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Have you ever had a dilemma
About something that seems ok
But you realize later it was not
A lesser of two evils
Never make a moral compromise
Do not be creative with morality

It is interesting that of all major world belief systems
As much as they differ
In theology or tradition
Or in expression of devotion
They are all very similar in ethics
What is right and wrong is not a mystery

What gets us into moral compromise
Is when we think something
That we do in secret
Could possibly be good for us

One good thing about the constant hunts
For corrupt leadership
And the continued hacks
And revelation of moral compromise
Of most those we used to trust
Is that it is forcing a spirit
Of what we now call transparency

If you don’t want someone to know about something
Don’t do anything interesting in the first place
It reminds me of the proverb
The pretty tree gets chopped down and made into wood
Whereas the ugly tree in never cut down
Morally boring is the best kind of ethic

Do not just be better than the other guy
Do not just be moral in comparison to your peers
Do not just make one ethical mistake
And consider that sufficient
Do not do anything that might appear to be evil to anyone

It is good to be creative in solving problems
But you can be too creative
As they say
Be conservative in what you put out
And liberal in what you accept

When you are not sure of something
Choose to stay far away
You can never be too moral
Anyone who cannot accept this
Should not be consulted for advice

You don’t need to make enemies
By reporting anyone else
But being beyond reproach yourself
Is worth pursuing at extreme cost

Do not give the evil one a foothold in your life
It will be much harder to fight later on
Do not give anyone grounds to condemn you
As we can become examples even in positions we never thought to be leadership
Some will find in you a role model
And you will lead another into folly

The key to understanding what is good or bad
Is what you would announce about yourself in a public crowd
What would you not mind telling your family about
Avoid even the appearance of evil

The classic temptations of the devil
Are the once recorded in the Bible
Did God really say that
Did He say this particular thing is evil
Do not be that literal
This will lead to your spiritual and physical death

Just doing good is not enough
As Einstein said that you cannot
Just balance out the bad with good
Like you do in an algebraic equation
To have one moral lapse
Is more destructive spiritually
Than you can help by doing many good things

Today we are obsessed about finding the easiest solution
What is easy is not good and what is good is not easy
People do bad things more often because they are easiest
And not as much to deliberately hurt others
But others are hurt nonetheless

One of the first things someone learns
When recovering from addiction
Is everything you do affects others
This is why we have so much conflict in America today
We think our rights stop where someone else’s begin

But that is not enough to agree on
Like the legalization of so called vice crimes
No gambling generally doesn’t directly hurt others
But inevitably it will hurt others you love
Sooner or later

Adler’s view of psychology is often seen as the most mature
Of the three biggest figures in modern psychology
Adler talks about how individual psychology cannot be separated from group psychology
We are not islands even in the modern world

Today after the first major incident that affects everyone in the entire world
And how close we see our world tied together
Which was actually quite deliberately done by us
We can no longer believably say the problem is only overseas
We cannot just put up a wall and have that keep all the bad people away

Not only is the world more fragile and interconnected than ever before
We have always been an asteroid or an infectious disease
Away from the total destruction of people or even the entire planet
We cannot do anything without affecting the entire planet

And today things are harder to contain than ever before
And now that we have chosen to totally depend upon computers for everything
Evil from one person is only one word, click, or gesture away from everyone else

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