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Dealing with Google

Over Reliance on Search

Another factor is that most people seem, to think, that the only way, to access the Internet, is through Google, so it is likely, that some people will find my site once and then never find it again. Believe it or not, Google sets arbitrary and constantly changing rules, many of which is never discloses, so I can never be sure people will find me, when searching for me, or my website.

If I want people to find me, when searching for Benjamin-Newton, I have to compete with all the other Benjamin Newton's, who have websites, and only one of us can be on top, no matter how different we are. This is after I have done all the Google recommended website Search Engine Optimization techniques, which took months and required me, to update every page, of my website, 6-8 times and make huge file and folder organizational changes.

Does Google Like Me?

There are also things, that Google doesn't like you doing, and will mark you down, or even take you out of Google's search completely for. This includes having duplicate versions, of the same file, or even just the same content, even if it is on different sites and even if you didn't put it there, or asked for it to be taken down. Another thing, that can get you marked down is being "too optimized," meaning that Google thinks that, because you are getting higher results, than they think you should, you must be cheating and so they mark you down, or take you out of their search results, for this.

If you ever get hacked, Google puts a big warning up, to everyone, that says you have a virus, on your site and you have to clean out the infection, test that it is gone, and then resubmit the site, to Google, to add back. Google also ranks you much higher, for domains (web addresses), that were purchased a longer time ago and you get higher results, for joining their social network. Google also allows people and companies, to pay, to get higher search results, which is extremely expensive and unpredictable, too, as you pay per time someone see it.

Google Owns the Internet

Google also has zero support, for anything - not even email. Google thinks it can solve any problem, by changing their search code, and refuse to have things checked, by actual people. This allows very obvious and ridiculous mistakes, to happen, as computers are not very smart. Google is a monopoly and basically owns the Internet. You have to follow their rules, if you want anyone, to be able, to get to your website.

All the ads you see, on the Internet, are mostly Google ones and Google is the only one making any money, off them (because of their size). Google also uses all its free services, to harvest personal information, about you like: your address, your phone number, your income, your age, your occupation, the company you work for, and anything else it can find about you, or anyone else also you mention, in any of your searches, emails, maps, Chrome web browser, Android phone and Android apps, or any other Google product you use. They sell this information, to advertisers.

Google uses public information, gathered from following each link, to each website and they will do things, like show your images in their search, separate from your web pages and put your books online, without telling you, and you have to tell them, to remove it. Google's goal is to put every piece of information online, even if it is private or illegal.

Google's main competition is Facebook, as they cannot index it, because the pages are not public, and Apple's Siri and Apple Maps. Neither one of these allow Google, to collect information, about you and they are the only companies big enough, to do this, on enough scale, to be a threat.

Other Internet Issues

Internet Not Dependable

In many parts of the world, even in America, the power goes down very infrequently, but the Internet goes down much easier. In many parts of the world, it is common, to have electricity go out, for days at a time. And Internet speeds may be fast in Europe, but even in the rural US, not everyone can even get broadband, even if they can afford it. Many people are now accessing most of their Internet based information, via cell phone networks and free WiFi, which is definitely not everywhere, even in the US. This makes having my books available, when you are not on the Internet, essential.

Use Your Bookmarks

Some other ways, to alleviate this, would be, to remember Benjamin-Newton.com, or bookmark my website, on all the devices you use, to access the Internet. For those using Apple devices, my three major sites have their own icons, optimized, for every resolution of iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, and iPhone.

All you have to do is "Add to Home Screen," where you add bookmarks, in Mobile Safari. You will then find an icon, with my logo, on your device, which you can rearrange, just like any App icon.

Website Availability

The final major reason, to download my books, all in one, is that my website might be down, or I may not be able, to afford to keep it going, after I die, or end up too mentally, or physically sick, to be able to make sure my website services are paid, on time. If you miss the payment, for you domain name, after the date is due, you will usually lose your domain name, someone else will buy it, and then they will sell it back to you, for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The more likely situation is that I will move the content, to another place, that you might find harder, to access, or I may take down content, that I think is not important, but that you might still want access to.

Website Longevity and Migration

I have been at this same location, online, since 2004, but, before that, I changed my web location and name of my website frequently, as I had less money then and was looking, for the best deal I could get, on the Internet and the shortest and easiest name, before I could afford, to buy a domain name. The reason why I call it Benjamin-Newton is that that is my first and middle name and the only thing I knew I wouldn't change is my name. Huot is my last name, but few people know how to spell it.

Most people do not know this, but the average website only stays online, about 18 months, on average and, so you can never count on things being there, when you get back. That is why should always download anything important, the first time you see it, from the Internet, right away.

Can't Find Downloaded Files?

Look in Your Downloads or (My) Documents Folder

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