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We fight time
But maybe it would be better
To embrace it instead
Like a pool of water
With another world at the bottom
We can only imagine
How close we are
To waking from this life dream
Like reaching out at arms length
Maybe Heaven is right before us

What we do know is death
Is not our ending
Life is only the preface
To the books of our lives
Like the trailer for a movie
Gives a poor indication
Of what happens in the movie
Like the movie reviewers
Give unreliable and inconsistent reviews
So we cannot rely on
The advice of so called experts
Like vampires or werewolves
Don’t spend this life chasing for
Great experiences or even great peace

Like looking at the shiny wrapper of candy
And then tasting it for the first time
Like learning how to add and subtract
And then you have to solve calculus word problems
Like listening to music in your own room
And then seeing a live concert
Like not being able to speak clearly
And then win a national essay contest
Like being a generally disciplined person
And then learning to meditate properly

Like studying psychology
And then having to deal with your own depression
Like a young kid being raised to make good decisions
And then seeing the Internet for the first time
Like being in church listening to a sermon
And then having your first mystical experience
Like imaging the military from fiction
And then experiencing it first hand

Like being afraid of bad people
And then knowing you should fear yourself
Like trying to understand complex theology
And then realizing God saves you from death not pain
Like having a good time in Scouting
And then entering the gas chamber in military training

What do we do in life
If not strive to do be better and do better
The best thing to accomplish in life
Is to fight to the very end
To keep the faith
And avoid the most foolish mistakes
We think of becoming famous
Or solving some great problem
Will make our lives worth more

The only reason why we are still worth anything
Is that was God’s decision for that to be
Throughout most of the earth
And throughout most of history
Most people just withstand life
Winning in life gets you no metals
And only adds to your responsibility

Do not seek anything you cannot carry with you
Seek the Lord your God
And this relationship will be the one thing
That will pass with you
Death makes us all truly equal
As we exit without any resume

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