Now and Then Fragments: Benjamin-Newton Studies

Benjamin-Newton United

When I was young, I wanted an adventure
Now I am happy to feel full and sleep in a warm bed
People often ask, how did you accept that you have Schizophrenia?
I thank God I survived the Army without anything worse happening
The answer to suffering is to spend more time with God
Focus on that you can do to limit your own suffering
The only real question I still have is: why does God care about us?
Animals are God’s greatest creation, not people
It is like having a robot, with your face on it, that is too dumb to keep itself clean
When I worry about the survival of my writings,
I understand God can make them appear out of nowhere, just as easily as I grow my own hair
We worry too much abut what we have little control over
and worry too little about what we have full control over
For every technical and intellectual advancement over the last 3 centuries,
there have been many more moral failures
What is the answer?
How do we learn to be kind and then follow through with it, consistently?
Open your Bibles, while you still have them
We put so much effort into proving God;
how much time do we focus on living like Christ did?
Do we have His priorities?
Do we use His methods?
Do we really care?
Have we let God really transform us?
We see things in this world going down the drain
But do we know how to fight our future?
The Bible is your only approved weapon
Your protection is the Lord Himself
We need to fight for the truth
But how do we find truth?
The only thing we know for sure is our conscience
Remember that this is only the fist part of your life
You are still in the womb your entire life on earth
As you kill your immorality, by being plunged underwater and you emerge, as a new person, forgiven,
So you emerge after death, as the rock is broken, that holds you down to earth, you fade into the sunrise,
but someone is always watching you, so keep up the good fight
While you still have this opportunity, to rescue others, from this sinking ship
We have no control over what situation we are born into,
but we have complete control over where we spend the rest of our lives, after we die by Ben Huot

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