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Important Notice


WARNING: benjamin-newton.INFO has been bought up by SOMEONE ELSE and is currently being used for a SCAM. Do not go there, for your own safety. Since I am not using any third party software or even Javascript and absolutely no ads, anything fishy looking or invasive is a sign the site is hacked or used by SOMEONE ELSE.

  • My address that I AM KEEPING is the one ending in .COM
  • The new one I AM USING is

I have officially dropped benjamin-newton.INFO, benjamin-newton.NET, benjamin-newton.ORG, and benjamin-newton.US and they will NO LONGER BE MINE nor redirect to any of my websites.

I am making things simpler and cheaper for me and less confusing for when I deal with technical people. These will eventually be bought up by ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE and be used for any purpose like just for ADS or I guess now for SCAMS.

benjamin-newton.COM, on the other hand, will REMAIN MINE for the forseeable future and I HAVE a new domain set up called - Clarity in a Confusing World.

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