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It is ironic that in a country
Founded on freedom of expression
That as it fully dominates the cultures of all the world
We in the heart of the empire
Experience greater fear of expression ourselves
Than in many more “repressive regimes”
It seems that both governments and criminals
Both spies and businesses
Even individuals and activists
Are all obsessed with useless details about us
We cannot ever have any privacy
We are constantly surveilled
By every device we use to communicate with
Is used to spy on us
Everyone wants to know
What everyone else does in the bathroom
Everything ever communicated
Is now written in stone and a public record
To find an angle
To get more money out of poor people
The very systems designed to liberate us
And have us effectively resist surveillance
Are the very ones that give us insomnia
With all this sharing of information
It is now hard to get ahold of anyone
As we all fear scams and deceit
Amongst everyone contacting us
The world is run by peasants
In attitude and spirit
They are all mad
And they are never satisfied
They are are not happy with themselves
Because although they have huge power
But all they use it for
Is to spread rumors and lies
Most things done online
Are negative for society
And those that didn’t get as much
As they thought they should
Continue to make life miserable
For those trying to fix the problems
In an age of social media
It is one of the loneliest times in history
In an age of easier to access information the ever before
There is more ignorance than ever before
In a time where we have more power as individuals than ever before
We are turning on each other
And destroying the weak and vulnerable
In a time when it is easiest of all times to get books
Most people have given up on reading
In a time where people have more free time than ever before
Fewer are working to improve things
Everything is now public
Nothing is private
It is often thought that technology
Brings knowledge and wealth
The Internet proves this is wrong
Our culture is based on that of NAZI Germany
We built it on their technologies
Of computers, space, warfare, and information gathering
We too have an obsession
With propaganda/aggressive advertising
With an emphasis on loyalty
To the powers that be above all else
And with enthusiastic support
By all the biggest corporations
Following the letter of the laws
But not the spirit
This is a problem of society
And not specific people
We did this all because of our fear of people
Who look and think different than us
But the people we really fear are each other
As we are also a physically violent society
In our school shootings, video games, and movies
In our own towns and neighborhoods
Maybe if most our leaders were not
Bullies and hateful themselves
We would not be so divided
And hostile to each other
It seems obvious
Although we all bear personal responsibility
For letting it get this far
The divisions are so superficial
That they only make sense
If someone else is trying to divide us
The list of enemies to the US is long
As we have caused similar problems
In many other countries
All because we think
We are the lesser of two evils
And we think the ends justify the means by Ben Huot

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