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Discover My Suburban Farm Photos

Get 382 free original photos, in e-book format, taken near Eugene, Oregon in the Willamette Valley, including Newport, Oregon ocean landscapes, flock of birds taking off and landing, sandy hills and dunes near the beach, two pomeranians, and different effects on photos, of a falcon, doing physical therapy and exercise, at the cascades raptor center here, and Portland Zoo photos. There are also 2 photo books, of vector art, of 2 more collections of photos.

Beautiful Photography E-Books at No Cost - Experience the Willamette Valley visually.
Get 8 sets of photos (382 photos total) worth a retail value of $80 (estimated) Per Copy for download at no cost to you

I have published these photos to show people that there are many worlds between their house and the local store and for people to realize the beauty and potential available in their own communities.

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