which there usually is

They seem to come like clockwork

About every decade since World War 2


Army life is one of the most challenging

At least for Americans who qualify for college

Most people anytime and anywhere in history

Try to get the best careers they can for their families


And for most people

Who meet Army standards

Like lack of felonies and drug addiction

Have better prospects in

Almost any other profession


Being in the military

Looks good on a resume

But most enlisted soldiers

Now have a spouse and kid

This puts you at an income

That qualifies you for food stamps


The military takes extreme stances

On most issues

The choice is made

To not pay soldiers enough to live

In order to put all the money

To protect them in combat


You also are unlikely to get any

College money, college credit, vacation,

Or other advertised benefits

For many reasons


The enlisted soldier is very indoctrinated

To not want to be a leader

After completing basic training

It killed all my confidence

And was what triggered

My psychotic break


I believe others fared better than me

As I was predisposed

To mental illness genetically

And I am a highly sensitive person


The main reasons I joined the military as enlisted

Was I didn't get high enough grades in school

And I believed God wanted me to join the military

My excuse is I am after all mentally ill


I think much too deeply

To be useful in combat

But I proved anyone can make it

Through Army training

Even some of the scary parts


But historically people like me

Have their lives permanently destroyed

By their being drafted into a war

The reason they have not drafted since Vietnam

Is they don't need as many people

As we now have technology

That requires fewer people to run


We need fewer more highly trained soldiers

We are in the position

That the German military was in

During world war 2


We have such an edge over other armies

Both monetary and technological

That we could win a war

Against any country today

In a very short amount of time


Of course we wouldn't have enough people

Or enough resources or patience

To occupy the invaded country

We certainly are not better shooters

In the regular army anyway

We didn't even get hand to hand training

Because if it got to that point

We would be defeated anyway


Many people ask how I accepted my disability

Compared to many veterans

I got a good deal

Veterans get compensated based on

Whether they can work or not

Not based on how much pain they go through


Missing a leg is so common

That it is only rare now

To be a high ranking officer

Missing both legs


Army medicine is excellent

At saving your life

When you are burned alive

But they don't acknowledge pain

Or mental illnesses as problems

Faith and Conflict


Faith is defined by action

Action is defined by obedience

To have saving faith

Means making choices

To constantly follow God


When you fail

God raises you back up again

Serving God means loving others

Loving others means

Helping those who need


This is by satisfying both

Their spiritual and physical needs

It also means forgiving others


There are many pacifists

Who are also devout Christians

Because the military is opposite

In many ways to the church


The church is symbolically

The bride of Christ

Christianity teaches non-hierarchy

In how all Christians are treated

And how we treat everyone else


We are to forgive our enemies

Christ loves the church

As a man is to love his wife

The Church is then to serve Christ

Service and love mean similar things

In Christianity according to the Bible


There is no equality in the military

There is no freedom of choice

They forgive nothing

They are training you to do

The things no one wants to do

And no one ever should

A war is never advisable or inevitable

It is not morally ok and not effective

To respond violently

At least both in our current society

And internationally as a nation


The last 70 years of wars

The US failed to win the peace

We would have done better

To not let others pick a fight with us


If someone attacks your family

And you strike back violently

Then you go to prison

How does this help your family


Of course when society totally disappears

You better respond violently

Or you will have no family anymore

You will know when society disappears

This happens when society legalizes murder

Or chooses not to enforce it

For any reason


We already allow stealing in many forms

Most vice crimes are already legal

What would be the Christian response

In the international world


According to the Bible

God wants to rule us directly

In our society

That might be through a prophet

Who we could verify

Is giving and receiving

The exact words of God


The Bible and the life of Christ

Are both such examples

Christ was predicted by

The religious establishment

To be a military and political leader


He ended up healing people and forgiving sin

What we need to heal society

Is the forgiveness of sin

Along with charity


The Church for all its flaws

Is one of the last structured movements

And communities still relevant

And also existing in a meaningful way


There is no constant anymore in society

We no longer meet in groups in public

We no longer read anything

And we no longer prioritize the needy


Society is truly undoing itself

Our brains and our societies need God

It is unnatural and and ridiculous

As well as ethnocentric

To give up on God


How can you give up on God

He has never given up on us

The offer is always there for salvation

Until you actually die

No matter what you have done


But isn't this the issue then

You don't want God

To save some people

You think are unworthy


Because your think your sins

Are somehow less evil or damaging

But its God's Heaven

And His right not yours to judge


For all those who think

That the Church is rich

Their records are public

As both the churches

And the legal system demand


Currently it is likely

There is more money

Spent frivolously like on salaries

Instead of the work of the charity

In the running of secular charities

Than of Christian ones

As many more Christians

Will do the work for free


When you give to the Church

You are not giving to a stockpile of gold

Neither is God getting the money

The money is used to heal the world

Both physically and spiritually


Some people think

Spiritual things are unimportant

Because they believe

The spiritual world is not real


But just as cause and effect are real

And how you think

Is reflected in what you do

So who you choose to follow

And to spend time with

Has a direct effect

On what your mind is filled with

And on how you think

Why We Can't Relax


It is difficult to relax

If you are a critical thinker

If you read a lot of non-fiction

Or if you are distrustful of others


Relaxing requires you

To allow yourself to be distracted

And not be fully aware

If your mind is always thinking

It makes it very hard to let go


You have to try to remember

Being a small child

When you used to daydream

When school still taught art


To imagine things without constraints

And to just feel things

Without thinking


You don't always need to hear

Every word everyone says

Or to explain everything


The school system

Tries to beat out of us

The ability to be child like

We are overly focused

On doing things

And building things for show

To prove that we have learned


If you did well in school

It his hard to turn off your mind

In the military you rarely sleep

They believe you can sleep when you are dead


Our country is run like a business

We require people to constantly perform

And to get better over time


It is not that these pursuits are bad

Certainly you should work hard

At important things like your job or religion

And be disciplined in many aspects of life


When it comes to unwind

You have to allow relaxation to happen

You have to give up on your work

And let the day end


It is not a method to learn

Or anything you need to do better

It is more like playing than learning

To relax requires being frivolous


To stop thinking

You should not be concerned

With creating anything

Or solving a problem


You need to stop trying to concentrate

And not care about work

This is part of being a balanced person

It can save you from many addictions


Our society is so bent on

Learning things and moving forward

That we type A personalities

Or analytical thinkers

Can get ourselves involved in bad things

Because we are unwilling to stop


Tenacity is a useful trait

But it can be taken too far

If you try the same thing for many years

And you do not exceed

Give up and try something else

Or at least do it in a new way


We constantly worry about our health

And worry about our world

But to a large extent

The first is determined much by DNA

And the other by people

Who have similar problems

That have gotten even worse than yours

Just to be able to influence others


It is ok to not be a brain surgeon

You really cannot be the best in the world

At almost anything

Because no matter how good you are

Someone is going to be better than you

This is not a failure


You don't have to solve everyone's problems

You don't have to preserve everything

That you have every created

You do not always have to have a camera

Or always have to know the current time


We don't need to always know the latest news

We don't need an alarm clock

When we don't work that day

There are always more things that can be done

But the truly wise will stop short


One of the great examples from the Bible

Is the story of Mary and Martha

Martha did everything conceivable

To prepare for Jesus Christ

Coming to her house


But Mary simply kept Christ company

Mary did what was the greater thing

Spending time with God was more important


The only way we will conquer

Our many addictions

Is if we learn how to rest


Some people will go their entire lives

Without ever learning this

They will help the world greatly

But they will have no joy or peace


You are worthy of being taken care of

God values you before you have done anything

Christ was equally pleased with the man

Who was given less talents

And produced less than the other man


Heaven is the ultimate resting place

This is likely why we don't understand it

And why so many think we can earn it


Never give up

But put a pause button on your latest project

Because you are plenty motivated

To finish it another day


Watch how animals behave

They don't worry about having food

For the next day and yet they do


If you want to relax

Simply end your day a little early Work itself can be a powerful addiction


If doing things solved every problem

The Bible would have a list of things to do

Like any self help book knockoff

On "serious" philosophy


God actually ordered Israel

To take a break from work

Not just once a week

But to have parties

Numerous times throughout the year

So that they could remember

What God had done for them

Spiraling Downward


Getting to spend independence day

With drill sergeants

Finally finish in-processing

9 days later

Only supposed to take 2 days


We begged to start basic training

As it only lasts 8 weeks

And we could be stuck

In in-processing forever


Dropping for push-ups

Every time we did

Another rifle movement drill


Unable to scale down wall

With face forward

In confidence course


After feeling my hand burning

I gasped for air

After I was told to

Take off my gas mask


Some soldiers failed

Last performance test

So we all failed

Other platoons got more privileges

But we don't


In my fox hole

While doing rifle shooting training

Drill sergeant and officer scream

Standing behind me

Which one is which voice


I pass the rifle shooting test

Because they set up a rigged lane

I still barely passed


Asked why I didn't fire

With my dominant hand

Other drill sergeant

Said I was left eye dominant


Grenade training I failed

Even the name for the

Tear gas grenade

And barely got the 2nd live grenade

Over the cement wall


Sent to medical clinic

Other side of giant base

In middle of night


As a hypochondriac soldier

Thought he was sick again

I got even less sleep that night

I was his assigned "buddy" then


I once told the drill sergeant

That I had shaved that day

When I really hadn't

Because I was so used to

Saying yes drill sergeant


Rifle ripped from my hand

By drill sergeant

When in field training

Had to crawl on stomach through dirt

As punishment


My other drill sergeant

Was looking for me

With an entire grenade

Of tear gas


For my fox hole

I slept that night

In my gas mask


They let off some yellow gas

My mask was on in 2 seconds

They were actually impressed then


In field training

Officer testing security

I let in without password or challenge

And saluted him


I must have missed that day

Doing kitchen patrol

Which was actually a privilege

Like when they did the Geneva conventions training

So we could follow international laws


Later I was on suicide watch

That must have been why I missed

The training with live fire

And was put on kitchen patrol instead

But I wasn't afraid of that


The last set of performance tests

I failed the clearing the rifle

And the claymore mine tests

Drill sergeant was very disappointed

I was told to avoid him for a while


The last physical training test

I ran slower than the previous one

People thought I was fast

But I was just in good shape


I enjoyed running in training

Because no one yelled at me then


We celebrated basic training

With cleaning chores

As there was a hurricane coming

And military bases are fallout shelters


I did really enjoy bayonet training though

Where we staved wooden posts

But I almost ran through an officer

I didn't do so well in the simulation

With actual soldiers


The army likes you this way

Gullible, submissive, and afraid

Basically weak and young

God's Thoughts and Ways


The military is very depressing

They have to constantly make decisions

In which both sides lose

It is just a question of how much


But God is not like that

But there are references in the Bible

To warfare used as analogies

And war happens

In both the future and the past


As to the past many of that is non-violent

And to the future

We don't know enough to speculate


In the New Testament

Warfare is used as an analogy

To describe aspects of the spiritual world


Jesus is the Prince of Peace

But Christ also had some harsh things

To say about the religious establishment

But He created the nation of Israel and the Church

Which have lasted millennia


The thing is that God is both merciful

But He is perfectly good as well

He cannot tolerate our evil behavior

This is the central importance

Of Christ's birth, death, and resurrection

As the Son of God and Son of Man


God reconciled the paradoxical nature of Himself

At His own expense

As God is kind, humble, and long-suffering

And we should be too


God is slow to anger and quick to forgive

What angers God is sin

As evil is both contrary to who God is

And is the entire source of our suffering


We often see the world today

As having a personal and social sphere

Where we think we can do whatever we want

As long as it does not hurt others


Christ challenges this way of thinking

Like in the psychological concept of Adler

These spheres are not separate

Personal and social psychology cannot be separated


The spiritual connects to the physical

And it happens through the mind

This is the reason why Qi is effective

An is the basis of Chinese medicine

This ultimate connector I think

Is the Holy Spirit of God Himself


The Apostle Paul talks of transforming the mind

To change your spiritual direction

To grow up in a spiritual and emotional sense


God is the ultimate rehabilitator

He truly changes people over time

To be better people in all ways

From the inside out


God sees people as they are now

But also sees how they could be

The past is less relevant to Him


God wanted people to rest, the land to rest,

And He wanted criminals to be set free

This was to happen in cycles of 7

This is why even today 7 years is significant legally

Both for taxes and for felonies


Christ realized that the mind and body

Are important just like the spirit is

He after all both made and lived as one of us

He understands our abilities and limitations

Better than we do


He can and will heal physical, mental, and spiritual

Traumas, conditions, and evil choices

Sometimes He does this directly and supernaturally

Other times he prefers to work with professionals

At other times He does a bit of both


But all good things come from God

God has bigger and better plans than us though


He as a genius can orchestrate

An entire symphony of events

Of seemingly unrelated things

To realize His will and purpose


Some of the most modern

And forward thinking ideas

Are straight out of the Bible


God used non-violence and creativity

Even in the Old Testament

Even when fulfilling moral judgement

On evil societies

To bring about great changes


God usually chooses leaders

Who are anti-heroes

A the time of the great epic heroes

Of the ancient world


The Apostle Paul also talked

Of different realities and dimensions

The spiritual world is a truly weird world

Much beyond what we could imagine


The Apostle Paul was the first existentialist

The Bible even has a whole book on nihlism

The earliest book of the Bible takes an entirely

Different view on evil and suffering


In the past 4,000 years

Scholars have barely scratched the surface

Of what the Bible contains

Of what even the part people can understand


The Bible has more in a couple verses

Than an entire Hindu epic poem


But it can be understood by us peons as well

God is the greatest of equalizers

Some people just think that they are

Morally superior to other people


In God's explanation of spiritual warfare

The only weapon is the Bible

All the other provisions given from God

Are merely defensive in nature


In the Bible people are not the enemy

Christ wants all to be saved

Hell was not created for people


The battle in the spiritual world

Is in the individual's mind

And within the church itself

If you can transform both of these

You can truly transform the world


But God has no limits

On what He can do

He is also by nature good and merciful

He is also called the God of armies


Christ leads a war in the end days

Against the evil empire

Led by the devil himself


God is a lot of things

But the most important thing to know

Is He understands us and

He is on our side and that of animals


It always amazes me when I realize

How some of the best Bible references

Were completely created

Many years before the first computer

Military vs. Church


The military and the Church

Have little in common

With the outside world


The military is based on suffering

The Church is based on healing

The military is run by other people

The Church is run by God


The peons in the Church

Are what they call enlisted in the military

In the military most are treated like slaves

Whereas in the Church they are treated as friends


The military is severe in punishment

The Church is all about forgiveness

The military mission is to kill and destroy

The mission of the Church is to teach peace


The military expects everything of you

Christ has taken on the weight of the world

The military exploits what you already know

Christ gives you gifts for Church service


Christians go to church because they choose to

People join the military because they are tricked

And then they are not allowed to leave


The Church and the military both teach sacrifice

But the Church also teaches reciprocity

The Church asks you to serve

But also offer services for you


The military instills great values in soldiers

Humility and sacrifice are essential

But the same applies to everyone

Others should choose to serve you too

To have a positive community


We need balance and be mutually

Kind to each other

The world is selfish and self-centered


Our entire government and economy

Are based on individuality

At the expense of the group

The military is based on teamwork

At the expense of the individual


The military and the world are so sarcastic

Not in humor but in outlook and ideology

The military and the world

Are both out of balance and one sided


The Church teaches equality and balance

The world is full of anger

But the Church is supposed to

Serve our enemies


God executes His judgment and punishment

In His time, place, and methods

And by His own hand

The Church does not serve this role


One of the big problems internationally

Is the cycle of revenge throughout history

One group persecutes another

Then the reverse happens later

When the second group gains power


Forgiveness is the answer to revenge

It all come down to attitude


We start with the world's attitude

Where we only see things

From our point of view

Later we see things

From others' point of view


In order to be happy

We need to see things

From God's point of view


For many people

The Church and the military

Are similar in nature and temperament

Both involve being

Selfless and disciplined


The problem with this is

We need balance in life

It is true God wants us

To care about others

But God and His Church

Care about us as well


Just as Christian spouses are

To love and serve each other

So Christ and the Church

Love and serve each other as well


Both the military and the Church

Are both sincere and well intentioned

The military has to do things

No one should want to do to another

The Church is tasked with

Doing things we all know we should


The Church has a positive role in the world

Because it is based on peace and healing

The military is tasked with hurting others

And themselves in the process

So that entitled people benefit

Without doing any work to help


The Church is dependent on

Every member working together

And Christ gives gifts specifically for

Use in His Church


If we really love God

We show it in action

If we are really committed to Christ

We should help with His Church


Society today is all about talk

With no real change

The Church is not satisfied

With things as they are


Whether they like it or not

Christians are being forced

To make a deliberate and long term choice

If they want to be violent or peaceful

To forgive or condemn others


The question boils down to this

Do you trust that God

Has a better plan

Than you or the world do


If so we need to fight the culture

We need to change this me first attitude


Following God actually reduces stress

For most of us these means

Giving up distractions and busy work

Which we might enjoy immensely


But God is definitely worth it

It is like trading in your trash

And getting gold in return

Truth and Trust


Our society has given up on truth

Finding it easier to lie and deceive

We have taken the easy route

We need more discipline and respect


Our world is about to go under

And it is about fraud more than anything

People do not want anything

To do with other people

Because of scams


People are worried about using technology

Or meeting other people or buying things

As so many people

Want to get rich quick


We cannot just accept this as part of life

Our country is based on greed to a degree

But when everyone scams everyone

The whole system collapses


The Internet has made crime too easy

As it has made everything else too easy as well

Part of it is harder to make money

Part of it is we are addicted to money


Many people cannot accept being comfortable

They want to be fabulously wealthy

Or they will accept having nothing

It is very much a poverty and prison mentality

Everyone is fighting for scraps


Everyone believes this will solve their problems

It is like people who are addicts

Just want more of their drug of choice

How do we get people to stop this kind of thinking


We need to convince each other

To spend more time with God

We need wisdom and self control

Something we very much need God for


But also we need to continue to choose

And make an effort to fight this

It will take time and not be easy


I pray God will make a way forward

Obvious to everyone

And illuminate our paths

So that we may have discernment

And know what is true

And what are merely lies


With our increased power via technology

We need to get our society under control

Not by laws and punishment alone

We need to get people to want to change


Some of this will take time

But we can start with prayer

As we have limited to no ability

To change anyone else's mind


We need to start with our own lives

And live lives of truth and wisdom

We need to stop depending on

Technology alone to protect us


We need to be responsible in everything

Ultimately we need to bring our fears to God

The one thing we can be sure of in life

Is that we did not come out of nowhere

God created us


Most people believe in Christ enough

To adopt some of His ideas

Why not then adopt them all


If we do not get this under control

We will no longer have technology

But maybe that is the point


I wonder if the end goal of organized hacking

Is to bring down the world

After all the Internet in its organization

And its governance literally is an anarchy


Most security is now done by technology

By a combination of encryption

Which means information is scrambled

Without the correct code

Limiting what both you and the hacker

Are allowed to do

And the third is to have layers of security


Currently we have an internet security problem

Where we once had a Microsoft security problem

One of the biggest problems in security today

Is we have little control over our data


We cannot dictate to other companies

Who hold our data

To take reasonable precautions

To protect our data


Another problem is there are too many features

Especially in web browsers

And they can run code from anywhere


These two thing stifle competition

No one can make a new browser

Because of their present complexity

And security is so bad

People will not trust anyone

Who is not a giant corporation


Some people say the solution is Bitcoin

But it is very easy to steal

And like the Internet

Its effective security and anonymity

Are ineffective in a practical sense


The big reason so much crime

Happens on the Internet

Is America has raised a generation of hackers

Hacking is considered cool amongst teenagers

And our government has used it so much

That now the other countries are using it too


Obviously government does not care enough

Or know enough to fix these problems

And technology solutions

Have limited effectiveness

As most benefit hacking as much as security


Much of this is out of our control

But God is available to us

He is a much bigger force in the world

He can and will bring about change

Although in His time and by His methods


We should always pray to God

When we need discernment for anything

And this warrants much prayer

We need to wait upon the Lord

He will bring a way forward


No one even dreamed of who Christ would be

Or what He would do

Or what that would change

For thousands of years


And yet many still followed Him anyway

That is real faith

What this requires is prayer