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Peace and Eternity

by Ben Huot

June 30, 2021

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American Issues


Free thinking is fundamental to the Christian faith

People must choose faith in Christ of their own free will

There cannot be any influence exerted by any mind manipulation or violence

Otherwise it does not offer the person salvation from their sins

And a guarantee of living forever with God in Heaven


These ideas were stated long ago in the Bible and became the basis for the idea of toleration that was first introduced into the modern world by John Locke in his "Letter Concerning Toleration"


What is it that we must do

To further the Kingdom of God

God obviously doesn't need us

We are terribly unfaithful

So why use us at all

Animals are great

Why not just get rid of the people

And just keep the animals


It is easy to respond in anger

When someone shouts and condemns

Maybe we are all Pharisees

Maybe we are all hypocrites

We see evil in the world

But justify it in our own lives

And evil brings death in the end

Just doing good things

Does not cancel the evil

That we have done before


There is such a long history

Of warfare and conflict

Can we ever let the past go

Can we ever forgive

But to forgive we have to

First admit we are wrong too


But we are afraid to do so

Because this makes us appear weak

If we appear weak

Won't we continue to be victims

In the end is it better

To be a victim or an aggressor


There is so much fear in America today

We know we have hurt so many

But our response is to say others are worse

Is it possible for a government to please God

Is it possible to have humans run things well


Does it ever work when we make moral compromises

We think faith doesn't matter

But Science is Gospel truth

Why are so many so afraid of death

There are many worse things than dying

Many suffer worse on a daily basis


For people who do not believe in hell or the underworld

Why all the fear

Scientists are convinced all life created itself

The Bible says otherwise

What makes more sense

Something creating itself

Or having an eternal God


There is much anger on both sides

And much evil on both sides

The combination of ideas of each party

Seem bizarre and irrational to me

But most people would consider my ideas

Unworkable and defeatist

I am mentally ill after all


But for people to equate God with America

I answer you with Hollywood

This is an industry actively creating harm to the world

By giving very bad examples

This is the lasting impact of America

On the rest of the world

We are making the world in our own image

And that is made in Hollywood


This is neither conservative or liberal

The evil is obvious from many perspectives

Most people would agree that this influence

Is almost entirely a negative thing

Whether you are concerned with

Corporate greed and the display of wealth

Or suffering caused by addiction and the

General downward spiral of its humor

Where pursuit of nothing but shock value

Will end it soon but not well

Cannot we agree this is not

How we want the world to see us


There is evil across the entire world

And Christ would be critical of everyone today

If He were physically on earth today in human form

Our entire nation has turned into Pharisees

Both the right and the left

Both the religious and the unbelievers


Equally self righteous and self absorbed

Both proud of their own conduct

And highly critical of every other point of view

They have opposite ideas and both believe

They have a monopoly on the one true way

They each think their opinion is the only truth


We are very much as bad and destructive

As those in the third world

Whose faith we look down on

Right and left in America are the same

Maybe if America and the third world

Can learn from each other

We could have a better world


I know we constantly want a positive message

The good news is Christ is unlike any of us

If we want to see what it is

To live like Christ did on earth

Maybe we should observe how animals behave

A least animals for all their faults

Have not sunk to the level of people

I know there are exceptions

But I am referring to the kind of animal

Non-scientists think of as animals



Spirituality vs. religion is very similar to

Philosophy vs. religion in most contexts

Sounds like somebody stumbled upon philosophy

This is not surprising as psychology

Was for most of history called Philosophy of Mind

Science also comes from Natural Philosophy


Just like you cannot avoid God

You cannot avoid philosophy

Those who do not study philosophy

End up dividing people into two groups

And end up with simplistic views of the world

They become followers not independents

Just as those who do not learn from history

Continue to repeat the same mistakes again


Philosophy and religion are meant to work together

Many great classics of Asian literature are also philosophy and religion in genre as well

Much like science and math

Philosophy and religion are not directly comparable

They do not require the other one as well

But they work together

To make the other one more useful


One of the big differences between philosophy and religion

Is that philosophy is inherently individual

Where religion as generally practiced is inherently social

But the modern world is based on the individual to an extreme

Religion has been seen to inspire groups to do bad things


Ironically both Hitler and Stalin

Based their ideas on the occult and atheism

They incorporated little to nothing from the Bible

Just like Nietzsche gets the blame for Nazism

Reading a few of his books you realize that his ideas

Are almost a direct opposite of dictatorship and oppression

He was anti-German and pro-Jewish and loved the humanities


Throughout history religious leaders have often used their influence

To stop wars and lessen suffering


Continental Rationalism is one of the 2 main schools of the European enlightenment philosophy

It is based on arbitrary assumptions like Descartes famous I think therefore I am

Most of the major European philosophers up until the the 19th century were first trained in theology


The modern idea for tolerance comes from a letter written by the Enlightenment philosopher John Locke

And is based on Biblical ideas about salvation

The Enlightenment Philosopher Berkeley used the ideas of empiricism to prove the existence of the Christian God and a mystical reality


The enlightenment of Europe

Which is basically the biggest movement in European philosophy and modern philosophy

It is the basis of modern atheism and many secret societies

Some of the great leaders inspired by these philosophical ideas

Were Napoleon of France, Frederik the Great of Prussia, and Catherine the Great of the Russian Empire


The ancient western rationalism comes from Aristotle

Aristotle tutored Alexander the Great

The study of Aristotle was banned by the church during the dark ages

It was reintroduced into the Western Christian world after taking the ideas from the Jewish philosopher Maimonides in Cairo

Thomas Aquinas brought these ideas into Christianity and was approved by the pope

This was right around the time of the Crusades


It is possible to be an atheist or agnostic and still have morals

Existentialism and communism can provide morals

In Buddhism God is irrelevant and that is entirely an ethical system

But most atheists do not study philosophy


According to Foucault until the modern world people who didn't believe in God in Europe were considered insane

Now it is often seen the other way around unofficially


One of the major themes in philosophy is from Freud originally

This characterizes those who believe in the supernatural to be immature

This comes from the Western assumption that history is progressive because it makes Europe look good in the 19th century

In this worldview first you have paganism, then the major revealed religions, and finally science


Science as we now know it basically came about in the west out of the enlightenment

Science or philosophy never got much traction in the Muslim world

It was thought to be speculative and work against religion


Most of the Muslim populations were very devout historically

The reason why we have a few major philosophers during the Middle Ages in the Western Islamic world

Is they were protected by the royal court

Because their ideas helped reinforce the legitimacy of the current leadership


Most of the intellectual community in the Middle East were Christians just as most intellectuals in Europe were Jewish throughout the premodern world

This was primarily because they were the only ones literate besides royalty because they had a different liturgical language than the spoken one

They needed to be literate to practice their religion


Confucianism early on adopted the ideas of agrarianism or a subsistence economy

This was a major reason China did not develop in the same way as Western Europe

Japan did not adopt this idea and so became rich like Western Europe

This happened through international trade once Europeans were re-allowed into the country


The modern world is the product of the European enlightenment

It has been spread throughout the world through the major Western European empires

The question we have to ask ourselves is do we like the direction the world is going now

Or was it better before the Protestant Reformation and the modern world



Even when we think

We are washed as clean as snow

We still think inside the box

We still see the world as it looks

Not as it is


What is the point of vision

If we need to perceive by faith alone

What is the point of being blessed

If we do not take the risk

To prioritize others over ourselves


Whenever we think someone has a better life

We need to prioritize eternity

And those things that are truly portable

Because the toys do not come with us

Unless they are part of our souls


What exists when you are all alone

And emptied your mind of everything

This is you

When you are judged

The only appropriate response

Is one of repentance and

Your only hope is the Grace of God


We often think we do some bad things

And no one gets hurt directly

But we are not just making our lives worse

God is the one we have wronged


To say some things are just bad habits

Is denying the reality of sin

Which needs to be dealt with

More than our physical or mental issues


To deny sin is to deny Heaven

To deny God is to deny ourselves peace

Is it not enough that God created us

True sin hurts us too

But it goes deeper than that

In fact all suffering comes from sin


It is good to rebel against the world

By turning from our compromising actions

But to resist God

Is to destroy our own souls

And experience a worse death

Than the one we deserve

As we are all entitled to hell or the underworld

But separation from God is worse

Even just in this life


All the good things in life

May cost us no money

But they are far from free

Following God does cost you everything

Because you need to choose to give up

Anything that keeps you

From doing what God asks of you


God does not want us to fail to commit

The disciples Jesus chose

Were the ones who

Left their pasts cleanly

And immediately without conditions


You cannot be happy in sin

We need to flee from all evil

We need to turn to God

Show our commitment with actions over time

And God will make a way for us


We are all still thinking too often

To call on God as a last resort

Even in the Church

But God is not a genie

And the point of following God

Is not about what we can gain from it


It is true our lives will be happier

If we can but humble ourselves before God

But serving God needs to be motivated

By more than just the promise of heaven


The patriarchs of the Old Testament

As well as the Prophets

Did not yet have the promise of salvation

But you cannot read Biblical prophecy

And not want to follow God

Who God is makes it worth following Him

God's character and motivations

Are the best things about Him


Sure God will make us better people

But heaven should not be our primary motivation

It is just natural to want to please God

Because He created us

It is a more natural relationship

And a more special one

Than that of the best human families


We are children of God

Does not this challenge you

To be part of His plan


No matter what your past is like

God cares more about your present and future

You can read every self help book

Or even create your own philosophy

But there is no satisfying answer

To all the big issues that keep your from God

Than simply reading the Bible, praying, and going to church


We think of our suffering

And pain can sink us near to disbelief

But not only does God truly understand

He can and often does fix us

But the part that needs fixing most

Is not the parts we see with our eyes


That is not the real us

And that us not where the source of the problems is

The problem lies in our selfish choices

Some call that rebellion against God

Some call that fitting in and being popular


We need to fully separate our minds, hearts, and souls

From our own desires

And focus our lives on serving God

In the end what appears to be

Visually in our favor

Is really a path to death


It is no wonder we end up in hell or the underworld

We create our now paths

And choose who we want to be

Most of us seem to choose ourselves

It is our job as Christians

To hold ourselves to a higher standard

While being as honest as we can to unbelievers



The voice grows louder

Slowly building intensity

Then stops abruptly

Only to start up again

The very next moment


Why can't we yell anymore

Why can't we escape technology

Everywhere we go

We have to use technology

Even before the pandemic

This was our trajectory

This was society's goal


Isn't it sad that we gave up

On community for an

Inferior imitation of religion and society

We scream in all the wrong places

For all the wrong reasons

We scream out in anger

And we respond to negativity

With even greater negativity


We cannot stand another point of view

We are afraid to meet anyone

But not afraid enough of ourselves

People seem to no longer trust

Any kind of social system

No one wants to be a member

Or keep records of anything


Except those bent on power

Like the police and criminals

And everyone else without morals

Like the government backed hackers

Of most major nations


We are dismantling the trust

That society is built on

We have taken individuality

To such an extreme

That we no longer want to be

Members of any group or cause

We are opting out of society

One by one


We are afraid that we will anger someone

And become a target and a victim

This is the curse of the modern world

The inherent instability and fragility

Of a society built on the foundation

That encourages greed and selfishness


Democracy has never truly been achieved

Much like those who dreamt up communism

Because no one gives up power willingly

But even if it worked

Do we honestly think that

Just because the majority of people think something

That that alone makes it right or wise to do


Do we think that leaders rule without followers

Or that dictators do not have the support

Of a large mob

Leaders need followers and followers leaders

If only we could see past all this


Then we could truly evolve

To see Christ as a our leader

And the government secondary

That we would reject all necessary evil

And focus our resistance upon

The motivations of our own dark hearts and souls


That we would make war upon

Our very desires for what is not ours

That we would stop fighting each other

And see the battle is for our very own minds


That we would give ups all distractions

And spend our remaining years

Focused on spiritual things that last

And not upon our present desires


A war is always evil

And hurts all sides

Often with no winner

It is ironic that with

All the power of our military

And the money and technology

Put into its machines

That we cannot rule unopposed


We win one war to create another

We lose but it doesn't break us

We are afraid of people

On the other side of the world

And do not understand them

Because we don't want to believe

How important religion is to the third world

And should be to us as well


Even the most devout in America

Have great difficulties in seeing

The reality of the spiritual world

Truly we are as far from God

And as far from morality

As our most effective

Economic and political adversaries


The difference is that we hide

Our evil so that we don't see it

On our sources of truth

The mainstream media

And Hollywood


These are necessary for the power

That we have in the world

And one of the best reasons

Why we need to withdraw from it


It all boils down to money or morality

We have loads of money

Both us and our political and economic rivals

But money is a big distraction

We need to look deeper

To find the source of our division


The thing that will destroy America

Will come from within our souls

Not from enemies in the third world

We will become so focused

On satisfying our increased appetites

That we will no longer be able to

Find rest or satisfaction in anything

The beast within us

Will drive us to turn on each other

Once we fully convert to a digital only world


In a world where we have to do so little

We are full of more sorrow than ever before

Because we know things are unraveling

But we are unwilling to sacrifice to fix things


We need not do anything expensive or cruel

We need to bring ourselves back to earth

In our expectations of each other

And raise back our expectations of ourselves


What got us into this mess

Is that we associated independence with possessions

And freedom with consuming more

We thought justice meant we gained wealth or status

And that equality meant that we were in charge


Most people have barely enough nutrients to sustain themselves

Our problem is we have no more room for all our waste

And we have health problems now

Only Kings have had throughout history

We need less of everything

We need to literally fast on some of our addictions

So we can appreciate what we have


Life will get much harder for us

But we have an opportunity now

To change the way we think

So that be can have a positive mental attitude

Even as we make due with less


We need more spiritual wealth

But this will only come

When we get our consumption under control

It is hard for anyone to experience spiritual truths

If they are unwilling to work hard

This is true of all major world belief systems


When you lose direction

The best course of action

Is to return to the fundamentals

The fundamentals of getting along

Is being willing to put others needs

Before your needs

To give up something

So that this sacrifice can improve society



God of your imagination

And a god you create

Is not God

Anymore than you are

Do it yourself religion

Is not faith

It does not require

Any sacrifice or commitment

It is an exercise in arrogance


Instead of choosing to serve the real God

You are choosing to worship yourself

Science puts man at the center

Of God's universe

And so does our society


From the fantastical to the mundane

Our entire society

Is one where you can be free

To be a slave to your god


Christianity teaches many paradoxes

One of them is that in

Serving yourself you end up enslaved

The absence of God in your life

Is like having no contact with other people

It is not healthy or balanced

And leads to addictive behaviors


The thing is that our brains are

Hardwired to need God in them

To just function properly

We were never designed to live

Just for ourselves and by ourselves

We will never be satisfied

Without community and faith


Some people think all we need

Is proper nutrition and proper hygiene

But the person is more than a body

And God is more than an abstract concept

The reality of God

Should motivate us to try to please Him


He combines the 2 best qualities

He is both perfectly good to all creation

Plus He is merciful and forgives our evil choices

He has reconciled this paradox

At the expense of Himself


Just like the American justice system

No one likes mercy until they are accused

So it is between us and God

God has higher standards than modern society

Most ancient societies had higher standards as well

So from God's point of view

We are all evil and unworthy of His Heaven


The reason why we don't go to our natural ending

Which is hell also know as the underworld

It is because God placed the curse

Of our disobedience to God

On His Son


This meant Christ had to descend

To live on earth and do nothing bad

Like us living as a single celled organism


Then He had to die painfully and

Have His Father reject Him completely

And then entered hell

Defeated death

Then came back to prove He had ascended from the grave

And then ascended back to Heaven


This was the only possible way to

Resolve this paradox within who God is

While saving us from what we deserve


When you do what the Bible calls sin

You commit high treason against

Your Heavenly Father primarily

While also causing you and others to suffer


When we sin we commit evil in full knowledge

Of what we are doing is wrong and

We willfully turn our back on our Creator

And we have no excuse

Sin seems pleasurable at first

But like drug addiction it will eventually

Lead to moral death and even hell eventually


There is really a spiritual war going on

Throughout history

With rules that reflect the nature of who God is

Where God has already won the war on our behalf

But there continue to be battles for every person


God is willing to do anything to free us

But God created us with a free will so we

Could have the capacity to choose to love Him

Even though God has infinite power

He will not interfere in our free choice

He will never overpower our free will

Even when filled with the Holy Spirit

Christians do sin from time to time


God's limitations like all spiritual laws

Are completely at His discretion

When we refuse to cooperate

In our rehabilitation

Just like an addict that will not help themselves

God will not force anyone to believe in Him


No one gets seniority or special treatment

God is as happy about you accepting His grace

At the end of your life as at the beginning

God gives everyone many chances

But sometimes hardens people after rejecting Him

Many times over many years

So that it becomes much harder for them to accept God


One of the frustrating and confusing things

To modern society about Christianity

Is that Christians believe in forgiveness to a fault

Christ tells us we need to forgive others

When they wrong us to the same extent to which

He forgivers us

Even if we commit what we think are small sins

And others do more evil things to us


This is when believers start to realize that

Following Christ will cost them everything

While technically you can enter Heaven

After only saying a five minute prayer

Even at the end of your life

Which you genuinely mean

Turning to God will force you to give up

Either Him or your addictions


Many people will not accept you

Or understand your choice

They might also consider your choice

To be immoral or invalid

The modern world is especially

Hostile to Christianity

More than other religions


Ironically there are more people

More motivated by religion in the world today

Than ever before in history

Many look down on people from the third world

In our country because of their faith


Many people in this country

Think most the suffering in the world comes

From people being too committed to religion

The reality is America has always been anti-Christian


The concept of America came out of the Enlightenment

And has both pagan and atheistic components

Most Christians in the world today suffer because

Of America's power in the modern world


This situation goes much deeper

Than a single administration

Or a single political party

The world as we know it

Is fundamentally dependent

On both China and Saudi Arabia


Without their support

We would no longer be in the modern world

We do not have enough energy or metals

That we can access without energy from oil


We do not have enough people

To assemble all the computers we use

Which already outnumber the world population

And the quantity is growing fast


The amount of money the world uses

Could never exist in physical currency

We could not even feed ourselves

If the supply of computers stopped


This would mean after a world system collapse

We would have the same technology

As our ancestors had in the stone age

Once we finished pillaging our trash


Universal Issues


Christianity is not about our past

But about our present and future

But being Christian doesn't make you perfect


Many Christians struggle with sin

For many years to overcome it

Others are delivered out of it immediately


There are so many different Christians

With slightly or significantly different situations

Being a Christian is a process

Of God making you a better person


Some of us started out worse than others

So some of us have more distance to cover

While some just struggle with temptation more


We don't know all the reasons why evil exists

Ultimately we must decide whether

We want to be Christians

Even though not every one

Of our questions is answered


If you cannot accept mysteries in life

Maybe Christianity and heaven are not for you


The Bible makes it clear

That God does not sin or tempt us to either

We are the source of evil in the world

Suffering is entirely caused by people's sin

Sometimes it hurts us and sometimes it hurts others


Many people in the world do many evil things

And yet live long happy lives

While many people suffer greatly

Even though they have done little wrong


But there are no minor sins

Spiritual things work differently

Than physical things

They have different laws as well


The Spiritual world is the bigger world

And the physical world is a small subset of that

Spiritual things like making morally significant decisions

Can have far reaching consequences

Some people are also more strategic spiritually than others


Several well known belief systems are based

Entirely on solving the problem of suffering

In Buddhism suffering is caused by desire


The only way to find liberation from this

Is to break the cycle of karma

That drives reincarnation

Enlightenment is literally the extinction of desire


Ultimately whether God exists

Is irrelevant to Buddhists

Like some other major world belief systems

Buddhism has no personal God

That is willing to help us out

Unlike in Christianity


The concept of karma

Is that good things happen to good people

And bad things happen to bad people


I am not good enough or strong enough to be Buddhist

I find Christianity although difficult possible to practice

A life where God is irrelevant scares me


Sin happens

It is not good

It is not ok

It is not acceptable


God forgives us for everything

But we must continue to flee from sin


If we fall into the trap

Of underestimating our own

Capacity for evil

We are more likely to sin


We need to trust ourselves less

And give God more control over our lives

We must put our trust in our Creator

And believe He will provide a way


Many of the most famous figures of the Old Testament

Had no promise of Heaven

And yet they still believed God would

Continue to look after them after death


One of the responses to the existence of evil

Is to try to explain why it exists

Another response is to do what we can

To reduce the suffering experienced by others


Instead of trying to understand why others sin

Maybe we should first reduce the amount of sin

Which we commit by ourselves



If you try to stop violence

With more violence

How do you get to peace

And end the suffering


If you cannot get along with God

How can you master yourself


If you cannot live at peace with your community

How can you ever find peace with God


If you do not want to please God

How can you ever make another person happy


If you cannot accept your limitations

How will you ever be content


If you cannot follow even God

How will you keep your society from war


If you cannot agree to what is right and wrong

You no longer have a common civilization



When the pain cuts too deep

For a surgeon to operate on


When the strongest prescription

Is no longer effective


When we have almost expired

With exhaustion and sleep deprivation


Where the best psychologists

Cannot find cause or cure


When no cure is known

Or the cure only causes greater pain


Who is better to treat you

Than He who created your very mind and body


And suffered as bad or worse

During His short life on Earth

Ultimately He will take all pain away


It is hard to be patient

When you are in great pain


But it is better to have God's will done

Than to be without hope



It is unfair to blame God for suffering

As it is not something He created

And is entirely our own fault


He has never promised to end all suffering

In our lives in this reality and time

But despite this He intervenes constantly to help us


Just because He doesn't get rid of your problems

Right away the way you want Him to

Does not mean He is allowing evil


We are the ones who allow evil

By the bad things were do to each other

We suffer because other people are cruel to us

And because of our own evil


Bad things happen to good people

And good things happen to bad people

Bad people sometimes do good things

And good people sometimes do bad things


But this is our collective fault

The concept of sin accounts for this

The concept of karma does not


The Bible seems easy and simple at first

But underneath it is complex

Being a genuine Christian and living in imitation of Christ

Is much harder than many outsiders think


This is because God does not offer easy answers to difficult problems

Difficult problems are usually complex in nature

And because of this difficult to solve or even manage


If your problems were easy to solve

You would likely have solved them before on your own



The world spins around

At an increasing velocity

We spin out of control

The glass breaks

On the edges of our reality

Our spirits spill out


We have opened pandora's box

But the Grace of God

Only grows stronger

All is breaking down

And yet we still have hope


Increasingly the world disappoints

We need more

But we have a way forward

The lights rotate blue, then red, then yellow

Alternating between realities


Our future is in flux

We think we need to fight these futures

But our next steps

Are not carved in stone


We need not settle

For the past we remember

A time of peace

Is not always a blessing


History is warfare

And the spiritual world is similar

We think we are alone

And many plot our demise

But angels surround them


We are supposed to be content

With our recollection of our glory days

We are just supposed to tune out

Everyone says the white male

Must make room for other demographics


But even though it may be old fashioned

Some things are timeless

Our path forward may be uncertain to us

But not to our God


Many things try to stand between us

But even giants cannot break through

We will overcome because

God has already won on our behalf


We are never truly alone

Everything we do matters

Everything has happened for a reason


Who would have thought Apple

Would be the biggest company in technology

Just 20 years ago

Much can change in a generation

As we now are seeing


For some people music is enough

To meet their spiritual needs

For others it is a quiet time


But serving our God

Is not just a one directional relationship

He serves us as well

He is a Servant King


Though having no reason we can think of

To still be concerned about us

He keeps helping us through


We understand by His very nature

We will never have to face the future alone

Not only will there always be other believers

God Himself stands before our enemies

Within our hearts and surrounding us on all sides


If only we could see with faith alone

Sometimes we are just too visual

And believe too much of the propaganda

And pain can even bring us down to despair


But our God does not disappoint

And He always has a surprise planned

We fear the future for good reason

But we need not let it drive us away

Or make us slow down

Doing the work we have been called to


With all the persecution in the third world

The Church is stronger than ever

If society wants to be run by women alone

So be it


That does not need to force us into any response

That they want to provoke

We do what we can and must


No one knows the future

Only God is in control of history

There is so much we don't know

Science is just starting to realize this


Once the cracks in society

Become too obvious to ignore

People will realize what is good

And what is evil


We know the Voice of God

Because we are willing to listen

We cannot take on the salvation

Of the entire world alone

Even with the entire Church


We need to realize we have little control

And this is a good thing

The devil thinks he has us cornered

But we have survived worse before


The battle is completely mental

There is no reason to lose hope

The world is scary

But our God is not


He has already accomplished greater miracles

There is a reason for all this

And the Church will come out stronger

As will our faith

We just need to wait upon the Lord



Heaven is like a story without a plot

A movie you can take everyone to

And never have to fast forward

Or close your eyes through parts


Heaven is adventures without suffering

Freedom without the possibility of evil

Creativity without physical limitations


Where time no longer holds us back

When we do not have to worry about

What to do next


Where there is no struggle and no boredom

Where the time is irrelevant

Where joy and peace are plentiful

And we never grow tired


Where we need no patience or self control

Because it is impossible to do evil


Imagine if everyone was truly happy and at peace

With both God and the world

When even the city is made of precious metals and jewels

No one even desires to break the commandments or laws


If you never need to eat

Never need to sleep

You are always safe

And everyone gets along

Do you even need to have houses


What does it mean to exist

Without pain or evil

What would we do with all the time


The best part is that we would never worry

About questions like that

Because the answers would be pointless