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Life Lessons

Pain can be limitless
In duration and intensity
God will not always save you from it
You cannot trust that your experts
Will actually succeed in lowering your pain
Even if they do understand your condition
Relaxing always helps when in pain
It is almost impossible for me to relax
I do poorly even under moderate pressure
If my life depending on me doing something I would die

Nothing is foolproof
Things can always get worse
Sometimes you can be forced
To do what you find scary
You will fail yourself sometimes
And others will fail you at the worst time

You only have a short time
With those who are important to you
You may never see them again
And never even hear when they leave

The church can and often will give faulty advice
Or steer you in the wrong direction
If you need psychological help
And you are unique or intellectual
You will need to study philosophy
And write your own self help book

You are often your on worst enemy
And you can get yourself into more trouble
Than those plotting against you

Some things are funny and some are not
If you cannot distinguish easily between the two
Never try to be funny in any situation

Do not be too important or essential
Boring is ok and often preferred

Time can go very fast or very slow
Short periods of tie appear very long when you are in pain

When the stress gets too great
Everyone screws things up

It is very easy to control another person
And there are endless ways to cause pain

Sometimes you cannot escape fate
Sometimes life makes little sense


Everything I write about the army only applies to enlisted shrive Officers have an entirely different world they operate in And it is truly a night and day difference

Many things I talk about the military philosophy sometimes precede the birth of the US and are common in other militaries of the world both historically and internationally

I was in the military in the mid 1990s so things have changed a lot since them Although much has likely not changed

The Army is the main focus although I know to an extent about the other services as well

How the Army is Different

You hear about the Marines all the time

Because they are sent in first before a war is declared except for the Army and other special forces because of legal reasons

And because it is often more convenient for the US to launch amphibious attacks because of logistical and geographic reasons

The Army is basically the common man service and there is no glory in serving in it

The Army does the really hard work of holding land and routing out terrorists as well as spearheading invasions

The Army special forces have one of the hardest and least advertised job in the military

They go in before any regular troops and find, train, and lead average people in allied groups in the area and make them into a real army

What the Army thinks of themselves as doing best is training

The Drill Sergeant is actually an important position in the Army and it is competitive and difficult to become one

Many of our Drill Sergeants were special forces trained

The Army is the one service that does not get an air force besides small drones and helicopters

Army equipment, even tanks and helicopters are much less expensive than Navy or Air Force equipment

The Navy even not including the Marines was probably bigger than the Army at the time I was in

The big task the US Navy does is patrol every ocean and sea in the entire world all the time

Many army bases allow anyone to come on base as they have nothing bigger than jeeps

And all the rifles and small artillery are locked down

The army is basically all foot soldiers on the front line for any job

Army Philosophy

The Army does not want you to be smart, self-motivated, or even think at all and does not even promote heroism unless it is specifically necessary for the mission

Our and European countries have fought and won wars by installing a mental mindset called discipline

Discipline is partially about following orders and being a team player but it also extends to your emotional perspective

The Army has its own culture and the reason for that is because people come to the military from a wide variety of backgrounds

So when you got to an unfamiliar, hostile, and frightening location far from home you can depend on the military doing things the same way

If you never adjust to this culture emotionally even if you follow orders and work very hard you will have internal emotional struggles your entire time in the service

That is essentially what happened to me and the stress triggered a genetic predisposition I had to Schizophrenia

Most of your time in the Army you are either at the rifle range, cleaning something, or moving something


The military waves a certain percent of their members on any particular qualification needed to do anything in the military

If you cannot hit a target if your life depended on tor even under no stress

This does not disqualify you from the military

You can’t really fail out of most military (infantry type) trainings (except special forces)

You usually just repeat it over and over again

The military doesn’t really go under the assumption that anybody actually want to be there as they have to work people who are drafted (historically)

The military still want enlisted soldier to get a much college credit as possible and that is key to advancing even for the enlisted, but it is very difficult to get the time to take the courses, especially in the Army

If you cannot intellectually understand combat training you are below middle school developmentally and academically

Military training is basically hard for one reason

You are under stress while doing it

The reason why they stress test you in training is because combat is hard because people are shooting back at you not that it is hard to blow things up

That is why terrorism is so cheap and easy

So every military training especially the infantry ones are mostly a stress test

One of the big problems the way our country does combat training is that we only allow them to do kind things in training

The only problem with that is that those who we fight wars with generally are not kind to us at least

We often don’t treat our enemies very well lately either

The military also doesn’t believe in sleep or time off

In fact if you have a non combat role in the military you continue to still train for combat basically after you finish your job your entire enlistment

These are exactly the same things you learned first in basic training

And all Army go to the gas chamber at least once a year

It is filed with tear gas but it is still very painful

That is why they don’t want anyone with any breathing problems enlisting

The reason the Army screws things up constantly is the mission is often the lowest priority

As long as you give 150% and follow all orders you can screw up almost anything in the military constantly and do well in any military assignment

Leaving the Army

If you don’t like the idea of skydiving into live machine gun fire into a desert or jungle in the middle of the night or you aren’t blessed with mechanical abilities

The Army is the wrong place for you

Most people in the military want out as soon as possible as they find these things out no matter where they are stationed or what job they have

Even if you are mentally ill, you need a US member of congress to get you out

Everyone really signs up for a 8 year term and although the extra part is inactive service you can and likely will be called back in this time frame again due to another war

If you want to re-enlist for another tour you usually get a lot of money in cash and get to be a sergeant which is good on your resume

The downside is that you are now responsible for 4-8 new soldiers doing whatever they are told to do for the next 4 or more years and you get paid about the same as before

It takes weeks to get into the Army and months to get out If you are in for less than 6 months it is as if you were never in

There were about 4 plus types of discharges when I was in the military including, honorable, general, other than honorable, dishonorable and medical

But unless you get the honorable discharge you qualify for no veterans or former military government programs

To get most of the benefits and not have most of the downsides, join the Air Force instead

If you are going as enlisted

The only downside to the Air Force is that it is hard to get promoted as enlisted because people stay in so long

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