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Website Licenses

Everything on my websites are copyrighted, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise marked.

Book and Picture Licenses

You can find the specific and authoritative license restrictions, on the pages, that contain the various media, but, in general, most my text books can be freely copied but NOT modified in any way (this also means you cannot change the file formats of the book files). The PDFs are the only file format versions, that can be redistributed. The graphics that can be edited and distributed according to the licenses on accompanied pages are the Freely Editable Graphics. The graphics that can be distributed (but NOT edited) according to the licenses on accompanied pages are the Shareable Graphics.

Examples of Licenses for Graphics

Important Notice


WARNING: benjamin-newton.INFO has been bought up by SOMEONE ELSE and is currently being used for a SCAM. Do not go there, for your own safety. Since I am not using any third party software or even Javascript and absolutely no ads, anything fishy looking or invasive is a sign the site is hacked or used by SOMEONE ELSE.

  • My address that I AM KEEPING is the one ending in .COM
  • The new one I AM USING is

I have officially dropped benjamin-newton.INFO, benjamin-newton.NET, benjamin-newton.ORG, and benjamin-newton.US and they will NO LONGER BE MINE nor redirect to any of my websites.

I am making things simpler and cheaper for me and less confusing for when I deal with technical people. These will eventually be bought up by ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE and be used for any purpose like just for ADS or I guess now for SCAMS.

benjamin-newton.COM, on the other hand, will REMAIN MINE for the forseeable future and I HAVE a new domain set up called - Clarity in a Confusing World.

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