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Android/Generic (non-Apple) Phones

Android (non-Apple) phones are often too slow to see many modern websites, but I have merged my mobile and main websites and totally disabled any Javascript on my websites for any device. As many non-US users cannot afford an Apple phone, hopefully these simplified websites should work well on slower devices.

I have deliberately separated out some of the more memory and battery intensive special effects out as themes. The newer websites are somewhat more memory and battery intensive than the main/mobile website.

I have not had any ads on my website for at least 10 years now (since even before I had my own domain) and only then when I was using a free service that automatically inserted ads. I also go to great lengths to not collect any users data and provide the best security I can afford. I also read up on these things daily.

Most website have hundreds of files to load and mine has around a dozen or less all together. There also should be no 3rd party code, no third party service or anything annoying in the designs. For those with older browsers or phones, you will likely see a bare website without any formatting, but that is by design as well.

For more information about my design decisions, see my overview website technical section and my website privacy policy on each page

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