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Web Pages

another webpage

  • .shtml
  • Server Side Includes

plain webpage

  • .html
  • Hypertext Markup Language

entire book webpage

  • -plain.html
  • Hypertext Markup Language


Zip Download

  • .zip
  • Zip Archive

PDF Download

  • .pdf
  • Portable Document Format


Apple E-Book

  • .epub, .ibooks
  • EPUB, Apple iBook

Amazon.com E-Book

  • .mobi
  • Mobipocket

Old Office Formats

old Microsoft format

  • .rtf
  • Rich Text Format

old spreadsheet format

  • .csv
  • Comma Separated Values

unusual document format

  • .djvu
  • DjVu

New Office Formats

new Microsoft format

  • docx, .pptx, .xlsx
  • Office Open XML

new Apple format

  • .pages, .key, .numbers
  • iWork

Open Document Format

  • .odt, .odp, .ods
  • OpenOffice.org

Picture Formats

photo or drawing

  • .png, .jpg
  • Portable Network Graphics, Joint Photographic Experts Group

old Adobe format

  • .eps
  • Encapsulated PostScript

comic book archive

  • .cbz
  • Comic Book Archive

advanced picture format

  • .svg
  • Scalable Vector Graphics

Audio Formats

Microsoft audio format

  • .wmv, .wma
  • Windows Media Audio

unusual audio format

  • .ogg, .flac
  • Ogg Vorbis, Free Lossless Audio Codec

old audio format

  • .mp3
  • MPEG Audio Layer III

new audio format

  • .mp4, .m4a
  • Advanced Audio Codec, Advanced Audio Codec High Efficiency, Apple Lossless Audio Codec

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