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Things unwritten
Things unhoped for
Things fought within
Things to never speak
Things that bring no joy
Things that are lost
Things that have never been
Things undreamed of
Things without direction
Things implying no belief
Things withdrawn from society
Things never attempted
Things never imagined
Things costless and costly
Things without meaning
Things ungenuinely felt
Things without names or descriptions
Things that don’t exist
Things less than zero
Things of no value
Things to never trust
Things I cannot remember
Things I cannot buy
Things I can live without
Things without form
Things transparent
Things small and insignificant
Things colder than death
Things I don’t want to share
Things hidden beneath
Things lost in the dark
Things that cannot be defined
Things that are less than more
Things that are not there
Things that never change
Things that oppose everything
Things that dwell within
Things that endlessly spin
Things I cannot see
Things without possibilities
Things we cannot escape
Things we are lost without
Things we cannot make up
Things we cannot accept
Things we pass on to others
Things no one would understand
Things with no place
Things that require patience
Things that accept nothing
Things that wrestle us
Things that require more than we have
Things that never die
Things that are part of us
Things that never slow down
Things that make us sad
Things that frustrate us
Things we do not belong with
Things we cannot reconcile
Things we know are not true
Things we keep in our minds alone
Things we keep running into
Things we struggle without
Things we cannot stand
Things never compromised
Things never said
Things lost in history
Things we like to forget
Things without relevance
Things we cannot pass on
Things we side step
Things we cannot reach
Things that will never heal
Things we do without focus
Things we do without commitment
Things that have no description
Things that disappear after seeing
Things we cannot destroy
Things we never lose sight of
Things to fear and run from
Things unlike anything else
Things unnatural and artificial
Things that are never special
Things that resist understanding
Things we never conquer
Things we don’t ever encounter
Things that don’t ever happen

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