Christian Music List: Oregon

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1990s Christian

  1. Considering Lily
  2. Jennifer Knapp
  3. Kathy Troccoli
  4. Michael W. Smith
  5. Michelle Tumes
  6. Rebecca St. James
  7. Rich Mullins
  8. Steven Curtis Chapman

2000s-2010s Male Christian

  1. Brian Johnson
  2. Capitol Kings
  3. Citizen Way
  4. Crowder
  5. Danny Gokey
  6. For King and Country
  7. Hillsong United
  8. Jeremey Camp
  9. Jeremey Riddle
  10. John Mark McMillan
  11. Jordan Feliz
  12. Leeland
  13. Relient K
  14. Seeker and Servant
  15. Sidewalk Prophets
  16. We Are Messengers

2000s-2010s Female Christian

  1. Bethany Bernard
  2. Brooke Barretsmith
  3. Elianna Meade
  4. Evan and Eris
  5. Hollyn
  6. Jessie Daniels
  7. Jillian Edwards
  8. Joy Whitlock
  9. JJ Heller
  10. kalley
  11. Kari Jobe
  12. Krystal Meyers
  13. Nichole Nordeman
  14. Plumb
  15. Sara Groves
  16. Starpoint Worship
  17. Steffany Gretzinger

2000s-2010s Heavy Metal Christian

  1. Anberlin
  2. Family Force 5
  3. Nine Lashes
  4. Red
  5. Shinedown
  6. Skillet

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