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Some people see the Church as a moral force in the world
Others see it as degenerated into a fallen state
Much as happened with the ancient Kingdom of Israel
The Church acknowledges this to an extent
As there were centuries of attempts at church reform
Both before and after the Protestant and Catholic Reformations
Some people think that is all over today

The Church now sees reverse racism and feminism as bigger threats
Existentially the Church needs to rethink
How it interacts with the government and responds in ideology
The Church has historically consistently supported the government to such an extent
That it really believes in government ideology
What happens when the government goes so far on one direction
That the Church cannot in good conscience obey some laws

Many Christians see any kind of rebellion as a moral deficit
And even go so far as to say it is not Christian
We are to submit to the will of God in our hearts, minds, and souls
The difference is that yes we are to follow laws
But a rebellious attitude is appropriate Biblically
When a Christian refuses to believe in the human solutions like government
Many people stand out from the crowd merely to express themselves
It would be better if this was with moral purpose
Regardless when something a society is doing is wrong
Calling them out on it in many different ways
Is the most moral and Christ like thing to do

Christ was obedient to His Father in heaven
Christ even asked us to pay our taxes
Christ even socialized with corrupt officials to better spread the Gospel
But He challenged the religious establishment
When He saw corruption in temple sacrifices

There is an entirely different model of ethics and worldview
Stretching even to its conception of history
This is now in the process of being full embraced by mainstream America
I can admire aspects of this new ideology
I have little concern for whether it is practical or not
And it is largely out of anyone person’s control even for powerful people

The country has opened the door for populism
Amongst the poor on both sides of the political spectrum
This issue hits the Christian world in a subtle way
Many may not ever make these connections
There are some things in Christianity
That are not negotiable or up to interpretation
As they are very clear in scripture

Some those things in limbo are concerning sexual ethics and the status of the male in society
Some may think that sexual ethics are a personal thing
And that feminism poses no threat men’s ability to coexist in peace
The problem is that things keep being pushed so far so fast

The idea of slippery slope in social and legal settings
Has been used to justify bad things like racism and slavery
And yes I fully agree my country has and continues to do
Very bad things in our names
I would go so far as to accept a fundamental change
In how we allow law enforcement to operate
I believe the government has gone way too far in its bid for power
All the government has to do is scare us
And people give it more power
This is not the first time even in my adult lifetime

Even though the Church was often used as a pawn unknowingly
In order to advance totalitarianism
This situation where male coexistence and a certain kind of sexual ethics
Make it impossible for any men especially white ones
Which a number of us in this part of the world still are
To accept this ideology

There are plenty of things as men in general that we do wrong
But the way God created us is not one of them
Furthermore, to hate myself for being a white male
Makes it almost impossible for me to love others as myself

As far as sexual ethics again many of us have been compromised
But regardless we cannot tell God we no longer
Will hold ourselves to moral standards that are clear in the Bible
Different things throughout history have been important
To different groups of people and many laws differ accordingly
Whether our culture likes it or not
There are some things about sex and men and women
That are currently in vogue
That we cannot just accept as legitimate

I have always put animal life as more important than human life
As God not only has a covenant with animals as well as making them
They have never sinned and are one of God’s greatest work
People on the other hand are a dangerous force
For all other life forms especially animals
But that does not mean it is ok to treat people of any kind in mean ways
Whether it is legal or not
I may have to choose in voting to support one cause or the other
But I cannot say that other issues are unimportant
Or accept their legality as legitimate

I will not agree that it is ok to be unkind
To anyone or anything as that is something
We all should understand and accept
Kindness is one of the most basic things
That all of us learn as young children even in secular schools

So on the surface certainly I believe that many reforms
Are necessary for our government to make
Including many more apologies, possibly restitution
And modifications to the way we understand history in schools
But I cannot accept a worldview
That criticizes God and makes it impossible for me to have self esteem
And the idea of changing what God has commanded is not up for discussion

Depending on how far society wants to go with this
Christians may be forced into peaceful civil disobedience
As much as I a committed to staying out of politics
I will not give up on my religion
If we cannot practice our religion
This puts all Christians into a very awkward situation
Where they are at odds with the law
We must then as Christians choose God over the government
If forced into a corner

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