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Discover My Audio Books

my books in spoken word format

highly compressed and optimized Apple, Microsoft, and Open Source audio readings of my books, including one of my technology books focusing on Apple and Open Source products, my book on psychology about my miltary and living with Schizophrenia experiences, my book of politcal and religious views, and an introduction to my worldview and my unque philosophy

Well Done Audiobooks at No Cost - Experience the my books in voice recordings.
Get 4 audiobooks worth a retail value of $40 (estimated) Per Copy for download at no cost to you

highly compressed in new and advanced Apple format

software required to play audio books includes: iTunes 9.2 or higher on Mac OS X or Windows, iOS 4 or higher on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Fall 2010 iPod Nano or later or Google Android devices (tested on Android 2.1)

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