Who's Who of Stuffed Toys: Benjamin-Newton Oregon

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I have a new domain set up called Cloudy.diamonds - Clarity in a Confusing World

I have officially dropped benjamin-newton.info, benjamin-newton.net, benjamin-newton.org, and benjamin-newton.us and they will no longer be mine nor redirect to any of my websites. I am making things simpler and cheaper for me and less confusing for when I deal with technical people. These will eventually be bought up by entirely different people and be used for any purpose like just for ads.

benjamin-newton.com, on the other hand, will remain mine for the forseeable future.

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Stuffed Toy Names


Barry "Cow" Huot

Download Barry


Bow "Cow" Huot

Download Bow


Patrick "Cow" Huot

Download Patrick


George "Cow" Huot

Download George

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