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For people who don’t see the problem with global warming / climate change, look how the American government responds to a minor disease. The government would actually use martial law all the time and con scribe us all to military service, if they thought they could get away with it. The only difference between America and the rest of the world is that people here have an easier time solely because we have more natural resources, lower population density, and have an increased distance to our enemies.

All the things America said it stood for are lies. European ideas of humanitarianism, religious freedom, international law, human rights, civil rights, democracy, Geneva conventions or any other positive influence in the world only appear positive to Americans because we live inside the empire and benefit materially from our effective control over the entire world. I don’t believe America is any better morally than any other country today or throughout its history.

The kind of democracy we have in America is a fair weather democracy. The only time why we ever had unity in this country was during the great depression, World War II, and the early Cold War. This was because the media did not know or was intimidated into not reporting on the oppressive and manipulative things done in our names in this country and abroad.

Because most of Europe was destroyed in World War II, the US was the only major manufacturing country to still be able to produce large volumes of manufactured goods. We also had excess production capacity from the Great Depression and we are were already manufacturing big time to fuel the war. We also, at that time, had cheap, easy to get at and plentiful oil and coal in our own country.

Once our dirty tricks used to maintain this empire through non-profits, department of defense agencies, universities, large corporations, legal system including FBI, and powerful families were known (some were harder to prove than others), we look like any other empire throughout history.

All our problems in America come down to our country being cheap, lazy, and lacking any morals. This worked in tandem with the desire to sell us more things we didn’t need. We wanted to save money so bad we refused to invest outside weapons development, refused to maintain our infrastructure, refused to guard strategic locations, had poor computer security, outsourced most important parts of government, fought decades of unnecessary and pointless major wars, spend huge amounts going to the moon, continue to cut our human and social services, continue to cut taxes on the wealthy and not require corporations to pay taxes, we depend upon a global chain of last minute deliveries, and we give up or don’t even accept there is a problem.

And this is just the beginning of our global warming epidemics and disruptions caused by our major technological revolution. It also turned out that the only reason why coal and oil were cheaper was because they got government subsidies. Our modern culture is much like what the NAZIs would set up at the current level of technology plus the same kind of economic situation and political factors.

Its is all a huge house of cards - there is no resilience to problems because we refuse to think long term. Our government wants everything now and does not care about our grand kids or the next tent thousand generations. These succeeding generations will live like cave men in an environment very close to literal Hell on earth.

The government is doing this slowly because they want to see how much they can do without having open revolt. It will be interesting to see what happens next year when the flu outbreaks again. It would be better for the government to admit they have no idea what they are doing or even have leadership or basic communication skills.

Our government is a joke like in a third world country. So the old people have given up and young people see no problem. Sounds like the last “election”.

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